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[Added worksheets created by Ling and Ying]






I have also created PDF version for revision purpose here:


Page 1:

  1. mengalingkan
  2. merenjis
  3. menggerudi
  4. menyelam
  5. menyiang
  6. mengisar
  7. memancing
  8. membakar
  9. mengecat
  10. menyampaikan
  11. menjahit
  12. melukis

Page 2:

  1. melentur
  2. dikupas
  3. meraut
  4. menempa
  5. mendodoi
  6. menelefon
  7. menuang
  8. menambat
  9. mengacau
  10. menyiram
  11. mencedok
  12. mengelap

Page 3:

  1. mengetam
  2. mengukur
  3. menyinsing
  4. membebat
  5. menguli
  6. menggesek
  7. dilayur
  8. menebarkan
  9. menebas
  10. memeriksa
  11. menebang
  12. mengait

Page 4:

  1. memikul
  2. menghiris
  3. menatang
  4. menjunjung
  5. menebar
  6. mengandar
  7. memapah
  8. menuntun
  9. diusung
  10. menggalas
  11. menganyam
  12. mengukus

Page 5:

  1. menenun
  2. menghidangkan
  3. menyauk
  4. memangkas
  5. mengumpil
  6. memaku
  7. menggilap
  8. menjerang
  9. mengesah
  10. menggergaji
  11. menoreh

I like the first part of the slides as it has actual photograph to depict or explain the action.

It also comes with some exercises in the middle of the slide.

Exercise: KataKerjaSlide_Exercise.pdf

Got this exercise of Kata Kerja with Chinese explanation from


[Update] ** I have created a copy without any Chinese explanation. This copy mainly serves as revision, where they have to know the meaning by heart and no more clue in Chinese. You can download by clicking on the filename: KataKerja240_no_BC.pdf **

Note: the answers might not be all correct

After knowing the wonderful Memrise application, I copied my Kata Kerja material to Memrise, for my girls to ‘play’.  And they like it.

Let me show how Memrise works:

First, it will show some slides to teach the meaning of the words:


Then, it will followed by a few quiz. You need to answer in the given time frame. (The round round thing on the right is a clock.)


And the quiz can be multiple choices, or you have to type out the answer, as below:


If you are not able to answer correctly within the time given, it will show the slide to ‘teach’ you again, and sometimes ask you to ‘copy’ or re-type the word, as a way to learn.


When you complete one exercise, remarks and points are given.


And when  you completed  a level, a fully blossom flower pot is displayed for that level, as below.


On the right hand side, there is a Leaderboard, where you can see your ranking based on points you have accumulated. And children like to compete with each other on this.

So far, my girls said it’s cool. Some more this application is free. Truly hope this can help those in needs, without having to add burden to the parents.

Here is the url for the Kata Kerja course in Memrise:

[04/07/14 – Updated the slide as my girls spotted a typo mistake on the word ‘berdarah’]

Hope my girls will pick these up by themselves, going for another round of ‘workshop’ service.

Like the previous one, it’s a Power Point Slide Show. Click the below link to download it.


I created this slide show to help Ying on BM Kata Kerja revision. Sharing in case you find it useful. It’s a Power Point Slide Show. Click the below link to download it. The file is a little big, 10Mb.


** Fixed the Revision Practice file. Thanks Kristin for highlighting this. **

Another set of Kata Kerja exercises.

The Flash Cards:


The Cut-&-Paste:


The revision practices:



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