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After going through the total thyroidectomy, and while waiting for the coming radio iodine therapy, I was not given thyroxine until after the therapy.

My voice seems getting better, still hoarse, but more easily be heard.

I know my metabolism rate are low now, so must pace down on my daily activities. Like I used to do some exercise and ride bike in the morning before the surgery. Now, after half round of the exercise, feel very tired already. Also feel cold easily. Can’t stand drinking room-temperature water. Feel like drinking ice especially in rainy days. Now prefer luke warm water.

The most uncomfortable effect being no thyroid and no thyroxine intake, is my digestive system. I do feel hungry, but cannot take in as much as what I usually take. Feel like all the food are stuck in my stomach. And also losing appetite. Feel nausea when smell some of the food I used to take, even my favorite dish. The most obvious one is steam fish. So now, meal time is kind of a bit torturing for me.

Then I started to recall when my mom and brother underwent their surgery, they were also complaining about ‘stomach feel weird-weird’, no appetite, and ‘the fish stink’. Now I got the feel of it, feel so guilty for being upset last time when they declined to eat all those healthy food we prepared.

Confessed to my mom that now I know the feeling and really sorry for being not understanding, for accusing them  being too chosey of the food.

So now, try to take smaller portion, take liquid food in between, .. and rest more.

** Girls, I am sharing this, cause I have a weird thought. I suspect, whenever someone’s metabolism rate is low (cause by disease, old age or surgery etc), may be they will experience the same thing as me . So try to be understanding if you encounter one.  It’s just part of the healing process. Mummy was so stressed up last time seeing them don’t eat much, and Mummy couldn’t cook.  Guess making Grandma and Uncle stressed up also. Now I can comprehend.


Mummy wants to share this with you two, from 星云大师.

Especially these two:

“Be grateful and cherish what we already have is 幸福安乐.”

It bothers Mommy whenever you two are asking for things your friends have, regardless of whether you need them or not, or you already have or not. Mommy really wants to teach you two not to be vain, not to be just an empty and materialized girls.

Just like did you see Mommy, every time go shopping, buying all those beautiful clothes from all the boutiques we walk pass ? They are so pretty, gorgeous, isn’t it ?

Why? Cause Mommy has enough  clothes to wear in my closet already. 要知足!

A Christian friend shared with Mommy this: Phil 4:12 Be thankful with much or little, not just financial but health, strength etc.

“Know when to let go is 幸福安乐.”

Sometimes, things just didn’t go your way, you just didn’t get what you want, which you have worked very hard on. Then you must let it go and move on. 不要执著。mm.. especially in a relationship. If you love/like/have a crush on someone, but he doesn’t love you or doesn’t share the same feeling towards you, it’s ok, it’s perfectly normal. Just let go and move on. He is just not fit. The most important thing is you must love yourself and you deserved to be loved.

This picture always shows up in my mind, from the book “Finland Education – Cherish Every Child”, whenever the topic about teaching BM for non-Malay speaking students is brought up.

“In a secondary school, a student (immigrant) is being guided one-to-one by a tutor (on the right), in his Finns language class.”

To me, it’s not the Remove Class is wasting time, but it’s because it’s not properly (purposely?) planned and executed. Are those from the education ministry, officers, teachers, headmasters, schools, really put in the effort to help the children, wholeheartedly, sincerely ?


Saw this photo from last Sunday 1125请愿大会.

“Primary 2 is already like pulling a cow to climb tree.

Now Primary 4 is like pulling the sprout to make it grow.

Teachers headache, Students suffer.”

How precise.


Was seeing my Nuclear Medicine doctor for my coming Radioactive Iodine treatment.

Out of curiosity, I asked him whether my profession as IT (working a lot with computer) might cause higher risk in getting Thyroid cancer.

“No, in fact, I see a lot of bankers and accountants got it.”  (oh… over stressed ??? …)

He paused, and then asked, “Where do you come from?”


“I have a lot of patients from Perak.” he commented.

Oh … Perak … Oh … rare earth ??? …. Bukit Merah ??? … radioactive exposure ???…

Oh my Mighty God, praying hard that in near future, there is no increase of this disease for those from Pahang.


My second 琉璃 collection from Tittot:“ 桃喜益寿 Peaches of Longevity”.

Thanks dear. I know it’s tough for you also to entertain this 太后娘娘 now.

Let’s get our 3rd 琉璃 collection next year 🙂

“Mummy, teacher asked us what is our ambition. I told her I want to be a doctor. And my friend wants to be a nurse.” Ling shared with me one day after school.

Few days back, they talked about what they want to be when they grow up again.

This time, Ying announced happily, “I know what I want to be, I want to be a fashion designer.”

Just to make fun of it, I purposely said, “I thought you want to be a doctor?”

“No, that is 姐姐.” paused… then she continued “I scare I might give the wrong medicine to my patients.”

Hahaha .. as if she has really thought it over very seriously before deciding she is not suitable to be doctor…


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