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Ling has gone through her JMC FSS.  After sicking some advice and surfing around, I decided to let Ling continue with JXC. I asked myself, what I want to give the girls? I visualize on days they are sad, they are happy, they are down, they are lonely, they can just sit by the piano and play the song in their mind. Let the music calm them down…. if they like music.

(on and off, I will ask the girls if they like the classes they are attending, anyone that they don’t like or feel of stopping. I keep on telling them it’s ok if they don’t like it, just need to tell mummy.. (and mummy can save some pocket money 😛 ). … but so far none, and sometimes, they started to ask for going back classes like Tweedle Wink, ballet class…. sigh… really broke like that ..)

I read one of the WAHM’s blog,, I am grateful that she shared her view, and ya, I want my children to be able to enjoy music.

p.s. Last night we went to eat at an open air hawker center, with big screen tv showing the astro drama. Half way eating, Ling stopped and listened, and announced happily that,

“Mummy, mummy, I can hear the notes from the song,.. you see, it’s ‘ti la …”

My husband was very impressed and praised her . “Oh, good girl.”

Then little sister “I am also good ma…”  hahaha..

“Ya ya, both daddy’s daughters are very good.”

This is another blog from a mother who finally found the right Piano teacher for her child.

My sister shared with me her bad experience learning piano last time. Similar experience, dull, strict, and being hit by ruler when not playing properly…

I am glad that my girls don’t have the same experience as their aunt. Watching them playing piano happily and humming cheerful tunes they learn from the class, at least make me feel not so bad after surrendering all the hard earned money  to Yamaha. You know, like my hubby said, those are our ‘blood-sweat-money’ …

Some more musical notes practice, on F Clef.


After finish practising all the pieces in her Yamaha book 3 and book 4 books, Ling shouted out from upstair, “Mummy, do you like it? Is it nice?”

I replied, “Yes. The songs are very nice.”

“No no, it’s not the songs are very nice, it’s me playing very well!” Ling corrected me almost immediately.

hahaha, … I am glad you enjoy the music.

Some more worksheets on musical notes – on F clef.


Some more worksheet on reading musical notes.


Some worksheets on reading musical notes, for young children especially those who joined Yamaha JMC course.



April 2020

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