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Long time never read books from 刘镛老师。mm.. how  to describe his books, not exactly humorous, mm.. humorous in a sarcastic way, and they are nice to read.

Recently my husband bought this one, (ya, one thing I am grateful of my sickness is that my husband starts to read a lot).


There is one chapter he covered about Feng Shui, mm… quite “thought-provoking”.



“No matter how good the Feng Shui of a house, if the house is not maintained properly, inside very untidy, disorganized, dirty, covered with thick thick dust; that kind of environment, certainly will cause people to get sick. And when the house is too old, it might collapse also. When it collapsed and killed someone, can we still consider the house Good Feng Shui ?”

“Your house has a leaking tap which should have been fixed long long ago. Why didn’t you do that ? Is it because you are a lazy person, always delaying things. Applying this kind of ‘lay-back’ attitude towards all expect of your life, no wonder you are doom to failure. It got nothing to do with Feng Shui.”


mm .. make sense also. Hahaha…

This year, the ever innovative husband said let’s put a mirror on our dining wall, to 旺一旺. In Feng Shui, putting a mirror to reflect the food on your dining table will bring double income, double fortune to you.

So we went looking around for mirror as the project this year.

Just would like to share something we learn along the way.

To get a good mirror, make sure it’s 6mm thick (the thickness of the mirror itself), especially if you want to have a big one. In the market, the ready made one, those 5’x3′ or 6’x4′ one, a lot are using 4mm mirror. What is not so good about 4mm mirror (NOT in term of Feng Shui) is that, some how the image will become “wave-ly” especially if you are looking at far objects in the mirror. You can try it out when you go to furniture shop. 🙂 We were told that in Malaysia the thickest is 6mm. But in China, you can find 8mm one.

Some Feng Shui tips I collected about mirror (well, don’t know how true) is that,

– don’t use joined mirror, best is one-piece. The join is like cutting edge, no good.

– must have frame

– don’t face your main door, staircase, and your bed

There are a few reason we go for the minor renovation, after staying in the house for 3 years plus. Change to use a plaster ceiling to make the living area look/feel more spacious is one of it (taking away all the dangling lights). So coincident one fine day, went to a show house and saw a plastic ceiling design that both of us like it. It’s just a 口 shape, in the middle is using back the original concrete ceiling. That design won’t cause the house height to be lower, which I dislike a lot, cause will be more stuffy.

Another is to move the ceiling fan to be in  the center of the living area. One funny thing the developer did,  the previous position provided to hang the fan was not center, more like to install the fan for the TV cabinet. This make us have to put two additional standing fans so that the people sitting on the sofa can feel the wind.

And so lucky, bump into this plaster ceiling contractor who is very humble, honest and friendly, 比较随便 and willing to  take up this small piece of work. We are no regret for hiring him and his team.

First, he and his team completed the work ahead of time. His team also quite ‘qin cai’ and not too calculative. Like the plaster ceiling guy, help to amend some of our cracked wall and plaster ceiling in the car porch, FOC; gave advice on where to install the downlight (both in the middle, or near the side) and what is the pro and cons, draw out the position for us to visualize and decide; help to move the furnitures.

Even the wireman is also quite patient. One of the downlights did not light up after installed. He first suspected it’s the bulb. So he changed the bulb, but still did not work. Then he suspected the downlight itself had problem. Some wireman will just give you back the downlight and ask you to get a replacement. But he stayed to examine the downlight, knocked knocked here, knocked knocked there, then tried again. It’s fixed.

And the best is originally the contractor told us it might take 3-4 days. But his men progress quite fast. The first day the plaster ceiling is up, all the wiring is done. Only left painting and installing of downlight. My hubby spoke to him to help get it done the next day (since it’s a Sunday) .. and guess what, he managed to call his men to work on that day (or may be just we are lucky).

So in two days I got my new plaster ceiling and spacious living room, and the girls love it 🙂

If you need a good plaster ceiling guy, consider Ah Seng. His contact is:  016-6602613

These are some commonly seen Feng Shui plants highly recommended by Feng Shui si fu. I read some articles that it’s not good to put it in door. Well, I personally don’t like plants in the house. If the science subject I learnt in school still with me, plants take in Oxygen and dispose Carbon Diokside at night.

So just thinking may be it’s good to share also:



This year is not a good year for me .. more precisely, for my plants.

Firstly, my 發財树 which I have planted for 4 years, which was more than a man’s height, was invaded by termite. No choice, have to chop the tree down and seek help from pest control company to do the termite treatment to my small little tiny garden. Lluckily it’s small, else, it’s going to cost a lot.

Later, read from 星洲日报 that another big pot of my money plant 金錢樹 was very poisonous. Mum called up to alert me and advise me to throw away. Another no choice, the whole pot, thrown. Ok la, this one not so heart broken. But both were with us since we moved to new house, and was a gift from my mother in law, four years back.

Recently was checking out some websites to gather info so that won’t make any mistake buying in poisonous plants again. The front yard looks so … empty… to me after the two plants gone. I like greenery.

So here is one good site I found that introduce those plants that help to get rid of 甲醛 (Jiǎquán) – Formaldehyde:

And here are the plants that are mentioned in the article that I manage to find locally.




In the bathroom,

綠蘿 富貴竹

p.s. Do you know there are Formaldehyde in cosmetic products as well?

What we change when moving to our new house is every area we allocate places for Ling and Ying. In the living room, we have cabinets for their toys, a small area with book case to put all their books  (we call it their library), and  a place to put their study desk and chair.

We didn’t buy any coffee table, and the sofa is quite mobile. So the whole living room is kind of spacious for them to do their stuff: watch tv, listen to cd, read, do worksheets.

And for master bedroom, last time we do have a corner with book case filled with their bed time story books. But some advice from friends that it’s not hygient to have open book selves with lots of books in bed room, it attracts dust mites easily and will cause coughing for young children. So this time, we especially allocate one room as study + play room. We put a tall book selves, where we put all the books, more academic toys like puzzle, leap frog pad, block games etc there. And we put a computer on a small coffee table for them to watch their Tweedle Wink DVD. And the girls love it.

Ying always says I  love my new house 😀

I have moved to my new house few months back … no no, let me check the calender. Gosh, it’s already half year ago. Time really flies.

Some of the tips to share when we did the renovation, to make it a better place for the two princesses 🙂

– toilet window must always face outside, it’s more hygient.

– toilet door, if possible, use a non wooden one, like aluminium one.

– the floor tile, best to have rough surface, anti-slip.  Also the tile at the entrance cannot be the slippery one. Else, must use an anti-slip floor mat.


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