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If you read today Sin Chew newspaper , there is a coverage about a demonstration in France. The parents are demanding “NO HOMEWORK AT HOME” , which is stated in the country laws (since 1950+). They said the assignment of homework to be completed at home caused argument and deteriorate the parent-child relationship at home. Reason being not all parents are capable and have time to help their children in their homework. They claimed that the school is pushing the responsibility to teach to the parents.
Hahaha … that is France.

Neh… I don’t agree. Sufficient amount of homework is good.

But then there is one important fact here: Not all parents are capable and have time to help their children. Ya, the number of parents fall into this criteria sometimes can be a lot. And if all teachers are not teaching, then teruk lo.. What will become to our next generation? our society in future? To me, a teacher is obliged to teach the knowledge from books, and parents is obliged to teach those good value/ethics that one must have to be a good citizen on earth.

Another news from England, on the investigation done on the last Summer riot in the country, that involved 15 thousands people, majority youngster below 24 years old, and one common attribute found in this group of people is they are not doing well in their studies. One of the action item proposed is to punish the schools who fail to educate these people. .. cool isn’t it .. hahaha.

Sigh … it’s happening everywhere… I still think the major problem is the lack of responsibility on the role a person play. Teacher not teaching, school not educating, parent not bothered, students not learning, and many many more… it’s a society problem in this materialized world.

So a big clap to all the teachers that are teaching, a big clap to all the parents who care and help in their children studies (trust me, still a lot don’t bother and think it’s school’s job), a big clap to all the children that are studying hard, a big clap to all people that are taking up their responsibility and playing their role with integrity. Please continue the good work and stay “fighting” (that is how Korean say 加油)

I pray hard for more to join this group of good people, for a better world (or at least sustain what we have now), and for all.

Today Ling came back and couldn’t wait to take out her tupperware.

“Mummy, mummy, today I went to buy food from canteen for the first time. ”

“I go with my friends Yong Sin they all. They bought some chicken nuggets, but that is not healthy food hor.”

“So I continued searching and I find this fish ball. They pull all fish balls in a bowl, not separate separate bowl.”

“I asked the person at the canteen, she said it’s RM1 for one stick. So I buy it for all of you.”

And she opened up her tupperware she used to keep her snack for her recess time, there goes the best surprise I can ever have: 3 fish balls lying inside.

“Why you didn’t eat?” I asked again, couldn’t believe it.

“I buy it for you and 妹妹. I want to share with you all at home. Next time I will buy fish ball back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Oh girl, I am so touched. I cannot be more proud and grateful to have you 🙂

Cool youtube about Lynas, from a man from Perth (Aussie ??), speaking about Lynas, and in Bahasa Malaysia.

He mentioned two reasons why Lynas want to build the plant in Malaysia:

1. If we were to wait forever, if we were to wait for a million years, the people of Australia would never accept a plant like this one.

2. Malaysia Government has already decided to give Lynas 12 year without any taxation as a welcome to Malaysia present.

And I couldn’t help laughing on his advice about coming election:

“Saya berharap rakyat Malaysia akan memerhati isu-isu yang betul-betul kena dengan hidup rakyat Malaysia.

I hope that Malaysians will pay attention to issues that really affect the lives of Malaysia.

Habislah kisah pasal siapa buat siapa, dan siapa pembunuh perempuan Mongolia.

Stop making a story out of who is having anal sex with who or who killed the Mongolian woman.

Perhati kepada isu yang penting.

Pay attention to important issues.

Berundi untuk parti yang berjanji akan hentikan Lynas daripada bikin kilang ini.

Vote for party that promises they will stop Lynas from building this plant.

My two cents: promises is not enough. Vote for party that will stop Lynas. Full stop.


I like this book a lot: E Is for Ethics, by Ian James Corlett.

Front Cover

It has 26 short stories about morals, values etc.  Each story ends with some questions like what will you do if you are the character in the story. The girls love answering it. The English used is simple, neat and easy to understand as well.

My girls prefer listening to me reading aloud and asking them questions. Somehow they show no interest to pick up the book and read themselves. Guess not so fun.

I think a good book to use for bedtime stories.


