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Went for the Tweedle Wink Parents Talk Saturday evening. Basically it explains the right brain and left brain education, and explain the important of love and relationship-first approach they have taken.

After digesting what I heard and reconnected to what I learnt and experience thus far (I am still learning), just would like to share some of my thought here.

This is how I want to group the right brain educations here ,

Shichida and Heguru – more on technically right brain training and practises; very good if the kids can cope and don’t feel stressed. Just my believe: some kids don’t feel the stress and enjoy the challenge of all these high speed activities. And sometimes, I think the parents are more stressed and worried.

Tweedle Wink – allow me to use the terms used in the presentation: they are more on  “planting seeds” with the aim to nurture the passion to learn, which is for the long run. They are generally more gentle in merging the left brain and right brain learning.

Another point which I strongly agree with Pamela (I believe this is mentioned in Prof Mahkoto Shichida as well) that the most important part of right brain education lies on parents.

The right brain learns when the child feels loved, trusted, and feels secured. They know the faith their parents have on them which back them up to explore, have passion and to learn new things.

The one hour weekly program won’t do any help if at home the parents are throwing all kind of negative messages, gesture and input to the child. It won’t help if the child don’t think that:  it’s ok to be wrong, it’s ok to be not getting the right answer every time, it’s ok to take time to think and understand, and make mistake many many times. It won’t help if all the child knows is: I am not good, I am stupid, I am useless, I am bad, I bring shame to my family.

Lastly, let me share this story I love the most from Shichida (I can’t remember I share this before, if yes, just treat it as a long winded aunty, trying to tell the same old story again and again 😛 ):

A boy went to meet Prof Mahkoto Shichida and he was showing Prof Mahkoto Shichida his school result which he scored below 10 marks out of 100. Well, after seeing his result, Prof Mahkoto Shichida said: that was good. He explained to the boy that that means he can do better and get higher mark next time VS if he already got 100.

(Sorry, not a good story teller). Morale of the story: always look at the good side, and don’t use a magnifying glass to see the shortcoming of a child, and always remember the child is changing, growing and learning every single minutes, this is just a phase that he/she is going through (一个过程).






Education is passing of knowledge


Upbringing is instil the correct attitude towards life and living

Ling was teaching her sister (playing the teacher-students again). I was busy with my coding (seeing a lot of stars already) when I overheard her saying, “If you don’t know, you need to go stand corner.”

Oh dear.

I asked her, “Ling, did you teacher do like that in school?”

“If don’t know how to read, stand corner.”

Oh dear.

“How about read wrongly ?”

“Also stand corner. My friend Pang Fei and I know how to read the 弟子规 book, so we sit down.”

I took a deep breathe after hearing this. I am worried.  … mm.. very worried now. Feel very helpless. My believe, children know what they don’t know and not good at. Like my girls, they will try to avoid it. And what they need most at that point of time is a pat at the back and encouragement to try again, try harder.

May be it’s not that bad. May be I am just 多心. May be it’s just  the real world that I no longer can help and the girls need to face it. … I think I really think too much.

“Ling, do you still like your school?”

“Yes.” answered Ling confidently.

This is one of the blog post I read long time ago, about Montessori teachers’s Salary in Malaysia. It’s a good blog site as well. Very informative.

Quote: “Then again one has to know that if you were looking for a high-paying salary, teaching is not really the best profession to come into in any place unless if was done for the love of the job & children vs the monetary pay-outs.”

I salute all the loving and dedicated teachers who have help educating lots and lots of children.

Sometimes I have a silly thought, if I have the ‘power’, I will make teachers the highest pay government servant. With that, more people are willing to take it as a life long career. When more people are interested for that job, we have the privilege to choose for the most suitable person for the position (really select properly, not like the scandal where interview needs to do stage performance).When competition exists, people tends to perform better also. No longer the attitude like ‘you cannot fire me’. And can attract those who really have passion in education to stay in this career. At the end, we build a stronger younger generation, and this benefits all parties.

