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It’s toward the end of the semesta (year) and it’s the Parent-Teacher session again.

Overall Ying is doing well, able to cope etc. And what impress me is that the teacher notices her weaknesses in her handwriting (especially when she was rushing).

What I would like to share is I like the programme and how they slowly introduce writing to young children.

Every time, the teacher will share a story. And after that, the children will do an exercise, to draw on their book something related to the story they learn, and then write a sentence about that story. (not copying from any book ooo…)

Below is the exercise for “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, done on April. See how the teacher praised the child for what they managed to accomplish, vs highlighting their mistake. The teacher told me it’s impressive that Ying tried to spell out the word based on her knowledge on phonics. I am glad the teacher can recognize the child’s effort.

This one is about My Teddy Bear, done on July. Can see Ying was trying to tell longer story about her teddy.

And this is the latest one, about “Hedgehogs Facts”, done on Oct. I am glad that they provide a stressless environment, for my girl to feel free to write and express themselves, in their favorite language 🙂 I still remember that day when we picked her up, how Ying couldn’t stop sharing the new thing she learned about hedgehog, “the cute little  spiky spiky animal”. And the teacher didn’t expect her to write out so much. I guess may be she reads a lot, and that helps.

Just to share what is taught in Lorna Whiston 5 years old class.

{added: the reason I am sharing this, mm.. hope it can help others who stay afar and not able to go to the school, who are teaching their own children, this is a good approach to promote a child confident and liking in writing… and also a very good example on how to apply 周弘的赏识教育}


A friend who was a Chinese Primary school teacher, share her experience

Nowadays the children are very smart. There was once this girl did something wrong and I scolded her.

She said “When I go home, I will tell my mummy you scolded me.”

We the teacher has to be smart enough to handle them.

I told her, “Give me your mummy’s hand phone number now, I want to tell your mummy now that I scold you.”

Then the girl kept quiet.

This kind of incidents happen almost everyday at school. And it’s common to see angry parents who are ignorant of their children’s bad behavior and yet come scolding the teacher.

There was incident where a naughty boy being punished by the teacher, and the next day the parent who so happens to be a lawyer, sending in lawsuit letter, suing the teacher for punishing the boy.

(Notes: In my school, a lot of parents are doctors, lawyers, those so called highly educated, highly income people. )

One of my student’s parent, when I put a big question mark on her child’s blank homework sheet (her child didn’t do his homework), instead of letting her child knows about his own wrong-doing, she came and protestedto me that “How should I know what is the big question mark you put meant for?”

When facing with such parents, what we teachers usually do, to protect ourselves, we won’t bother about that child in class any more, whether he/she wants to learn, want to do their homework or not,  want to get rotten there,… we just cannot do much. We just teach in front.

And you might be surprise, a lot of time, these hot-blood parents pay very little attention to their children at home as well. Sometimes it’s a pity also. Those children are not stupid. In fact quite a number are very brilliant kids.

It has become a trend for working parents to send their children to day care. Dropped off in the morning, study, do homework, tuition, bathe and have lunch there. Then the day care teachers will bring them to school when it’s time. Parents just wash their hands clean. An easy life, passing everything to day care center. Then who will be responsible for those children character building ? I doubt those center will.

Some parents told me “We are busy. We are not free.” I won’t give face and throw back a question “So are you too busy to go shopping?”

I have a daughter studying in my school, and I told her teacher, if she did something wrong, do punish her accordingly, treat her just like the rest of the class.

Even though how busy and tired I am, I will make sure I spend time with my girls, teach them, coach them. We tried to buy our things from grocery shop like Giant instead of going to mega malls. So that we just go in and get the things we want, and come out. No need to waste our time nor money.

(Notes: nowadays teachers has a lot of paper work/report to do, not like last time)

Ya, it all comes down to the parents attitude…


“Mummy, teacher gave me a pack of Yakult.” Ying cried excitedly when reached home.

Ya, it’s the Yakult day at their kindy. Last night Daddy agreed to buy one pack.

“There are 5 Yakult in one pack. 4 for my family and 1 for Ah Ma (granny).” Ying continued.

“I love Ah Ma and Connie 阿姨.I don’t know whom to give. ” Ying tried to explain.

“But Ah Ma is old already, so give to Ah Ma lo… This is how I choose.” Ying concluded.

different flavors

Met my old babysitter and had a nice chat with her.

She was telling me nowadays a lot of children don’t respect their parents. Her friend’s friend got challenged back by their children that they also don’t know English, then why they expect their children to do well in it. And her friend’s friend just keep quiet.

And there was time her son came back from school, blaming that she don’t know certain subject and not able to help him in his study. She told her son back that,

“That is because when I am young, my parents didn’t teach me. And we are poor and don’t have those tuition classes to attend. You should be thankful that we teach you when you are young, send you to tuition classes. So, if you get 100 from your exam, you should say thank you to me for my hard work.”

(she did teach her son flashcards since small, and coach him in his study, find good tuition class and send him to the class for subjects she is not able to help)

I agree with her that for her friend’s friend’s case, the parents shouldn’t keep quiet. They should take the opportunity and explain to the child.

