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Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married


This is a must read book for two of you.

BEFORE YOU START DATING, please dig it out and read the Appendix (from page 149 to 157).

And I would like to quote what Gary Chapman said,

“The primary purpose of dating is to get to know each other and to examine the INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL foundations for marriage.”

Even if not for marriage,

“To  explore the more important issues of compatibility in the following areas:

– intellectual dialogue

– emotional control

– social interest

– spiritual unity

– common values

How I wish I have read this, then I definitely won’t end up like what I am now.

Another one, must remember, stay away from all those self-centered guys :

Finally,  if ever you are considering getting married, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE BOOK AGAIN !!!


Posted on: May 25, 2012

I bumped into this Quote of The Day from when looking up some words.

“The child does not begin to fall until she becomes seriously interested in walking, until she actually begins learning.

Falling is thus more an indication of learning than a sign of failure.”

– Polly Berrien Berends


mummy’s favourite song during Uni time, when things were tough then: “I get knocked down” by Chumbawamba :

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never going to keep me down


The girls got their report cards and start counting the “A” she got.

“Mummy, teacher gives me “A” for cleanliness.” Ling smiled wide wide. I used to complain about her shoes.  


About report card, mummy wants to say something.

Mummy believes, everyone comes to this world with a report card to be filled in as well. And to be submitted back to Namo Amitaba when our time is up.

It’s a special report card. It doesn’t have subjects like languages, science, math , etc.

It won’t assess you for how many As you get in your studies. It won’t assess you for how big the house you stay, how luxurious your life is, how many tons of gold or $$$ you manage to collect, how high the position you manage to climb, how many LV bags you’ve collected, how beautiful you are, how good you manage to maintain your figures, how handsome / rich your husband is,  … the list can go on and on …

What it assesses, are things like:  are you hardworking ? perseverance ? kind ? care to people around you ? polite ? show gratitude ? patient ? show fairness ? forgiving ?  show filial respect ? try your best ? how you handle problems (running away or stay to face it/solve it) ? how you raise again after failure ? content with what you earn from your own effort ? being good and proud of yourself ? willing to contribute to help ? take up the responsibility you’re supposed to ? play the role assigned or taken up by you to your best ? always choose to do the right thing ?….. …. …. the list can go on and on …

Sometimes you might not do well, you might  lose your temper, might be mean to your sibling, making little mistake here and there, etc…, but then as long as you really change and get rid off all this bad behaviour, never make the mistake again, you will score again. That is the beauty of this special report card.

Just like what Ling like to say when she made mistake, “Mummy, I am sorry. I will turn over a new leave starting now.”


You two get A++++ from mummy, and keep up the good work.

Front Cover We were reading chapter 8 – Loyalty that night. It’s about Elliott”s sneaky friend – Larry, who was in another team in the game they are playing. Once Elliott lent Larry money to buy a get well card for Larry’s mum, but Larry never paid him back.

Ying was reading these lines:

She paused. And then she looked at me and asked, “Is this the right thing to do?” Ling also looked at me in dismay of the story.

I took a deep breath,

“Yes. Sometimes, when you get to know a person is not good, the best thing to do is try to stay away from him. Forget about the bad thing he did, don’t let the thing he did bother you, or upset you. ”

Girls, I know, at this stage of your life, I have been teaching you that there are good people and bad people in the world; that there are people who choose to do the right thing, and also who choose to do the wrong thing. And those bad people will eventually be punished, by teachers, by police, by the law . …

But dear, in real life, there are times this rule won’t work. And to protect ourselves, one way is to stay as far as possible from these bad people, and also don’t let what they did bother you.

Trust mummy, God knows.

Another set of Kata Kerja exercises.

The cut-&-paste:


The revision practices:

KataKerja7.pdf [fixed]

Kept this newspaper cutting, I like the  story.

The story is about Taiwan Ruentex Group CEO Samuel Yen-liang Ying. His business empire has diversified from textiles, cement, construction, realty development, healthcare, retail, banking and insurance in the financial sector over the years. Some said Ying’s wealth has already exceeded the NT$200 billion mark.

The time the author wrote this article, Mr Ying already was bareheaded (after cutting all his hair). He said, two years back, he already wanted to do so, but no barber dare to do it for him. Finally he managed to make two barbers cut it for him. And he said, “What is on top of the head is not important, what is beneath it – that is important.”

I like what the author said, it’s a waste of time if the person only care (too much) about one hair style, spending time to cut it, trim it, perm it, color it ….. What is the most important is the thing beneath the scalp – the brain, that has creativity, wisdom, vision, ambition, and action .


Spotted this book in Popular together with the other 37.2C CDs/VCDs. This book is produced by 37.2C (李观发和纪展雄) and funded by Malaysia 雪隆庄严同宗会. More than 30 thousand copies of this book were sold in Taiwan, when it first launched in year 2006. I even read comments from Taiwan primary school children on this book.

庄子 Zhuang Zi (369-286 BCE) was an influential Taoist philosopher who lived during the Warring States Period. His philosophy of life is categorized as the “逍遥派”. He conducted his teaching mostly using humorous fables and short stories. Some of the famous one are like :






After reading the book, I must say it’s a job well done by these two Malaysian authors, really a marvelous ‘layman guide’ to learn about the wisdom of Zhuang Zi. No wonder even primary school children can read it in Taiwan.  Bravo !! 🙂

Extracted from

Guest Speakers: David and Sook Ching Tan.

Date: Saturday, May 19th 2012. 9.30 to 12.00.

Havil School, 21 Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad,
Brickfields 50470, Kuala Lumpur
(behind Zion Lutheran Church)

Organised by Havil Language School, a Centre for Accelerated Learning. We cater to families seeking alternative learning programs as well as children with special needs.

Topics Covered
1. What is Alternative Education/Homeschooling?
2. Which homeschool program should I use?
3. What about further education? How do I prepare my children for university entry?
4. How can I get help for my child who has special needs?
5. What about the sciences?

A panel of speakers will share their experiences in using the popular homeschool materials used by Malaysian christian families such as Sonlight, Alpha Omega and ATI program.

For further information, please contact Ps Charlie Koh at 016-2051068 or email to

Another set of Kata Kerja exercises.

The cut-&-paste:


The revision practices:


Some revision worksheets based on the  配词1a exercise.

Click here to download:配词1a-revision.pdf


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