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Calsium, Vitamin A & D – cow or goat milk, daily products like cheese.

We give the kids goat milk. They seem to be allergic to cow milk. And luckily the kids like cheese. Some school of thoughts suggested minimize the intake of dairy product for young children, which they believe can trigger mucus in respiratory track, and cause coughing.

Protein, iron, minerals and Vitamin 12 – meat and meat alternative like peanut and tofu

Our kids don’t like meat, especially the elder one. Not sure is it the reason she tends to get sick easily. I read that lacks of the above nutrients might lead to a weak immune system.  … mmm… must eat more tofu then.

On ya, one dish my mom likes to cook for the kids (us :P) is: while frying an egg, put some minced pork in the middle of the egg, and then ‘flap’ the egg to cover the meat. Repeat the steps for a few more eggs. Then use all these meat-eggs to prepare a soup. I tell you, it’s one of my favorite too. 😛

Vitamin C, Fiber and Antioxidants – lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

On top of boosting immune system, antioxidants is crucial to fight the free radicals in body, which are believed to be the cause of heart failure and cancer. My babysitter shares with me, instead of taking the Vitamin C pill (I dislike the idea children taking vitamin pills), let the children take cherry tomato. It’s very rich in Vitamin C.

Lean fat – olive oil, vegetable oil, margarine.

To help process vitamins and minerals. We use a Japanese brand margarine called Snow, very smooth and tasty. Sometimes we also use the grape seed oil to cook (especially deep frying). Grape seed oil has a relatively high smoke point and therefore it’s safely used to cook at high temperature.  Also, you must try frying egg with sesame oil. Ho Chiak (delicious in hokkien dialet).



April 2020

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