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Lee Kuan Yew was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 62 if I am not mistaken. By that time, he had mastered English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese.

Now, read this:

I went through life and I overcame it. When I did a course on speed reading and I did not succeed, not because I was stupid because I usually have to run my eye back, make sure that I got the right word. That slows me down, but because I read more slowly, I read only once and it sticks, so there are compensations. The important thing is, not to be discouraged and feel that I am disabled, no! Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic, so what? He was a great artist, sculptor, painter, thinker… so. I’m not comparing myself to him. But if he can overcome dyslexia… fortunately, I overcame it without my knowing it…

– Mr. Lee Kuan Yew on his dyslexia

Get the message from the last sentence: “I overcame it without my knowing it…” ?

My conclusion: forget about those scientific/medical terms, focus on solving the problem, figure out ways to overcome it. You  might be slow, but you will get to it.


This book has been in my to-share-list for quite some time: “Who was Albert Einstein?”. The part I would like to talk or share about is the part about his childhood and early schooling experience. A lot for me to ponder after reading it.


When young, Albert liked to pester his father and uncles with lots of questions. For example:


Note 1: What will happen to Albert Einstein if his dad was the kind who shut the kid up, no question allowed, didn’t like to entertain children?

Note 2: Do our school also teach things that mattered to us? So are the school to be blamed for not making us another Einstein? Another key: “read as much about science as he could”, not forced by school or anyone else. He himself chose to read. Do we allow children to read books, non school related, non text books? 

Now, view it from another angle, should we then thank the school for forcing those who don’t like to read to read? And who knows another Albert Einstein is in making by making them read? And make them read during after school tuition, and read more after after-school-tuition tuition? …


Note 3: What will happen to Albert Einstein if his father and uncles didn’t render any help of guidance? What if his sister and cousins discouraged him taking his thinking hikes? What if Albert didn’t like to read, and just by staring and thinking, he still became who he was?


Note 4: The description of his school (in yellow) sounds familiar isn’t it? Did it cause ‘damage’ to Albert Einstein until he couldn’t become who he was? And with that kind of schools, did it stop Germany from producing top notch scientists, becoming one of those countries ahead in technology? 

Same key: “book” and “teach himself“.


Note 5: Again, “books” were given and this time Albert was encourage to explore new interests. What do we do? More revision books? Books help to score in exam? And I wonder, whether Albert did have lots of concern over his exam marks?

Lastly, I wonder were Einstein’s parents too concerned about his school results and forbid him touching these books, learning stuff he liked and thinking wild? I doubt so. The impression I get is his parents didn’t give a dame of what other think about him. They help and guide him to follow his passion.

Click to download the slide: MO_Practice3.ppsx

Keeping this exercise about microscope here (SJKC syllabus)



  1. J
  2. L
  3. K
  4. H
  5. I
  6. G
  7. Q
  8. F
  9. R
  10. N
  11. P
  12. M

I like this exercise:




Exercise 5:

  1. mumble
  2. tell
  3. grumble
  4. whisper
  5. groan
  6. shout
  7. sigh
  8. ask
  9. stammer
  10. command

Exercise 6:

  1. shouted
  2. asked
  3. whispered
  4. grumbled
  5. stammered
  6. groaned
  7. commanded
  8. muttered
  9. moaned
  10. told

PDF: WaysOfTalking.pdf

Here is a video to conclude our lesson on Energy. It comes with a very good notes.

Click here to download the power point.


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