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Cut and paste worksheet for the following BM words:

  • aki
  • bubu
  • ibu
  • kaki
  • koko
  • kuku

Please click the link to download  the worksheet.

BM cut-&-paste-Lesson 4

Another reason why I stopped the reading center is:

I have a different stand on learning vocab via flash cards from the franchiser. The franchiser’s program stressed on learning words (word card) without any pictures. Yes, there is a good reason for that as some kids they tend to memorised the picture and not the word (especially for English). Very frequent we get input from parents that the kid can say the word out  (read) correctly when presented the word with the picture. But when the parents cover the pictures, the kid is not able to read the word.

But then, we see another problem (especially in BM), the kids can read so fluently, but at the end, they will tell you “I don’t know” when asked what is the story about.

And I remember when Ling was doing one worksheet, where she was asked to draw a picture for the word given, she came to me and said, “Mum, can you help me draw dotted line for ‘wig’? You know, the pretend hair. I want two side long one.” I taught Ling this word showing her a picture of ‘wig’ like this:

It triggered me to think that, yes, like Professor Shichida mentioned before, our brain stores words/vocab as picture. When you are given a word, e.g.”Eiffel Tower”, the image in your brain is showing the picture of the tower. I still remember the question being asked in the class “Who see the letters ‘E-I-F-F-E-L T-O-W-E-R’ in their mind instead, please raise your hand?” None in the class did.

So, normally when buying flash cards or making flash cards, I use Shichida Methods, one page picture, one page word. Start showing the child pictures first. Let them know what the thing called. Then subsequently picture-then-word, or word-then-picture, and eventually, words only.

Sometimes I play games with them using these cards. For English, putting all the cards with pictures facing down. Then I call out a word, they have to find the correct cards. For BM, words facing down.

“I don’t see a point sending them to all these classes so young. Last time I also didn’t attend any tuition, my parents also didn’t help me in my study.”

“I believe my girls can make it to local university just like me. They are my girls.”

– things like children education and upbringing always are the topics of our fight.

– is it because last generation, the mother usually is a house wife and no income, so have to abide to what husband says?

– is it because now, women work and have income, when there are such conflicts, the mother can proceed to do things her way (work harder, earn more money, more tired, and more alone) and the family less peaceful as no one wants to play the role that gives in?

Well, 有一个奇想,it has been in my mind for quite a long time.

I sometimes feel guilty for printing so many flash cards, using so many papers, cutting down so many trees. Isn’t it nice if we have a Flash Cards Library, where working parents like me can go and borrow the cards to flash for my girls.

One set of flash cards can be reused by so many families, shared resources, eliminate redundant efforts, save more time and trees. If one parents already created the flash cards for let say occupations, he/she can donate to the library after their children no longer needs it. And other parents can reuse it and  use their time to create flash cards for other topics.

But then in reality, who want to contribute, in term of times, resources, efforts and $$$..


Posted on: March 28, 2010

In the car, Ling told her dad, “Daddy daddy, in school, we must greet teacher Good Morning and Good Bye.”

“Ya, that’s right.” nodded Daddy.

“But sometimes teacher said we sing Good Morning and Good Bye. ” added Ling. “Teacher said we shouldn’t sing Good Morning and Good Bye.”

“Oh? How do you sing?” asked Daddy.

“Like this lor.. Goooooddddd Mooorrrnnnniiiiinnnngggg Teacher Sharon” ‘sang’ Zi Ling.

“Why cannot?” asked Daddy again.

“Because teacher said it’s not polite.” explained Ling.  “We need to say it properly, not sing it.”

“Good.” commented Daddy.

“But I always forget. ” Ling continued.

“Then you should ask your friend to remind you.”

“They also forget sometimes.” Ling quickly explained.


glad that she is being taught this in school.

To Ying and Ling:

Have a dream, chase your dream!

Cut and paste worksheet for the following BM words:

  • buku
  • dada
  • dadu
  • duku
  • kuda
  • ubi

Please click the link to download  the worksheet.

BM cut-&-paste-Lesson 3


March 2010

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