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I go through the flash cards with my girls before sleep every night.

First I show the page with picture, if they know the BM word, they will say it out almost immediately.

If I didn’t hear an answer immediately, I will quickly flip the card over to show the word, so that they can read aloud, almost immediately also. I try to avoid giving them the impression that I am testing them.

And I only go through the cards 1 time every night, even though they have a lot of words that they cannot memorized. I’ve decided to let the time do the magic. 🙂

Forgot to upload the Kata Kerja flash cards I used.




Some more BM picture flash cards: (please click the link to download).

It’s in A4 size, to be printed double sided and cut according to the blue line.

BM Picture Flash Cards example 4 (A4)

Some more BM picture flash cards: (please click the link to download).

It’s in A4 size, to be printed double sided and cut according to the blue line.

BM Picture Flash Cards example 3 (A4)

Another reason why I stopped the reading center is:

I have a different stand on learning vocab via flash cards from the franchiser. The franchiser’s program stressed on learning words (word card) without any pictures. Yes, there is a good reason for that as some kids they tend to memorised the picture and not the word (especially for English). Very frequent we get input from parents that the kid can say the word out  (read) correctly when presented the word with the picture. But when the parents cover the pictures, the kid is not able to read the word.

But then, we see another problem (especially in BM), the kids can read so fluently, but at the end, they will tell you “I don’t know” when asked what is the story about.

And I remember when Ling was doing one worksheet, where she was asked to draw a picture for the word given, she came to me and said, “Mum, can you help me draw dotted line for ‘wig’? You know, the pretend hair. I want two side long one.” I taught Ling this word showing her a picture of ‘wig’ like this:

It triggered me to think that, yes, like Professor Shichida mentioned before, our brain stores words/vocab as picture. When you are given a word, e.g.”Eiffel Tower”, the image in your brain is showing the picture of the tower. I still remember the question being asked in the class “Who see the letters ‘E-I-F-F-E-L T-O-W-E-R’ in their mind instead, please raise your hand?” None in the class did.

So, normally when buying flash cards or making flash cards, I use Shichida Methods, one page picture, one page word. Start showing the child pictures first. Let them know what the thing called. Then subsequently picture-then-word, or word-then-picture, and eventually, words only.

Sometimes I play games with them using these cards. For English, putting all the cards with pictures facing down. Then I call out a word, they have to find the correct cards. For BM, words facing down.

Some more BM picture flash cards: (please click the link to download).

It’s in A4 size, to be printed double sided and cut according to the blue line.

BM Picture Flash Cards example 2 (A4)

Just would like to share a little bit more about experience teaching Bahasa Malaysia suku kata.

When we were running the reading center, we were taught to flash the suku kata cards by pronouncing “ba”, “be”, “be”, “bi”, “bo”, “bu”. It worked for some kids, but not all, especially not for those just attending school and still learning the 26 alphabets.

We noticed that for those children, usually they would look blank in eyes when we flashed the cards that way. Then a teacher suggested why not revert to how we learn in old time.

Still, using the flash cards, this time, we just read aloud, “b”-“a”-“ba”, “b”-“e”-“be” while flashing the cards. I used the same method for Ying. As I said before, some children will follow and repeat what you’ve said. Some won’t. It doesn’t really matter.

Few months down the road, those children show a lot improvement. Most of them can straight pronounce “ba” when being flashed the card, without needing to decipher each alphabets, join it back, and try to pronounce it. And some finally can differentiate “b” and “d”. Well, things are starting to unwrap for them.

Some cute number peg flash cards.

When Ling read the “5 golden rings”, she said:

“Just nice for my hand.” while she tried to put each ring on her fingers.

Then she continued,

“Now my hands can marry each other.”



Please click the link below to download the cards:

Number Peg 1 to 12 (A5)

This is the flash cards I used to teach the girls their first suku kata.

After cutting out the flash cards (well, I laminated them as well), I punch a hole on each of them, and use a ring to group those started with same consonant one together. It’s easier to flip and teach them, plus more organize, more logical for the children to pick up how each of them sound.

Different children have different way of learning.

Ling can follow and like to speak out when you flip the cards.

Ying, she just looks at it, don’t really like it if you want her to read it out.

But then, one day, she just can take out her Bahasa Malaysia book (easy one) and read out the word.

Please click the link below to download the file.

BM SukuKata cards (A4)


August 2020

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