Here is the list of contents:

– Honesty

– Understanding

– Forgiveness

– Courage

– Tact

– Perseverance

– Politeness

– Loyalty

– Gratitude

– Truthfulness

– Fairness

– Acceptance

– Patience

– Sincerity

– Citizenship

– Integrity

– Kindness

– Responsibility

– Effort

– Empathy

– Charity

– Helpfulness

– Generosity

– Willingness

– Trust

– Respect


This is another series from Learners Publishing (the one come out with English Idioms Comics). This time it’s learning 成语 (Chinese Proverb) via comics. I think more suitable for middle primary students.

One thing funny about this series is that only series 2 don’t come with 汉语拼音 (Han Yu Pin Yin) for the 成语. I realized this only when Ling gave me her comments: Book 2 is not interesting, too many words I don’t know and they didn’t give 汉语拼音 .

So.. this is what we did. We check out the 汉语拼音  from my favourite Chinese Dictionary site:

Here is what we manage to get. And guess what, we got a surprise from this site, it gives English translation for the 成语. Cool isn’t it?

[You may download the pdf version from here: 成语最精彩2]

2. 按部就班


[follow the prescribed order; act according to old conventions]


3. 百年树人


[a hundred years to bring up a generation of able men]

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死前會後悔的25件事:1000個臨終病患告訴你人生什麼最重要 Finish reading this book 死前會後悔的25件事:1000個臨終病患告訴你人生什麼最重要 written by a Japanese doctor OTSU SHUICHI. It talks about top 25 things those critical/terminal patients regret doing/not doing in their life, based on the author’s experience taking care of terminal patients in Japan.

It’s a ‘peaceful’ book (though not so appropriate to use ‘peaceful’ to describe the book) somehow, this is the feeling when I read the book. May be I like the value brought up by the author, about life, some of the author’s principal of life  is quite similar as mine.

Girls, when you grow up, even when you are not as old as me now, I do encourage you to read this book.

Things like:

pg 67: 人真的不该犯罪。因为即使没有别人看到,至少自己看得到,上天也看得到。

pg 60:尽量去做自己想做的事,在(尽量)不给他人带来困扰的前提下,(我还要加一点,在不丢下自己应尽的责任下),活得更任性一点。...


There are others that I don’t quite agree, like regretted for not falling in love before, not married, not have children, .. sometimes, it’s a blessing in disguise.

If you have not met with the right person, don’t get into a relationship just because you want to; other have, you must have; better have one than none; …  all these are bad … getting involve with the wrong person will become the regret in your life (just like me, still has strong feeling regretting getting married :P).

And for having children, again, it’s a big responsibility and commitment, and I must stress, commitment from both father and mother (but I don’t have any regret having you two. In fact, it’s the most precious things in my life, and a blessing for me).


And now feel like taking up art class, learn drawing and painting, playing with colours .. after reading the book.

Was getting ready to sleep, the girls were on their bed already,

“Mummy, when you are old and don’t have money, you can use our money.” Ling suddenly said.

“Ya, I can give you my money too. That time I grow up already and can work already.” Ying added too.

I smiled.

“Oh, Thank you. Ya, I will try not to use up all my money and save some, so that when I am old, I no need to use too much of your money.”

The girls sat up, and lean over. Guess they heard something they didn’t expect.

I took the opportunity to lecture :P.

“That is why I try not to spend on things we no need. Like if we have colour pencils already, we don’t need to buy another one. We have crayon with 36 colours  already, no need to buy another one with 48 or 60 colours.”  (Ling was previously hinting that her friends crayon got more colour)

“Ya, my teacher also said 36 is just nice. 48 are too big, when put on the table,  no space to draw already.” Ling commented.

“Ya, last time Mummy small that time, we were considered lucky already if we have 12 colors. We don’t have so many colours like 36 colours.”

“Mummy, when I grow up, I just want to be like you.” Ying said.

“Eh, I thought you want to be a teacher? ” Ling responded really fast.

“Oh ya, ” Ying put on a cheerful smile, “I want to be an English and Math teacher.”

“I know, when I grow up, I can do Mummy’s work. And when you grow up, you can do Teacher Fong’s work (their kindergarten teacher).” Ling added.

“But I cannot take Teacher Fong’s work.” Ying sounded sad.

“Yes you can, when we grow up, Teacher Fond also old already. Cannot teach already. Then you can help to take her place and teach.” Ling explained quickly.

“Oh ya hor… ” Ying smiled again.

Trying to hold my laughter, I said, “Girls, stop talking, sleep now.”

I really enjoyed listening to their talking.

Good night girls.


March 2012

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