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Last Friday was the last day the girls attending Bao Bei class. The girls start missing the class already. Ya, mummy gonna miss it too.

This holiday, the theme they are sharing is Animals. So everyday coming back, the girls will share the interesting story about the animal of that day. Sometimes, they do very cute craft of the animals they learnt.

I personally like the Hornbill hat they made the most.

“Ying, what are you doing?”

“My hornbill is hungry. I am feeding her some bread.”



It was Ling’s birthday and looked what Bao Bei gave her 🙂

Shame on me. As a mother, I’ve totally forgotten about this Chinese tradition here, where we were given the red boiled egg (红鸡蛋) and ‘mi suah teng’ (面线汤) on our birthday, as a blessing for longevity.

First thing onboard the car, Ling said happily, “Mummy, mummy, can I have this egg for my tea break? I can share with daddy, mummy, Ying,… ”

Thanks Bao Bei.


When the girls onboarded the car, they eagerly shared with me what the Bao Bei teacher told them about 窃蛋龙, with gesture and expression, they told me how the dinosaur looked like, how it stole and ate the eggs , etc etc etc .

Then only I recalled that, ya, this coming Saturday they are organizing a trip to the dinosaur exhibition:  ‘Dinos Alive World Tour’. The parents must accompany the children if they want to sign up. Too bad we cannot make it. Even though the girls will not join the trip, this week, the class talks about dinosaurs and related topics.

Ya, one of the thing I like about Bao Bei is that they keep the children in tact with the general knowledge not covered in school syllabus, like they make the earthquake the discussion topic for the week when earthquake hit Christchurch, and talked about tsunami the week after 11-March.

Thanks Bao Bei !


The ‘Dinos Alive World Tour’  is currently held at the National Science Centre at Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, until 31st May 2011, everyday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is organizing a seminar/talk on Dyslexia (Reading Disorder) 阅读障碍. The detail is as below.

Date : 21-May-2011 Saturday 10am-12pm

Venue: Kepong

Presenter: Dr Doris Ang

Medium: Mandarin

This reminded me of an article shared by the Principal of my girls’ tadika about learning disorder (but it’s in Chinese). I find it quite useful as well.

By chance, I got the opportunity to chit chat with one of the ex-小荳荳 student’s mother . Ya, she likes the flashcards teaching method, which she finds it helpful for her child to recognize Chinese characters. But she added that what impressed her the most is the “Phrases 字汇 Reading” at the back of each books. A lot of time, it’s tough to get the kids to memorize the single Chinese character without knowing what is the meaning. So, by letting the children going through the list of phrases made up of the single characters they learn, the children can comprehend what the words are used for, what is the meanings it carries.And this enrich the children’s word bank which will help them in their essay writing later. Good point !

I never thought of this before. All I know when I do comparison with Bao Bei’s flash cards, I find my girls learn faster as Bao Bei’s flash cards have a combination of single characters and phrases. Like Ying, she is able to recognize and read words like 猜灯谜,中秋节after joining Bao Bei for 3 months. She progresses faster if compare to just flashing her the single character cards.

The girls got these cute Bunny Mandarin Orange from Bao Bei today. And both my husband and I were entertained by their “十二生肖口诀” dance.









Thank you Bao Bei.

Happy Chinese New Year !!!



Posted on: July 23, 2010

This morning, while waiting for Ying to get ready for school, Ling sat beside me, playing with the 宝贝 flashcards.

“Mummy, you know, I know how to 造句 already. Choose one word and make a sentence out of it.” Ling said.

“Oh, where did you learn that from?”

“In 宝贝 lo!. We go to another room for this. Just choose a card and make a sentence lo !” Ling explained proudly.

“Do you want to play 造句 with me, mummy? Choose a card and …. ” Ling continued.


Ling is at level “E” in 宝贝 now and Ying is at level “B”. Both of them likes to take out their cards and play teacher-and-student, teaching each other using the flashcards.  I am really grateful to the teachers there who have help them to learn the language without any stress.



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