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Another nice video for revision, for SJKC Primary 3 Science Chapter 4.

You can find quite a number of good video teaching SJKC subjects here


I particularly like the Science videos, e.g. this one teaching about Magnets. Good for revision.


Ling was doing the below exercise and she got confused whether bamboo has woody stem or soft stem. (竹子是属于草质茎还是木质茎?) Actually I am very confused too.

2015-01-29 10.49.14


After googling and the below explanation makes the most sense for me :


The difference between ‘woody stem’ and ‘soft stem’ is  the existence of ‘tree ring’.  By looking at the cross-section of a ‘woody stem’ plant, you can see the annual rings formed due to the growth of the stem(trunk). When you saw a bamboo stem, it’s empty inside. Therefore, bamboo is ‘grass’ and not ‘tree’. Bamboo belongs to the same group as paddy and millet.

Note: if you want to learn more about tree rings and woody stem, check out this website:

This video gives an intro about simple machines such as: Pulley, Slide (inclined plane), Wheel, Lever, Screw.

It also goes further on the different types of Lever, by explaining the different parts of a lever system, which is: Effort, Fulcrum and Load.



This video starts with a brief history of Lodestone and its discovery in Magnesia (an ancient Greek city, also is believed how Magnet got the name).

Note: Lodestone is a naturally magnetized piece of mineral found on earth.


Then the video talks about the 4 features of magnet:

  • attraction: materials that get attracted to magnet
    • iron 铁
    • steel 钢
    • nickel 镍 nickel
    • cobalt 钴cobalt
  • navigation: use of magnet in compass
  • magnet always has two poles
  • same poles attract, opposite repel

Ling requested for video about ‘soil’ for her revision, and here it is:

It teaches the 3 types of soil:

  • clay 黏土
  • sand 沙土
  • loam 壤土

and the soil profile.

The animation makes it easier for children to understand this topic.

On top of learning new terms e.g. Solute, Solvent, Solution, Water loving, Water fearing, we also learn about things that help solute to dissolve.

Using this for  Ling’s final exam revision.

This video shared about seed parts, seed germination process and seed dispersal methods.

Seed parts:


Some of the new terms learnt:

“Germination” – When a seed wakes up and starts to grow into a plant.

And for the germination to happen, a number of conditions need to be met:

– the correct moisture

– right temperature

– proper nutrients

– and the exact amount of sunlight



And lastly, the video gives a good explanation why seeds need to travel away from their mother (and this process is called “Dispersal”), and what are the way/ how  seeds travel.



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