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Ling is having bad cough, cannot sleep.  I bump into some forum and discover this method.

Just apply generously Vicks VapoRub on the bottom of the feet and quickly put on socks to cover it.    If possible, apply twice ie 1 time before his bedtime and 2nd time mid nite (just in case the socks absorb the vicks more than his body).   

This really works !! Ling sleeps soundly.


“Glenn Doman and Shichida method of early childhood education is adopted all over the world. The main difference between the Glenn Doman method and shichida method is at the repeat rate.

Glenn Doman focuses on impression. Glenn Doman baby dot flash card method flashes for a few times and moves on. Glenn Doman treats dots, words and pictures are all pictures, images to kids’ brain.

Shichida baby flash card method focuses on repeated flashes. Shichida flashes many more times to kids, and tries to let kids memorize the pictures or images. It’s up to you to pick the focus, impression or memorising. ” – fromPowerFlashCard website.

Some thoughts I hope to pass down to my two little princesses. Something I think is crucial when you are looking for a life partner. Hopefully the world aint change too much until by the time they read this, all this criteria are out-dated. (some how, I still believe no matter how the world change, the below are important, something not to be missed)

– Problem solving skill. Try to observe how he handles crisis. Does he consider the solution for both long term and short term? Does he try to nail down the cause and find way to prevent it in future? Does he take into consideration the impact of the solution in longer term, or wider scope, in bigger picture, think of anyone in the problem context or even outside the problem context that might be affected by the solution? And is he calm or easily panick when crisis strikes?

– Reading(or any similar activity to gain knowledge about outside world). Is he enthusiatic to learn new thing? Does he try to find fact or supportive info or just listen and accept whatever other tells? Does he do his own analysis of what others input? Is he resourceful, search Internet, read and read, chat with people, find ways to get to know the things he want to learn?

– Organized person. Ability to organize even the smallest thing is important. If he is not even able to keep his own thing clean, tidy, organize, well manage, how is he going to make things work and manage the family life after married, when there will be a lot more big and important things to take care of then.

– Kind heart. The last but the most important.

Today I would like to add one more:

– Listening skill. Observe whether he listens, be it with his friends, his family and you. Some people they can look like they are listening, but like a Malay saying “masuk angin keluar asap”. Nothing get to their mind. This kind of people they are not able to pick up new things, understand people, and lost of time, wont be able to make correct/best decision. They are usually bad in data collection and fact findings.



December 2007

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