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Last last last weekend, went to The Art Things Art Studio for their annual exhibition, showcase the art works from their students.

Well, I like their concept trying to preserve the creativity and 童真 in young children. According to the teacher there Ms Tin, for young children, they normally will give them a topic for each lesson, and let the children draw whatever they can imagine. The teachers are there mainly to give some tips  and a bit coaching. Still it will be the art work from the children. So there is not like a single way to draw a thing, a single way to put the color. Children are free to let their imagination runs wild.

Also, one thing we noticed, they use recycle material to do their craft project. Ya, we should go green.

Below are some snapshot we have taken from the exhibition.

Oh oh … ya, they have special class for ‘gifted’ children, and this class, the max is two children, because according to Miss Tin, more couching needed.

54 Jalan Puteri 5/16
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong

Tel: 0126959770 (Ms Tin)

Yesterday my mother-in-law came to visit. And one topic she brought up: don’t send the girls to any enrichment/tuition classes. Only send for subjects they are weak at.

mm.. now the mother came upto speak. I questioned my husband, he kept quiet. . . . I couldn’t sleep well last night.

Ya, his family views education investment differently. I can understand where my mother-in-law is coming from.

Her grandsons (my husband’s brother’s sons) whom she looked after since they were born, didn’t attend any enrichment classes, and only started tuition on subjects like Bahasa Malaysia and English when they were in Primary school. And one of them got first place in their school exam.

Guess she feels I am overspending the money (well, to be precise, my money. Now I have to fund for my children’s classes most of the time, not he).

Ya, his family is very good in $$ figures. After thinking for it the whole night, true also. If I save all the money, and well, if the girls can do well in their studies with minor tuition (it won’t cause much as compare to the pre-school enrichment class), then ROI from the girls are higher. Even if the girls cannot perform well, with the money saved, I can afford to send them to some local college and get a degree, as long as I make sure they are not too bad, as long as they meet minimum college requirement. They are very realistic family.

I am a bit shaking now. If  I were to walk out of this marriage, I will be left nothing as I spend most of my income for the girls. It will  be a dreadful life for me getting old with no money.

It’s just not my weekend.

Recently Mr Daddy kind of addicted to test driving. Last weekend, while waiting for the girls’  class, he kind of kidnapped me to test drive the Ford Fiesta.

Must admit, it looks sporty. But I don’t think it matches my ‘childish old man’. More for 20+  or early 30s youngsters. The space at the back is quite small, not tall enough, my 180+ cm tall brother sure cannot sit in, will hit ceiling. And the head rest is not comfortable as well. The sales rep said ya, he can help to trim to make it more comfy if we order one. Ya, it’s not meant for family car.

And this console, mm.. I believe it’s either you love it or you hate it. My uncle-like hubby cannot take it. He said so “alienated”. Face it old man, you are not young any more.

But then if you talk about specs, before test drive, according to my hubby, it’s very good. After test drive, here is his comments in brief (I couldn’t understand and remember most of it) –

– powerful

– cornering 一流 (top, superb)

– handling also  一流

– quiet

– brake not as sharp as Toyota though. He still prefer Toyota

– some how it needs to press hard and cannot let go the petrol pedal, to “drag” to reach higher speed when starting. He said this one cannot fight Polo. The Wolkvagen is very smooth.

– suspension – superb, even though we sat on sport model (which normally the suspension more stiff), going through a few bumps, still ok for the back passenger (which is me, my old bone still in tact).

– very safe car though.

After hearing his comments, the sales rep gave us another round of test drive. He said my hubby still didn’t know how to drive ‘properly’. This time he was the driver. Man.. I had to hold on tight the handle at the back as he sped through all the bumps and cornering, without slowing down. The car is just so good that it remains very stable for the driver to handle, especially the cornering, din’t even sway a bit.

Overall, it’s an “exciting” experience.

Today Ying came back from school, and told me, “Mummy, my friend xxx said, if I don’t give him star sticker, he don’t want to be friend with me.”

Then she looked at me without a blink. I knew what she was up too – to get me buy the star sticker for her. . I really didn’t know how to react in a moment.

“Do you only make friend with people who give you something? No right…. It’s not right right.. So never mind lo, don’t bother about him, ok. No need to give him anything. No need to be friend with him. ok …?”

What a lousy reply I must admit. Ying nodded as if she understood, and walked away to play with something else.

My housekeeper was there and she heard our conversation. She said, “You should teach her, ask her to ask him back, ‘if you don’t give me your star sticker, I also don’t want to be your friend’. ” … hahaha …

Sigh … a bit losing faith whether I can teach them well or not … this generation children are too ‘terror’ …

Shall I go? Not go? Go? Not go? …….

This morning, the girls went to their Lorna Whiston class after a full glass of milk. They claimed they were too full to take anything else.

After class, a bit worried they would be too hungry…. and then …

Mr Daddy said since we passed by, let’s dropped by to see Peugeot 5008. I was like … sigh .. Couldn’t you wait for next week or some other time? … before I could say anything, we were in front of the Peugeot showroom entrance.

Mr Daddy went for a test drive happily and the girls loved the car very much. Ying even said, “Mummy, please buy this car.”

Mr Daddy said, “Why not Ying you buy for mummy next time?”

She smiled widely 😛

“So what do you think, mummy?” asked Mr Daddy.

I had to be cautious else this ‘childish old man’ will do something crazy, cannot show too much interest, else he will take my old-dying iswara as the excuse, and spend on this car. [GIRLS , cars are liability. Doesn’t waste too much money on it. Once you buy one, you starts loosing money.]

“新鲜 (something different)”

“That’s only comment?” he asked

“Ya.” I tried to be as truthful as possible.

… actually I love the moonroof, the girls love the airplane-cabin like passenger seats, where they can have their own video pack, foldable desk (like the one on the airplane to take our meal). . . and daddy loves it too, got power, smooth handling, cornering, .. yeah, we all love it …

2010 Peugeot 5008 MPV

Peugeot 5008 - Rear Angle, 2010, 800x600, 22 of 80

Peugeot 5008 - Interior, 2010, 800x600, 35 of 80

… The girls only took their lunch around 1pm.

… and luckily no $$ exchange took place.

 Ling saw a sticker of Ariel the little Mermaid, in her human form, and said, “Oh I didn’t know she is a girl.”

“Oh yes, she is a girl.” I said.

“I thought she was a mermaid.”

“Yes, remember, she drank the potion and became a girl?”

“Yes, but how can she be born as a mermaid?” Ling asked.

“Well, her daddy and mummy are mermaids, so she was born a mermaid.” I explained confidently.

“But how can her mummy give birth of her?” She asked again very seriously.

“Just like how mummy gave birth of you.”

“No, cannot. Mermaid don’t have 屁股 (buttock)” She said aloud, sound a bit annoyed because mummy didn’t understand this very simple thing.

I couldn’t help burst into laughter. … Ling … Ling … Hahaha ..


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