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I am reading this…..

Oh dear…

Can it be the root cause to all those pain and disease my parents are suffering ? They take good food, low sugar, low salt, low oil, no eating outside, take supplements, …

Recently had a chit-chat with a direct sale person, about this RO water filter. I am not so convince and scared that it was just another sales talk. So, she just ended the discussion politely by asking me to do more survey on the net.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Distilled water, being almost mineral free is very aggressive. Many metals are dissolved by distilled water. Carbon dioxide from the air is easily absorbed by distilled water making it even more aggressive.”

“Studies have shown that distilled water has a special property of being able to absorb toxic substances from our bodies. They can then be eliminated in our urine. Not bad right?

Some studies have indicated that it may have a use in short term detoxification. A few weeks at a time may be ok.

But it is the long term effects that we need to take a closer look at.

The lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water may have some long term effects that may harm our bodies . Distilled water is even used in producing cola and other soft drinks.

Studies have shown that people who drink large amounts of soft drinks, have large amounts of calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals in their urine.

This is due to the acidic nature of distilled water. It pulls these minerals from our bodies in an attempt to balance the higher PH levels in our bodies due to the consumption of these products. Our bodies need these minerals to function properly!”

~~ Article Source:


My friend recommended this camp to me some times ago. It’s to promote Daddy’s bonding with the Child. (Yes, Daddy only). I am quite interested. But have to wait till the girls are 6 years old.

The Community also have a couple of activities for children and parents during weekend. You can check it out with Bee Sean.

Attached is the registration form.

Yeo Bee Sean
Community@Heart Coordinator
h/p: 017 6155 975

I was showing my girls this photo from newspaper, telling them that there are places in this world where people have no food to eat.

My housekeeper taught me last time, that when the girls are big enough, should start guiding them to read newspaper, so that they know what is happening out side. I have almost forgotten about this advice until one day, went shopping and the girls were like running around freely. So I told them, “You have to always always hold hand with daddy or mummy, outside a lot of 坏人, and they like to snatch kids.”

Ying asked, “Why?”

“坏人is like that one, they like to do bad things, that’s why they are 坏人.”

Ling suddenly said, “真的吗?”

“Yes, these things happened a lot and it’s on the newspaper as well.”

“Can you show me the newspaper when we are home?” Ling asked.

That is how all this newspaper sharing started. I showed them one of the article (with picture) stating the girl was lost and daddy mummy was looking for her. The girls kept quiet for a long time staring at the picture.

So today, I showed them this picture and start lecturing them that we must be grateful that we still have food, that we must not waste our food. We should only take the portion we can finish, and don’t be choosey. ..

I am not sure how much these will go into their brain, but hopefully it will stay and they are aware of what is wrong to do, and try harder not to do it (especially the choosey part).

“Why the boy want to 抢食物?They can buy from people sell food one.” Ying didn’t understand.

“But people selling food also don’t have food to sell. Everyone there no food to eat.”  I explained.

“What country is that?” I can sense Ling is concerned.

“It’s 海地.” I replied pointing to the words on the newspaper.

“What is it called in English?” Ling asked again.

“Haiti”. I replied.

Then silence for a long time, before they let go the newspaper and returned to play.

Some parents ask me why the girls are outspoken, good at speech at young age (talkative).

Actually, I am no expert here and don’t know for sure. But one thing I am very thankful to my hubby is that, since small (direct translation from 从小 :P), the daddy sings aloud in public, when walking in kaki lima, waiting in public area, in the car, in grandparents’ house…, when the mood comes, when the girls demand, … daddy just sing, sometimes alone, sometimes together hand hold hand. … and most of the time, a bit out the pitch (走音)… and almost always happily … and a little sometimes ended with Ying wanted to sing alone.

Well, I believe, not scientifically proven, just my belief, it helps.  There were times I heard Ling made up her own song to express her feeling, something like “I am sad… cause ….blah blah blah, ..I am sad ..” with her own tune and chorus.. mostly sung very softly, and I have to struggle not to laugh…

The girls hit song now. They are so curious about “skeleton”.

“Why our face got hole one?” Ying asked.

“Why there is skeleton inside us one?” Ling asked.

I received this newsletter from Alvin from Learning Champ.

I share the same guilt, when everynight Ying asked us,

“Mummy, are you working tomorrow?”

“Daddy, are you working tomorrow?” “How about the day pass tomorrow?”

“Mummy, what day is today? What day is tomorrow?”

And from Ling,

“Mummy, please tell me when you have finished your work, then we can watch the skeleton song together.”

“Mummy, see I didn’t disturb you when you are working.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
My Daddy, My Buddy – A letter From A Young
Boy To His Father
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dearest Daddy
How I miss talking to you! Where were you during the
teachers-parents meeting last Friday? I tried so hard to be a
good boy just so that Mrs Kwan could tell you how well
behaved I was. Oh well, she’s my form teacher. I almost
forgot that you never asked who my teachers were. Or what
my favorite subject was.
Daddy, where was my old Daddy who used to sing and read
to me, hug and kiss me when I fell down, sleep with me
when I fell ill and taught me how to ride my first bike?
Daddy, you bought me all the toys that my friends dreamt of
having. But I am lonely. I don’t even have anyone to talk to
at home. Aunty India is at home, but she is not my closest.
Daddy, you are so near yet so far away. I long for every
public holiday for that’s the only time you are at home. Last
Deepavali, I woke up early just to have breakfast with you.
But you went golfing. I waited up to have dinner with you,
but as usual, you came home late again.
You told me you worked hard to bring me to Disneyland. If
only you can spare the time to ask me what I really want. I
don’t need a nice car or a big house. All I want is you. You
to bring me to the library, eat my favorite food, go to the
playground, play scrabble and have dinner with me every
Oh yes! Daddy, can you buy me a mobile phone? Because
when I talk to you, you rush off whenever you pick up the
phone. If I have a mobile phone, you will talk to me when I
call you, right?
Mrs Kwan gave us a composition title ‘My Best Friend.’ I gave
it a thought. It could only be you. Though I don’t see you in
the morning when I wake up or when I sleep at night, I still
love you. Daddy or maybe if you buy me a laptop, I can e-
mail your secretary to set an appointment to do dinner
* * * * * * * end of letter * * * * * * *


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