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Brought Ling for an eye-check at Sunway Medical Centre, after she complaint that she couldn’t see clearly when sitting at the last row in class.

It was a surprise to us when were told she has astigmatism as high as 300 each eye after examined by the ophthalmologist: Dr Grace Lee.

What is more alarming is she has a little lazy eyes!

I asked the Dr, and she explained that astigmatism is usually born with, especially for premature baby. For  lazy eye: when the child has blur vision for too long, the brain started to give up asking the eye nerve / muscle to try to focus, (slowly become lazy). She also said, normally our eyes nerve start developing until age of 8 years old then it will stop. So, Ling only have roughly a year to have her lazy eyes treated.

First thing to do is she has to wear specs all the time. After three months, need to go back for another check up. If her lazy eyes do not improve, need to use patches and do some exercise daily as treatment.

Sigh,…  now we are planning to bring Ying for eye-check as well, just in case.

Also I am telling the girls, at any time if they find themselves that they cannot see clearly, they should let us know asap. Then only we get higher chance to stop things from getting worse.

Lesson learnt: do an eye-check before 8 years old

Finally the long awaited Oh! My English is airing in Astro TVIQ now.

Please check out the latest program from this astro site:

Double thumbs up for this show. 

[07/29] I started to agree that this show is getting more and more disappointing… the part where the English teacher do the teaching is quite little.  Like today shows, almost all is  a Malay drama of a bunch of teenagers, about who is getting more flowers from their admirer. The plot is quite weak. Not something I would like my girls to watch.

My girls waited until almost the end, when finally teacher Middleton came in, and they got a good laugh when the students thought the teacher was trying to trick them by teaching them a bunch of flowers. And one even gave an example, ‘one branch’, ‘two branches’….

I think it’s better for me to just show them the Common Mistakes video clips on their website,

Another one from the book 現在就開始 芬蘭式教育

This is very tough. Must control not to raise your voice when teaching (scolding) your children.

Spotted this last minute in Borders The Curve. I love his books especially the “Happy Teen”.



From the book 現在就開始 芬蘭式教育

I like this especially. Even though we don’t have an education system here that allow flexibility where children can learn according to their own pace, but at least we as a parent should allow this for children: based on their understanding and how much they can comprehend, to determine the pace of their study/learning.

I like to change the word “teacher” to “parents” here and remind myself what I should and should not do:

Do not expect every children will achieve a milestone in study at the same time. Because every children’s ability to understand are different. Some can understand immediately what you teach, some might need more time to ‘digest’, and some, no matter how much time is spent, still cannot comprehend. When that is the case, put aside for a while and come back again later, it might turn out to be easy for them that time.

(Ya, don’t expect Ling’s and Ying’s learning curve/learning approach to be the same.)

Most important, don’t rush, give the child as much time he/she needs to collect as many ‘successful’ experience they can, in their own pace.

(Ya, give them time to know that they can be successful sooner or later, rather than don’t give time to them and keep them feeling they are a failure.)

This is another book about Finland Education, by a Japanese  藤田理佳子, and more on practical (how to make use what we learn from Finland education system on our children).

現在就開始 芬蘭式教育

I quite agree with the comments in Sin Chew when the editor recommended this book, though the education system in Malaysia is totally different, just one thing, the classroom size, it’s impossible for us to achieve the same small class size as in Finland; but it’s pessimistic to not to read and find out how their excellent system work. The philosophy, the approach, the mentality, the thinking and consideration behind, all these we can ‘borrow’ and learn from them, and we can try to apply if not in school, at least at home when we are teaching our children. I like this positive thinking 🙂

The author of the book said:

The Finns DO NOT think the value of education comes from examination.

The value of education is “to become an independent adult, who has  the brain (thinking) and right spirit to live in the society”. And this can be achieved in many ways, not just in school, at home, in the forest, in the street, all the values in life are things that a child can learn from. 

What we the parents need to learn is: the attitude that we always think from the angle ‘through education, what I want my children to learn’.

Read this story shared by a day care teacher, about a young little boy 小可 and a mother she adores. How she noticed the boy’s life turned to nightmare when come to studying.

When the mother first sent her son to the day care, she was complaining why her son didn’t score above 90 marks for his primary 1 exam. After teaching 小可 one-to-one, the author started to notice that no matter how hard 小可 has tried, he seemed not to be able to remember what he studied. … 小可 progressed slowly …. the mother started to beat him as punishment … no more laughter on 小可’s face.

After some research from the web, the author called for a meet-up with 小可’s mother to tell her what she’s suspected, that 小可 might be having dyslexia, and advised the mother to seek help from experts.

小可never came back to the day care center after that meet-up. .. A year later, the author received a call from 小可’s mum, she informed her that 小可 has been diagnosed as having dyslexia. The author was relief…

I felt sad reading the part where 小可 wept when doing he was doing his homework / studying, .. and the part where the author tried to acknowledge his effort by saying “I think you are doing good, really.” and how he looked back, as if to say thank you, and in the same time show disbelief in the compliment.

Ya, I must always remind myself, studies is not everything in a child life. .. and every child has their own pace of learning, and I just need to give them some times ….

… mm.. may be as parents, can help them by reading to them, tell story to them, talk to them, .. (use other way to pass down knowledge to them) ….  at least can increase their knowledge, they can learn new things, … without knowing how to read….


July 2012

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