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Housekeeping my old files and consolidated the posts for Std 1 Kosa Kata flash cards and exercises I created last time here.


1. For flash cards pdf, it’s meant for double side printing.

2. Unit 24 – 26 no flash cards




This is another good site to learn BM for primary school students – Astro Tutor. However, need to subscribe and login to access the lesson.

Oh ya, another note of warning/advice from a parent:




After knowing the wonderful Memrise application, I copied my Kata Kerja material to Memrise, for my girls to ‘play’.  And they like it.

Let me show how Memrise works:

First, it will show some slides to teach the meaning of the words:


Then, it will followed by a few quiz. You need to answer in the given time frame. (The round round thing on the right is a clock.)


And the quiz can be multiple choices, or you have to type out the answer, as below:


If you are not able to answer correctly within the time given, it will show the slide to ‘teach’ you again, and sometimes ask you to ‘copy’ or re-type the word, as a way to learn.


When you complete one exercise, remarks and points are given.


And when  you completed  a level, a fully blossom flower pot is displayed for that level, as below.


On the right hand side, there is a Leaderboard, where you can see your ranking based on points you have accumulated. And children like to compete with each other on this.

So far, my girls said it’s cool. Some more this application is free. Truly hope this can help those in needs, without having to add burden to the parents.

Here is the url for the Kata Kerja course in Memrise:

[04/07/14 – Updated the slide as my girls spotted a typo mistake on the word ‘berdarah’]

Hope my girls will pick these up by themselves, going for another round of ‘workshop’ service.

Like the previous one, it’s a Power Point Slide Show. Click the below link to download it.


** I have updated the pdf with answer sheet, as well as fixed a few typo errors. **


Ying is weak in this area of BM. Thinking to use the same method I use teaching them penjodoh bilangan last time.

Come out with this worksheet to help her. Everyday 10 questions on Sendi Kata Nama. I believe eventually she will be able to master this.

SendiNama_Drill.pdf (It’s in A5 size, you can cut the normal A4 paper half to get an A5 size).

I created this slide show to help Ying on BM Kata Kerja revision. Sharing in case you find it useful. It’s a Power Point Slide Show. Click the below link to download it. The file is a little big, 10Mb.



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