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This video explains why an object sink or float. A few experiments are conducted as well, and including answering the question why ship and spoon both are made of iron but ship doesn’t sink.

I am not sure the below are explained in Standard 1 class, but this is reason for sinking or floating.


“A bowling ball-size chunk of water weighs around 10 pounds.  As the bowling ball (12 pounds) is heavier than the displaced chunk of water, it has more sinking power.”

Episode: Goes to Seed (click on this link if you are not able to watch the video here)

Episode: In the Haunted House (click on this link if you are not able to watch the video here)

Episode: Makes a Stink (click on this link if you are not able to watch the video here)

This holiday, I am giving myself an assignment. Going through the list of Magic School Bus episodes, and try to find those that are related to Malaysia primary school Science syllabus, may be not exactly the same scope of teaching, but related in a way or another. And may be later, can watch those episodes with my girls.

And I have a silly thought, even it might not help to score in the exam, but at least, they learn something. Magic School Bus is a good show. Highly recommended.

Episode: Ups and Downs (click on this link if you are not able to watch the video here)

I recommended this series “I Wonder Why” quite some time ago. Last holiday, my girls brought these books along for vacation. And they enjoyed reading it.

I happened to go through one of them, and I found this one from the Series quite suitable for Std 1 & 2 students. Quite related to the science subject they study in school.


The font used in the book are quite big, and there are small funny notes and pictures.




They also cover other interesting questions like “Do plants have babies?”,”Which plant’runs’ ?”, “Do crocodiles eat their babies?”, “When do seahorses pop?”, “What do spiders keep in sacs?” …

If your children like the Young Scientist magazine, they might like this.

I don’t really like this topic in Primary 1 syllabus. No no, let me re-phrase, I don’t like the questions from this topic “Float and Sink” in Primary 1 Science.

Actually Ling also doesn’t like it. She asked me once that is it ok for her to get it wrong for this kind of questions in exam. I told her definitely alright.

Yes, children must be taught what is/can ‘float’ and what is/can ‘sink’.

But I don’t like how they are being tested.

Like below example, I spent this afternoon, doing the experiment with my girls.

Like question 3, I let them tried out 3 different types of peg – wooden peg, stainless steel and the plastic peg.

So I told my girls, it’s correct for her to say peg will sink and better still, if she can explain that she is referring to stain steel peg or plastic peg.

Then we tried a plastic comb and a wooden comb, a pale, and some fruits (orange, apple as we don’t have watermelon).

Same for below question, we tried out plastic ruler and wooden ruler, and guess what, plastic ruler sinks, and there is no answer for this question ! Isn’t that confusing / teaching the wrong thing, for a Primary 1 student ?

Was helping Ling doing her revision for her exam, the science subject. Ling seek help for the below question:

It triggered me to let her watch the below episode from Magic School Bus, about plant and photosynthesis. I watched together with her. Very clear explanation of how plant gets water from the root, and how the plant makes its own food.

p.s. The answer is ‘C’.


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