And for me, I also let my girls know that no one in this world knows everything. There are things that they know but mummy don’t know, then they can teach me. And there are things I know, I can teach them. And when all also don’t know, then we can try to find it out from books, Google, dictionary, from asking other people, ask the teacher. That is the only way to acquire knowledge – by learning.

mm.. what other things I told my girls…

Oh..  you have to read and do revision for new things you learn until you can remember it. There is no way that I tell them just one time the meaning of a new word they ‘encounter’ in their book, then they just keep the book in the beg fora long time, for the beg to read it instead of themselves,  then they will know the meaning the next time they see the word. No way(especially BM). They like this kind of example and always laugh at the idea their beg do the reading for them.

I also tell them, no one can go to school, listen to teacher mentioning one time, then no need study / revision, and can do well in exam. No way also. Today you learn 10 new words, you can only remember 2. It’s good. Then tomorrow read it again, do revision, and then you find yourself can remember 4 words. And continue doing the same thing the next day, the next next day, and you will find you can remember more and more and all the 10 new words eventually. Just like last time you only know ABC, now you know so many words already.

And study also not so fun and involve hard work. No one can just play all the time, never touch their books, and still can score 100 in exam. May be you see them always play, but when you don’t see them that time, they actually are studying hard. So never think that they play I also play, by right I should get 100 mark like them also. (something from Matthew Andrew’s book)

And most importantly, they study and learn for themselves. Not for me nor daddy. I give example like if they want to find a job like me (they always want to become like me), but they don’t know how to read, so don’t know how to solve the problem for the boss, then sure the boss doesn’t want to give them work. Or because they don’t know how to read, bad people deceive them, asking them to sign something, and take away all their money. etc etc…

And I believe all this talking should start when they are young. At that time, they see us as super-the-douple clever, smart, wise person who they always look up too, higher chances they will buy our teaching.

That is what I can do, and all left is praying hard that they will stick to all these positive thinking, the spirit of not afraid of hardship, until they grow up.

A bit long winded… just want to share …

After a long day work, at night,  I was watching my Thai drama online, my husband was sipping his coffee, the girls were watching their show, my husband started.

“Now I think of it, both S Jobs and  B Gates are very very hardworking people, workaholic in some way. Both of them work no day no night when they were young, sleep in their office/lab.”

“But then, it all come to one’s mindset and attitude that S Jobs died so young. He was a perfectionist, 看不开, 给 B Gates 气一气,太执著,聚mai聚mai (in Cantonese – collecting), then fell sick and died.” He sounded like he knew them very well.

I looked at him, “Ya, no choice. Perfectionist attitude are born like that. Me too. So I think I will die young also.”

“No, you are lucky you have me. I will help to neutralize you. If not 100%, at least 50%.” He fast fast said.

“Ya right…” I was going to add some more, and he knew what I was going to say.

“我会保证, 你不会被我气死,最多气坏罢了."(I don’t know how to translate this)

da… I am so grateful…

The girls love my housekeeper a lot. Below are Ying’s attempts to persuade my housekeeper to stay in.

“Connie 阿姨, come and stay with us la..” Ying begged. “My friend’s maid stay at her house, and sleep there, and no going back even on Sunday and Saturday. I want to see you at night, and on Saturday and Sunday also.”

“Cannot lo, 阿姨 needs a lot of things one to stay in to your house. ” My housekeeper thought of this excuse, thinking that it would work.

“It’s ok. You take a paper and write it down what you want. I will buy it for you.” Ying said.

Then she thought for a while and added. “But I cannot buy all, some big one I will buy it later. But I will buy for you. You just take a paper and then list it down what you need.”

…. hahaha…

Second attempt:

“Connie 阿姨, come and stay with us la..” Ying begged.

“Cannot lo, 阿姨 has to go back after work to cook for 阿姨’s husband. ” This time my housekeeper trying another excuse.

“Oh…, then you move to some where near our house la..”

“No oo.. cannot find any house nearby oo” 阿姨 said.

“Oh… no new house near here a… I know I know, you and your husband can move in to stay with us. We have plenty of rooms upstair.” Ying said.

“Cannot lo. 阿姨 has a lot of things to move it. Your rooms is too small oo..”

“Oh,  we have a big one on top floor. That one very big. You can stay there.”

“Still not big enough for 阿姨 and 阿姨’s family.”

There was a long silence, before Ying put on another attempt

“Hai..why your husband don’t know how to cook for himself meh? ”

“Ya lo, 阿姨’s husband don’t know how to cook.” trying to control her laugh, my housekeeper replied.

“Then, he can go and ta-pao himself. My daddy always drives out and ta pao food for us on Saturday and Sunday. Why your husband don’t know how to ta-pao meh? ” Ying sounded a bit unhappy and defeated.

“Ya lo, 阿姨’s husband not as clever as your daddy. He don’t know to ta-pao for himself.”

Finally Ying gave up and left the kitchen disappointed.

Me and my housekeeper burst into laughter at the back.. hahahaha…


October 2011

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