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If your children like Maths, I would like to recommend this book: Olympiad Maths Trainer.


Not so much on school Maths, but more to prepare for Mathematical Olympiad or similar competitions.

And for me, more to expose my girls with a broader scope of mathematical problem-solving questions, which some I find quite fun. (I love Maths also). Not so much on how good they can score for each exercise.

The book is organized in a way that it has 50 exercises, meant for 50 weeks. Each exercise/week has only 5 questions. And in the middle and the end, there is an assessment paper, as revision for what have been taught in previous exercises.

When Ling first started, she found it quite tough and I could sense she felt defeated. So I let her decide and do it as and when she felt like trying. She picked it up and started working hard on it during last holiday. And toward  the end of the holiday, one day, she just announced proudly that she could finish 3 exercises without needing to consult  me; and she was eager to complete the book so she could start the second book. But I stopped her as school reopens, and ask her to only decide when to start Book 2 after she has settled down. May be I will propose to do it during Mar holiday. 🙂

Here is some example questions from Book 1.


This teaches them about interval. (interval = n-1) I believe it’s not in Malaysia school syllabus.


In the first few exercises, the book teaches this simple rule “the difference in age does not change”. This one is a harder question based on this rule.


And then, it has the above ‘algebra’ like questions, which I think is quite good, to teach them Maths is not just about numbers, we can use symbols, and the rules (such as addition, subtraction ,..) won’t change.


And then, it has these number games. Ya, it’s not easy even for adults. But if the children like Maths, he/she will enjoy the challenge.

To conclude, if your children like Maths, can try this book 🙂


August 2020

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