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Something I read: “Selenium Benefits: A Unique Trace Mineral That Provides Powerful Cancer Prevention“. One of the supplement my nutritionist prescribe.

Something new I learnt from the article:

About mercury: (since I also suffer from high level of mercury in blood)

  • Mercury binds easily to fatty tissue especially in the kidneys, liver, and brain.

  • One of the best detoxifying agents to prevent mercury build-up is the mineral selenium.

  • A deficiency of trace minerals can readily allow mercury to accumulate in and contaminate cells by inhibiting their natural energy producing abilities, blocking enzymatic activity and shutting down antioxidant systems.

About selenoprotein enzymes:

  • selenoprotein enzymes are generated by the body by incorporating the trace mineral selenium into proteins. These enzymes function like antioxidants, destroying free radicals thus limiting oxidative damage. They also stimulate thyroid function and optimize the immune system.

  • When mercury binds to selenium, the production of selenoproteins is reduced. This promotes immune dysfunction and abnormal thyroid function.

About selenium:

  • selenium is a “mercury magnet”

  • When mercury and selenium bind, this new compound cannot be absorbed by the body so it is removed as waste.

  • We must include a surplus of selenium in our body to reduce mercury levels.

  • Mercury contamination might require you to increase selenium consumption up to 1000 mcg each day. It is recommended that one consume between 200-400 micrograms of selenium daily. Although too much selenium is toxic.

  • Brazil nuts are the best food source of selenium with around 50-75 mcg selenium per nut. A small handful (max 6 nuts) will supplement the selenium you need for the entire day. Other excellent sources include pasture-raised eggs, mushrooms, shellfish, meat (including organ meats), as well as seeds.

And the most alarming, to me,

Selenium Deficiency Linked to Thyroid Cancer

  • Specifically, low selenium levels are associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

  • This is due to the crucial role it plays on protecting the thyroid gland from damage.

  • The incorporation of selenium into selenoproteins is essential for optimal thyroid health and for the protective effects of these antioxidant systems throughout the entire body.

Now it kind of explains most of the thing, if not everything for my case.





Another good read about our thyroid health:

Would like to highlight how mercury affects our thyroid. Two months ago, when my blood test report was out, as expected by my nutritionist, it showed excessive mercury and aluminium in my blood test and we are suspecting they are the culprit of some autoimmune disorder I am experiencing.

Normal whole blood mercury is usually <5 ng/mL and though scientists do not know precisely what level of mercury in blood may be associated with harmful effects, some studies suggest that mercury levels as low as 30 to 40 ng/ml may be associated with visual, nervous, or cardiovascular system effects in adults. Blood mercury levels above 100 ng/mL have been reported to be associated with clear signs of mercury poisoning in some individuals (e.g., poor muscle coordination, tingling and numbness in fingers and toes). As for aluminium, about 10 mcg/L is fairly normal, and above 50 mcg/L is generally now considered a toxic level.

Here is the explanation on how mercury interferes with our thyroid which I like a lot:

I’m sure you’re well aware that mercury is a toxic chemical that is not healthy for your body, but did you know that it is particularly dangerous for the thyroid? … In fact, your thyroid is exceptionally good at absorbing any available iodine in your body. Unfortunately for your thyroid, mercury and iodine are chemically very similar to each other, so your thyroid is quick to absorb and store mercury too.

This creates a two-fold problem for your thyroid. First, if your thyroid is storing mercury in place of iodine, it won’t have enough iodine to produce adequate levels of T4 and T3 hormones, which can cause you to develop hypothyroidism. Second, it puts you at risk of developing an autoimmune disease. No one knows exactly how heavy metals like mercury lead to autoimmune disease, but research has shown a demonstrated link between the two, including a 2011 study that found that women with high mercury exposure were more than twice as likely to have thyroid antibodies.

One proposed reason for why this happens is that mercury damages the cells of your thyroid gland (as well as other cells in your body) so much that your immune system can no longer recognize these thyroid cells as “self” cells. Another prevailing theory is that your immune system goes on high alert to get rid of the mercury, and this chronic state of inflammation stresses your immune system so much that it starts attacking your whole thyroid.”


A good article to read:

The thyroid is a gland that is responsible for our metabolism and energy, and it is crucial mechanism in the complexity of the system due to the fact that each cell in our body has receptors for the  hormone.

It is of extreme importance to optimize the consumption of vitamin A, D, and K2.

These vitamins are important for your overall health, but also for the thyroid hormones. Recent study showed that deficiency of these vitamins may lead to thyroid problems.

Seaweed and other sea vegetables

It is advisable to consume algae and other sea vegetables such as nori, kombu and wakame in regular base, as this type of food is major dietary source of iodine and also are extremely high in nutrients.

Coconut Oil is type of oil that does not interfere with the conversion of T4 to T3 as other oils. That is the reason why this oil is great for cooking. Moreover, the coconut oil will stimulate weight loss, improve your metabolism and in same time will support your immune health. This is particularly important in the case of thyroid issues. Medical experts advise to consume at least 1 tablespoon per a day.

Avoid Gluten as it may result in an autoimmune response at some patients. It is considered that gluten leads to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, very common autoimmune thyroid disease.

Drinking Bone Broth on a daily basis

It comes to healthy elixir that has the ability to boost the immune system and cure and seal the intestinal mucosa, which actually are crucial for an improved thyroid health. It is advisable to drink cup of this broth on daily basis with seaweed flakes and a pinch of sea salt.

For patients who have thyroid problem caused by trauma, severe depression, very disturbing news or constant stress, it is recommended to try some relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation or tai chi.

You should avoid peanut butter and peanuts, as they contain goitrogens.

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