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Bump into this website Everyday Mandala for Children™ and YES! this is what is done in Heguru. So thrilled as I am not able to send the girls for Heguru, will check out their product and see it will help in doing home practise with them.

Below are videos extracted from the site The Mandala card is flashed to the child for 2 seconds.

I like the comments as well:

“Remember that regular practice and the need to stay positive is of utmost importance. Hence, do not be too eager to ensure your child gets it right everytime.  When children feel pressure coming from their parents, they start losing interest along with their willingness to cooperate.”  ~ I believe this apply to all learning be it right brain activities or academic studies.


In Heguru, the Mandala exercise is carried out by letting the children look at the Mandala picture on screen for 3 times. Every interval is quite short, less than a minute. And the screen will be blank out. Then the children are asked to put on the colour to a piece of paper where it has the outline of the Mandala picture shown before.

Another good resource for Mandala exercise can be found here.

Mandala comes from 西藏密宗. Mandala is a picture where the top and bottom, left and right are the total reflection of each other, and the picture is coloured in red, blue, green and orange.

How it works is: look at the Mandala card for 5 seconds, then close your eyes for 5 seconds. When you eyes are closed, try to let the image of the Mandala card you see stay in your mind. Repeat the steps several times. This practise is believed to be able to stimulate the right brain. And it’s advised that the practise needs to be carried out consistently for at least 3 months.

~~ extracted from 超右脑照相记忆法


August 2020

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