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Yamaha vs ABRSM

Posted on: October 7, 2009

This is a reply I get from a wonderful mum, Sherrin, from Mead Johnson forum.

Actually Abrsm and Yamaha is two different thing. Yamaha cert is just accepted in Japan only, or maybe some little countries. but Arbsm cert. is accepted in mostly all countries. Yamaha is Japan paper and Abrsm is England paper. Yamaha is like school but Abrsm is taught 1 to 1. Y means Yamaha, A means Abrsm. Y will teach ur child 4 important things that is hearing,singing, playing and writing. A teaches u playing and writing. Y child is good in hearing and A child is very good in playing. Hearing is when ur child listen to a song they will just play it and no need to see notes. A is ur child hand is very smooth and good is playing the key. Y is 1 hour and A is 45min. Y is in a group and they will see ur child age just like ur child will go to primary school in age 7. Y will accept ur child start at age 3.5 or 4. A will not see age. How old also can learn. Y will accept ur child at early age and A will accept ur child at any age. Mostly mom will let their child go Y first at age 3 or 4 then until age 6 or 7 they will let their child learn extra 1 which is Abrsm. Abrsm is 45 min 1 to 1 and Y is 1 hour in group. Y starts at level 9 to 1 which is finish, level 5 is teacher cert. A starts at level 1 to many. So mostly mom will let their child learn two. Mostly they will start Y first cos Y wont accept ur child by seen age. Ur child will be teacher cert at age 15 or 16 in Y.So after their child got teacher cert in Y then they will go to learn Abrsm, but dont worry they wont start at first level for of course a teacher will see how high they music level is, and then they will let u start at that level. If ur child can follow Y teacher teaching then u may start A at age 15 if ur child cant follow up the teacher at age 6 or 7 then u may go to music tuition or Abrsm. or stop Y then change to A. Y child will know whether the music key is out or not by their hearing and A child might not know or good to hear the sound of music key is out or not. Y is exam 4 thing like i say and A just exam for 2 thing only.So if can, let ur child learn hearing because is important. For me, i also let my child learn Y first and now she cant play well so i will let her to go to Abrsm. I well let her take both. if u wan ur child good in performance, play very well just like u see in tv, then u must choose A. So it up to u. More info u may ask music center. i will let my child take 2 because she can use the two certificate in all country. So that when go university at any country they also will accept ur child.

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Good explanation 😉

Hi.Here is to let you be more clear on the difference between yamaha and abrsm,yamaha is an educational system wherelse abrsm is merely and examination board.Technique wise,I wouldn’t say yamaha is any different than ABRSM.If I were to teach the Yamaha syllabus(and at a free pace) but I’ll teach your child individually,your child would would have good techniques as well as there is more attention on the child alone.However,parents tend to see yamaha as HEARING or PLAY BY EAR but the main objective of the yamaha courses is to develop their musicianship and their love of music.And by through hearing,you understand music better because,music is meant for listening.After you can LISTEN better,reading comes.But this comes with alot of encouragement as all children tend to use something their used to or use their shortcuts.So with proper guiding and encouragement,they will not lack the reading side.ABRSM merely gives you the outline of what everyone MUST KNOW,therefore more theoratical than Aural.Of course there are those who are lucky to have teachers who can teach a well balance of both(musicianship and techniques and other elements) through individual classes.But if your child is already in Yamaha,and you want to develop his/her techniques,this are the following steps I would advice.CONSTANTLY encourage her finger posture and sitting posture.When she reaches JXC level,then feel free to take up individual lessons but do continue her J course.

Why do we send our children to music lessons? Do we want them to be musicians, to make parents proud or to have them happy like using music to express themselves, be it happy or sad? In the pursuit of THE BEST, let’s not forget the happiness of our children. It is they who has to go through all the music lessons, exams, stress and all while juggling with school. Am sure both has it’s pros and cons (what’s not in life?), just make sure our kids are happy…so constantly ask your children whether they are happy…. We want to emphasize hearing, listening, playing..etc, just make sure we practice ourselves and that is universal learning.

My gal is 7 years old. I enrolled her to Yamaha’s Music Kids when she was 3 years old and she continued on JMC (Junior Music course) and JXC (junior extension course) now. She learns in a group. Her weakness is that she cannot read notes and she plays through hearing and memory. I have to accompany her to class and I have to spend time 1 to 1 at home to coach her myself. I am frustrated as it takes up a lot of my time and she is very dependent on me. I personally completed my Grade 8 ABRSM piano. That’s why I can coach her myself but like I said, I’m truly frustrated when I have to pay the fees and yet my gal depends on me heavily to coach her 1 to 1 at home. And after 4 years with Yamaha, she cannot read notes. :(. I stopped the Yamaha and I enrolled her to a ABRSM private piano lessons and I get to relax as the teacher does all the teaching while I just sit back and relax. She can now read the notes and play. I see progress in her.

Thank you June for sharing. My elder daughter is about to finish her JMC and your feedback came just in time. Truly appreciate it. Though both my girls don’t have issue reading notes, but as I have started surveying whether to continue her with JXC or ABRSM, I do hear feedback from some friend’s friend’s friend’s .. there are some Yamaha kids are weak in notes reading. Truly appreciate your feedback.

Hi June,

I’m facing the same problem like you. After swaitching my gal from Yamaha to ABRSM, we both having better bonding and quality time together, no more stress of coaching her 🙂

Must we take Yamaha Exam if we learn in Yamaha? or i can take ABRSM?

hi, if you take Yamaha music course like JMC, then you will sit for Yamaha exam.

Good explanation. Now i’ve a clear pic abt Y & A. Truly enough my 8 yrs daughter only enjoy JMC during the 1st yr, but she managed to completed her course for 2 yrs. I always feel tensioned so do her when attending JMC. Now she enroll in A and i can see she more relax and enjoy 1 to 1 lessons. She also can reads notes now compare to Y. Im glad. The important thing is kid happy and im not stress anymore. The level of confident is remarkable.

Yamaha is Japan paper and Abrsm is England paper. …

I’m plan to send my daughter for piano lesson, but I prefer sending her to class rather than 1 on 1. A sounds so boring to me. But I wonder why is it so important to have a good notes reading capability? Because of exam?

I always envy people who can play by ear and who is more creative rather than the stringent classical music.

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