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Last holiday, their cousin Jing came to stay with us. She is  Standard 1 this year. I dag out this BM Tatabahasa Drill I created almost 3 years back and let her do. ( She was a bit bored looking at my girls doing their ‘home’-homework) I have been using this as the starting point for both Ling and Ying, to learn basic BM tatabahasa, such as Kata Ganti Nama, Kata Arah, Kata Tanya and some simple Penjodoh Bilangan.

And know what? To my surprise, Jing likes it also. She brought back the exercise to be completed at home, and my sister called to share that, she took out the sheet to work on it by herself and asked my sister to mark them… hahaha , my sister replied “Wait, mummy is not free now..”

“Then I will bring this to 二姨 and ask her to mark for me. ” answered Jing.

I also took the opportunity to fix some of the typo errors in this document.

Re-uploading it here. Click to download.

Tatabahasa_Drill.pdf [please print as A5 size] 


p.s. I modified a question in page 32. This is a tricky one.


The answer is “Siapakah”.

—- *** Original post on Aug 15, 2011 @ 14:18 *** —

Ling can read very fluently in BM, but then, she is very reluctant to memorize the meaning. On top of lack exposure to this language, the main reason i guess is lack of interest. As I am not able to commit on times to spend on their study everyday, I have come out with this BM tatabahasa drill, which I gave her one page a day to practise.

Initially she is very reluctant and complained that it’s very hard. I kept on telling her,

“It’s ok, just work on those that you know the answer for sure, and then try your best on those that you don’t. Then I will help you to correct those that you are wrong, then we can learn from there.”


Even when time she only got one or two correct, I praised her for what she did correct, and what she managed to get correct for the first time since the last practice. Sometimes, when I was too busy and not in good mood, like advice from other Right Brain gurus and parenting guide, I didn’t give her this worksheet.

Today, she is doing the last worksheet. And for the last 10+ worksheets, she is confident enough to stand beside me, looking anxiously at me correcting her work, and waiting to see 100 marks given to her.

… just to share in case it’s useful to others as well. I have yet to try this with Ying.

Tatabahasa_Drill.pdf  [please print as A5 size]

This holiday, while recuperating at home, watching the “I Am A Singer” series from youtube, together with my girls.

Here is the description of the show extracted from Wikipedia :

I Am a Singer (Chinese我是歌手pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gēshǒu) is a Chinese version of the reality show I Am a Singer and it is broadcast on Hunan Television. Seven talented, veteran Chinese singers perform for a selected audience, which votes to eliminate one singer after each week’s performance. The following week, another singer joins the competition, and the lineup of artists varies throughout the course of the show.[1] The program ended its first season on 12 April 2013, and its second season has started in January 2014.


What can I say, an experience I would never regret, watching together with my girls. And I pay highest respect to those singers, performing and teaching us what is music truly about. Especially Season 2.

For the singing part, I (actually we, me and my girls) love  林志炫 and G.E.M. 邓紫棋 the most. They are just amazing, especially 林志炫, as if he is just born to be a singer, how he was once rejected due to his look, but he never give up. “I am a selfish singer. Instead of thinking of what the audience like to listen, I think of what song I like to sing to them.”

And the one person I salute the most is 张宇. He and another Chinese singer 韩磊 are the oldest among the seven singers in Season 2 who managed to make it till the final. Though they are at the disadvantage due to their age, but that doesn’t stop them from going on stage to share their music. I was so touch in one of 张宇’s interview.


“This is a great challenge in my life, I believe not many people have enough courage like me, who has been suffering from long term vocal cords injury, and still willing to stand on the “I Am A Singer” stage. Even though it’s tough and difficult, but to me, it’s a gift, with positive growth value. And I am a father of two. I can take the opportunity to teach my sons using myself as example: how we shouldn’t shy away from challenges, dare not take the step forward; we need to be brave to accept the challenge even though it might fail, that is way better then not even trying.” 


And 张宇 is the host for this Season 2 also. And he gives my girls the best example of being 大气 (mm.. very hard to translate to English this word: charm, charisma, broad mind, grace,..). Let me give you an example: after watching the superb performance by G.E.M. 张宇 being a host, he commented on stage immediately:


“When I was born, you are not born yet; when you were born, I am old. But it’s ok, my son is not too much different in age with her, I hope I can be her future father-in-law.”

And my girls enjoy  his humour a lot too on top of his great performance. It’s not easy to be so from a contestant who is always in the losing end. And they were cheering for him during the last episode -the semi final, where he was suffering severely from throat infection, almost losing his voice, and 张宇 said, even if he could not sing, he will “recite” finish the song on stage. Ya, that is his determination, commitment and professionalism, being a singer.


Now, my girls are busy copying and searching for the lyrics of those songs they love, such as


林志炫: 烟花易冷 A song originally sung by 周杰倫, lyric by 方文山. And it told a sad love story during the old ancient war time in China (similar background like the drama 兰陵王 they watched). I am glad they know how to appreciate this beautiful piece of music.



American Vs British



Came across this and oooo…. it’s mentioned in ancient scriptures also. Mmm.. interesting.



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