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Got this from FB when I was kind of down learning that the “C” is back, and most likely cannot save my beautiful left scapular.

Then the below article came just in time on my FB page, as if want to give support to me. Something to inspire me to stay stronger.


克服困境的方法 (摘自生活伦理 第289期)









Ways of Overcoming Adversity

Generally everyone experienced time where things that didn’t go their ways, caught in difficulties.

At this time, some  might feel defeated, and even choose to run away. But how to face such distress and slowly climb up out of it ? Where does the driving force come from?

When Helen Keller was one year old, she contracted an illness, which caused her to lose her ability to see and hear. She went through the bitterness of being blind, deaf and dumb. But later, with lots of love and continuous efforts put in by  her instructor Anne Sullivan and headmaster from the School for Deaf, she miraculously recover the ability to speak.

But the training was very rigorous, there was time Helen Keller encountered great frustration. When things became more and more difficult for her, she reminded herself of her family’s happy looks, and told herself:

“I must overcome all the difficulty to learn to speak!”

She also said, “I met a lot of obstacles , but in my heart, there is a powerful force that drove me to try to overcome and defeat it.” Her indomitable spirit made her overcame all obstacles.

So do not give up easily, if you give up, you won’t be able to break down the barrier. We must have hope, thinking of the joy when our wishes come true,  march on.

 p.s. Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. Refer Wikipedia here.

I came across this article “Is it Time to Redefine ‘Gifted and Talented’ ?”  And I couldn’t agree more with the North Carolina Gifted & Talented teacher that: “being gifted is a learning need, not a privilege“.



And for me, regardless of a child is gifted or not, what is more important for them to learn, not for the sake of tests result, but some of those factors mentioned above (underlined in red): self motivated, curious to learn, grit, self-discipline etc.

And in another article “Treating Students as Gifted Yields Impressive Academic Results, Study Finds“,


Yes, it’s about ‘how’ and not ‘what’ to think.

Do you agree with me ?

I was so thrilled when spotted these hard cover children classic story books at the entrance of IOI Mall Popular (the third row from top).



They are: “The Wizard of Oz”, “Heidi”, “Little Women”, “The Secret Garden”, “A Little Princess”, “Black Beauty”, “Anne of Green Gable”





Though it’s just an adaptation version, every page comes with an illustration on the next page, just like below. Just nice for young readers.


And if you are a member, the book only costs RM9.90 each. Hard cover with ribbon bookmark and beautiful illustration. Tai lah !(in Cantonese)

Among the books, both my girls love “The Secret Garden” the most.

“Because it has magic. The boy who was on wheelchair, can walk by himself when he entered the Secret Garden,” explained Ling. 🙂

p.s. I tried to find in other Popular such as Ikano and Main Place, but to no avail.


Finished reading this book by a father, who has a dream to bring along the 20 classical children movies stated in his book, to go into the villages in rural areas in China, watch the movies together with those children who are left behind by the parents*, talk to them about the movies; and hopefully the children can learn those good values the movies try to convey.


(* in China, a lot of children are left in villages while the parents work in big cities).

I quite agree with him, just like “reading together with our children”, parents and children benefited a lot through watching good movies together. They have common topics to discuss, and a chance to understand each other better through this exchange of views.

I went through the list of movies recommended by this author for parents and children to watch together, Good job! Each movie he gave a detail guide on what’s the message carried by the movie, for parents and children respectively; and what are the good topic for discussion with our children. Some of the movies I have watched before. But only after reading this book, I learn more about what movies / cartoons are trying to teach. And there are some old movies which are the gem and I almost missed them.





Shared by a mother in FB, here is how you can check out a Chinese character: the sequence of the strokes 笔顺 (bi shun),the number of the strokes 笔画(bi hua),radical 部首B(bu shou),pronunciation 读音(du yin).

First, type the character in Google search bar, e.g. “陷” then append with “的笔画zidian8”


Clicking on the link brings up this page, where you can click on the  zidian83button at the bottom, then this button zidian84at the right, to get the animation of how to write this Chinese character.


This might be a big hard for my girls, but a good start to learn about Longitude and Latitude. Will share with them later.

I also learn something new from this video. I know 赤道 is Equator, but didn’t know that 北回归线 is called “Tropic of Cancer” and 南 is called “Tropic of Capricorn”. Ya, 活到老,学到老。 (direct translation: “live till old age, learn till old age”)


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