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Bought these books for the girls from IOI Popular. Great discount. Original price: RM16.60. Less RM7.70 each. Only need to pay RM26.70 for three books. Cheap 🙂 And most of all, the girls love it.


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 1


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 2


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 3


I am glad I bought this series of books “Life Skill for Young Children” and able to go through with them.

Ling put a ‘cross’ for the last question, and luckily I spotted it.

I took the opportunity to explain to the girls that they have to go to crowded area if they suspect someone is following them. Tell them why and to shout for help.


Another books on teaching Phonics to young children that I like a lot is Phonics Discovery Series by KohWai & Young. I come with CDs and activity books as well. And I understand that some kindergartens (E.g. Elite in Puchong) do use these books.

The contents cover:

I picked up this book from Border bookstore:

I love it very much. It introduces those famous art pieces like the Mona Lisa and it explains and adds in interesting information, description about the painting and author.

For example, now only I know Leonardo Da Vince loved the painting so much that he hid it until his death.  And the word “Mona Lisa” derives from Italian “Madonna Lisa” which means “Lady Lisa” in English.

I think it’s brief enough for children, especially for those who already have seen these pictures/paintings before (for sure those who have attended Tweedle  Wink and Heguru).

A letter I received from LINGENIUS (I bought books from them before):

For the first time, LINGENIUS is partnering with other book suppliers to offer unbeatable prices on these titles:

Ladybird, Kumon, DK, Letterland, BrainQuest, HinklerBooks and TopThatPublishing.

With this, we are offering more than 3000 children titles, with discounts up to 35% off their retail prices!

With a wide variety of book titles at great discounts, it’s definitely a great deal not to be missed.

What’s more, we are offering free delivery and gifts (minimum order amount applies).

This is a Pre-Order. You may refer to our website for ordering information and product pricing.

Order closing date is 15th March 2010.

This is the story book I bought for my babysitter’s son as his X’mas present last year. I got one for myself (actually for the girls) as well.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Now this book is one of the few books that is allowed in the bedroom (why so few?, another story later).

At the beginning, the girls will ask me to read to them, a story a night, and Ling loves the questions and answers session. Now, almost every night, Ling will read the story to Ying. And Ying will always bring up the funny things she find on the page, the picture.

Like one night, Ying was pointing at the character Lily and said, “You see, Lily’s face is like her mother’s face. Same one. Just like me and mummy.”

Ok, that is not the main reason why I like the book. I like the morale that the author is trying to convey to the kids.

One day, Ying was kind of moody and nagging a bit. I was in a rush and didn’t have much patient to listen to all her complaint. Then the ever loving Ling came and told me what her sister wanted, and added, “This time I know what Ying wants because I listen with my heart.”

Yes. This is one of the story in the books where Allie (if I am not mistaken) who can’t speak well, trying to tell her friend her sweater is worn backward. Ying likes to imitate Allie “ME TWEATER BACKWOOD”. And all this funny words attract the girls to pay attention to my story telling where in the end, Lily is able to figure out what Allie wants BECAUSE SHE LISTENS NOT JUST WITH HER EARS, BUT WITH HER EYES AND HER HEART AS WELL.

Still want to recommend this book again. Get one and read to the kids. It’s good.

When choosing chinese story books for my children, I normally will look for those WITHOUT han yu pin yin (汉语拼音)one. Reason being, my daughters will try to pronounce using the 汉语拼音 and guess the meaning instead of looking at the words. I never teach her 汉语拼音. Some how she is able to take what she learns from English phonics and Bahasa Malaysia suku kata and derive the 汉语拼音 quite accurately.

My believe: learning Chinese language should always focus on learning the characters/words itself. Not the other way round. I read an article in newspaper, an incident in Singapore, where because all the children read by looking at the 汉语拼音, only one girl who actually read looking at the word/character, the whole class pronounces the word wrongly as they are not able to recognize the word, mistaken the word to be another word, only that one girl read it correctly. I forgot what is that word/character already. But it’s a true story that support my thought.


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