I heard in Singapore, a teacher will be a millionaire once they retire (some good retirement plan from the government).

Today Bao Bei held its Christmas party for the kids before it breaks for school holidays. Ling was so excited and kept on telling her daddy daddy-mummy-sister-brother can come to join her.

I planned to attend but luck is not with me as I have a conf call at that time. Not able to take leave.

When she came back, she couldn’t wait to show us the state flags and map, and taught Ying to read the state flags flash cards, sing the state song. 马来西亚十三州, 最小之州玻璃市,。。。I am impressed.

I recalled one day when picking up Ling, I saw a young boy walking down the stair case with his mum, and telling his mum all the state name for the state flags hung along the stair case. Looking at the happy mother smiling all the way down, I can feel the joy as well.

Though Ling is not able to recognize all the state flags, but after joining Bao Bei for a month plus, she often utters the state names , state song, recite the Chinese poems.

“Connie 阿姨, I learn 春晓today. I know it. 春眠不觉晓,处处闻啼鸟,夜来风雨声,花落知多少.”

“Mummy, mummy, you know, you must say 静夜思first. Everytime must start with that first, then only say 床前明月光. Same for 悯农, 江雪.”

But still “Mummy, my favourite language is ENGLISH. ” 🙂

To Leave


To Love


To Learn


To Leave A Legacy


~~~ from The Leader in Me – Steven R. Covey

The following are the info gathered from Bao Bei @Puchong.

Basically the class not just focus on Flash Cards and Reading only, they have music session, poetry recitation, theme learning and stories time.

For flash cards, they have 13 levels, each level is about 100 characters and normally they will do an assessment test when first join to identify the correct level for the child. And the child will proceed on its own speed, no waiting for others. When the child completed 5 levels, he is prepared f or Primary Std 1 syllabus already.

For poetry recitation, similarly, they have 10 levels, each level consists of 10 famous Chinese poems 古诗.

Each session 1.5 hours and they encourage you to come for 5 days a week (Mon – Fri), minimum 3 days.

And this coming holidays, they have a 5 weeks holiday programme 23-Nov till 24-Dec, but it’s a bit costly: RM640 nett.

Check out this wonderful blog called “No Time For Flash Cards” by a wonderful mother.  I have added to the link for ease of my own reference 🙂

The site has very good art & craft ideas for pre-school, and it has wonderful preschool story books review also. One of my favourite.

I like the craft there as a lot of it need very minimal preparation and can really let the children sit still, work on something with their hands, and be free and creative.

We did a free art last Saturday. The first time they paints using paint brush. The two were so so excited. I give them a palette with red, blue and white  colours on it, two paint brushes and two blank sketching papers.

I read the book “和孩子一起享受艺术”, it recommends that let the children explore one or two colours. Don’t give them the whole box of 24 colours or so. Let the children play with the colour, experience the changes of the colour when added with water, with different strokes, etc.

Well, I started with 3. The girls were so happy, mixing colour,painting on the paper, acting like an artist.

“This is really fun, mummy. I love it! Can we do it again tomorrow?” asked Ling.

will try to have more fun session like this dear, mummy promise 😉

This is a must visit site if you would like to teach Math Dots cards using Glen Doman methods.

I must confess that it’s a failure for me. I made a few big mistakes when trying to teach Math Dot cards using Shichida Method.

I was somewhat slow, because I didn’t think they really “got it”, and I went over the same numbers over and over again, testing them (well, in SM class, sometimes, the Sensei will pick two cards after the flashing is done, and ask the children which is showing number x. This is the killer) frequently. And the girls either feel bored or stressed. I just stopped.

Check out this wonderful site “Your Baby Can Learn Math!” and the blog from a mother who is successful in teaching her son at the age of  20 months old. Give it a try if you can. There is nothing to lose.


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