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Gonna watch this with my girls tonight. What an entertaining performance by these four Germanladies, The group is called “Salut Salon” and this piece they called it “Competitive Foursome” . How precise. Bravo! Bravo!

Going to share with my girls: it took all the hard work to acquire that level of skill, before they can blend in their creativity to make it so funny!

Learnt something new and touching today – “Success” as defined by Ralph Waldo Emerson – ‘ … To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.’

Below is the full quote by Emerson:


Here is the Chinese translation:


—愛默生(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Watching this together with my girls, …. missing my mom.

They laughed.. and tears in my eyes.

giggle v. 咯咯地笑 giggle

chuckle v. 暗自发笑chuckle

grin v. 露齿而笑grin

snicker v. 窃笑snicker

titter v. 吃吃地笑titter

sneer v. 冷笑 sneer

smirk v. 傻笑smirk

chortle v. 哈哈大笑chortle

guffaw v. 狂笑gaffaw

burst into laughter 突然大笑

a snort of laughter 扑哧一笑

belly laugh 捧腹大笑 bellylaugh

hearty laugh 开怀大笑

This is a book written by a famous Taiwan Primary school teacher 苏明进. He keeps a good blog sharing about his experience teaching those primary school children. Received numerous awards for his contribution as a teacher.


The title of the book is 《希望教室》”A Classroom of Hope” with a subtitle: “teaching children the 36 most useful skill in life”. At first glance, yes, one might think that the book is meant for teachers, teach them how to teach. But after reading, I learn a lot also from his sharing. There are things we won’t be able to have  (a teacher like him for example), but at least, after reading this book, I know there are things within my capability, which I should try to do.

For example, I like this chapter about the weird homework  he gave:



… Actually, not that I want to be ridiculous. Just that yesterday the children had their 2nd term exam. When I saw them couldn’t eat, couldn’t be at ease before the Math exam; then crying together when they received their results, suddenly it hit me that: “Aren’t these children going through too much stress?”

When we were young, there was this saying, “Small exam play small, big exam play big!” Since these poor children are not able to go out and play, at least they deserve a big loud guffaw for 3 minutes, right ?!

After the laughing exercise, I hope the children can get rid of those stress and unhappy staff, and move on, set off again.

This kind of homework, whether the child do it at home or not, we teacher won’t be able to tell. But at least, this is something I hope to help as a teacher.



And here is one of the feedback he got from his student. (One of the routine homework his class has is a diary-like short essay)



“Today Mr Su came out with a very weird homework: laugh loudly for 3 minutes. I, couldn’t laugh, could only replace with a smile.

My mum even wrote down a note “3 seconds”. Today I am very very sad, if only I were not careless, may be I could “laugh loudly for 3 minutes”!

“Just have a laugh, nothing is a big deal !” If ever Mr Su has a bad mood, may be he should practise laughing loudly for 3 minutes too! Then that is only fair!”

The children knows his good intention. 🙂

The only match I found in this Singapore Science workbook


for Std 3 Plant topic is “Vein Pattern”.



Well, at least they learn what the vein patterns are called in English. 🙂

I used similar approach for BM Bina Ayat: letting my girls practise constructing sentences in BM through Susun Ayat exercise.

I started with the series from EPH first as well.

susunayat0001 susunayat0006

Here is a sample of questions for Std 2. As you can see, it’s quite simple, and suitable for beginners level.


And here is for Std 3. I think it’s a good exercise to prepare for writing question ‘Write 5 sentences based on what is shown in the picture’ later. At least, the children is guided using this exercise, and learn from it.


If your children’s command of BM is good, you can start with the series from UPH instead. It’s harder.

susunayat0003 susunayat0010


You can compare the questions. Here is questions for Std 2 in UPH:

susunayat0004 susunayat0005


And here is questions for Std 3 in UPH series:

susunayat0008 susunayat0009


Oh ya, must emphasize. Always follow your child’s pace. E.g. Ying is still doing exercises in UPH series for Std 1 Chinese Construct Sentences even though she is already Std 2.


May 2014

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