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Just joint this wonderful forum , and a wonderful mother uploaded detail instruction plus materials (the cards) for Linking Memory (in Chinese). Click on the forum logo above and it will bring you to the page. Not sure if you need to sign up as member to access or not.

Here is the forum url:

I believe you will find a lot of cool stuff there.

p.s.  Thanks BB for introducing me this wonderful site.


How to Do Linking Memory ?

  1. Prepare two sets of cards. As you read out the story line, put the card (from set 1) face down, one by one, in sequence, in a line. Using set2, chose 2 cards, of which one of it is the correct answer and ask the kid, “which one?”. Very young babies can sometimes answer with their eyes. If the kid does not answer, you can answer on his behalf. Put the chosen card face up next to cards in set 1.
    When all cards have been answered, you would have set 1, face down in a row and in another row besides it, the answered cards, facing up. Open cards from set 1 one by one in sequence. I think this way, the young kids may understand better. Emphasize that the two cards are the SAME.
  2. Alternatively, you may stick the cards from the set 1 on a long board (using blue tack). Then cover the pictures with attractive individual flaps (same colored flaps or same animal pictures for each picture). As you read the story line, open the flaps one by one, close the flap of the picture previously shown. Read the story once, then run through it again without the story, just the names of the picture.
  3. Create a set of flash cards out of the Linking Memory cards. Flash the cards while reading the story. Run through the flash cards again without the story, just the names of the picture. Then give the Linking Memory cards to the kids and guide them to arrange the cards following the sequence of the story, with picture facing up. Once this is done, have the cards facing down. Then can randomly ask the kids to open a particular card. (This is what is done in the Shichida class)
  4. Alternative way is either you or your child will point to the pictures as you read the storyline or while listening to the Linking Memory CD.
  5. For babies: Show 2 picture cards, eg. ‘apple’ and ‘car’. Make up a story, eg. ‘The apple jumped over the car’. Put the cards down. Once your child is able to tell or point to the correct cards when you ask, increase number of cards to 3, then 4 ensuring that they are always in the right order.

Also, most importantly, recitation must be less than 1 second per picture. If you can say it fast, it means that the right brain is registering the pictures. Slow output means it is coming from the left brain.

** note: all the above are compiled from SGParenting website

When to Start ?

At Shichida Method, Linking Memory is started as young as 4 months-old.  Start with 4 pictures with very simple story lines and basic pictures. Progress to 6 cards when they are about 9 months.  At this age, it is best to prepare 2 sets of pictures, one for showing & reference and the second set for arranging.

At 1 year plus, if your child cannot sit still, you can just read him the story line of 50 pictures (as if you are reading a story book for him)…so that when he is ready, he can pick up real fast.  At this age, no output is expected. Most children need to be at least 2 yrs plus before they can really sit down and arrange.

For 2 to 3 yrs old, I think they recommend 10 to 30 pictures.

For 4-5 years old, it is 50 pictures and more.  The more you practice, the more they can remember.


August 2020

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