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Karl learned many things in the arms of his mother and in my own, such as one rarely thinks of imparting to children. He learned to know and name all the objects in the different rooms.  The room themselves, the staircase, the yard, the garden, the stable, the well, the barn, — everything, from the greatest to the smallest, was frequently shown and clearly and plainly named to him, and he was encouraged to name the object as plainly as possible. Whenever he spoke correctly,  he was fondled and praised. When, however, he failed, we said in a decidedly cooler manner “Mother (or Father), Karl cannot yet pronounce this or that word!”

Consequently he took great pains to know and correctly name all objects.

** frequently shown and clearly and plainly name – this reminds me of the teaching using flash cards.

** Karl stressed on acknowledgement and praise too.

“Every ordinarily organized child may become a superior man, if only he is excellently educated.”


“Remember, dear Karl,” he would say, in effect, “these poor people have not had the advantages enjoyed by you. If they do not speak correctly, if they do not always behave as they ought, it is because they have not been taught properly in their youth. You must not do as they do, but neither must you condemn them. On the contrary, remember that they are God’s children like yourself, and that in spite of their shortcomings, they are precious to Him.”

The Education of Karl Witte or The Training of The Child


April 2020

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