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My sister gave me this booklet, which she obtained from a  vegetarian restaurant, FOC. It reminds me of what my mum used to take when she underwent her chemo and radio therapy, more than 10 years ago. Her ingredient is: two potatoes, a carrot and a green apple, remove skins, then use a juice extractor to extract the juice, and drink it every morning.

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Brought the girls for second time to the Selangor State Library (PPAS) last weekend. Though it’s not very near (located at Shah Alam), but it worth the hassle.

The library is new, hi-tech, and with many floors, for different groups of people. The children area are at ground floor, right hand side.  For teenagers and adults, on upper floors. We spent the time in children area, as children are not allowed to go to those floors.

We need to take off our shoes before entering the children section. And you can see a lot of effort being put in to make the section fun and children friendly. Fully carpet, with colourful furniture, and a small artificial hill with a big tree, it makes look as if you are picnicking in the garden of books. And there are brand new computers and mac for surfing. At the end, some big cushion for family. There are also activity rooms (but not in use by anyone). And there is one big tv which children are using to play some 3D games…

Most of all, it’s cheap!   Just need to pay RM0.20 to register as member, then you are allowed to borrow 3 books at a time, and for 3 weeks. It really can save me a lot of money buying books for the girls. The only thing is that not many Chinese story books available. I have yet to explore books in adult sections.

Only one comment I have, though I understand it’s hard to get children to sit still and read at young age, and it’s wonderful that they come out with such a nice place for children to ‘lepak’ (hang out), but some control needs to be in place. I saw children rolling down the fake hill, chasing around as if they are in playground. Pening I saw these kids.

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor
Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6,
40100 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan


Some 秘方my mother and also father in law are taking now. Read it from Sin Chew long time ago.

At night, before sleep, get a ladyfinger ( get two if small one).

Wash and cut into pieces. Put in a mug. Then pour in hot water. Cover the mug and leave it till the next morning.

Drink the water in the mug only the next morning. (No need to eat the ladyfinger … something I am dreadful of… though have to ‘telan’ (swallow) when eating with my children to show mummy is not picky)

Do this everyday. My mum who has arthritis feels much much better after taking it for 2 weeks, no more painful and cramping leg at night. And we find her can walk around better.

My father in law who has just started it, shared that his diabetes level drop, shows lot improvement. (He takes his diabetes reading daily).

Well, I think it’s something natural, though I don’t have scientific proof, but I think can give it a try.


Thanks to , who share the article from Sin Chew Jit Pao newspaper , and highlighted that instead of using hot water, put in room temperature boiled water.
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Another announcement from Ying, “I don’t like Cinderella .”


“I don’t like short hair princess.”

“No la, Cinderella has long hair too, she just tie it up.” Ling tried to explain quickly.




Posted on: August 14, 2011

My girls are very into this Disney cartoon now. One day, when I was with the girls, and commenting about trying not to say things that are not nice, not to say things that make people angry, and things that people don’t like… out of no where, Ying interrupted confidently, “Just like Thumper said,


I couldn’t help smiling at her, trying to hide how surprise I am that she can remember this exact word from Thumper in the Bambi cartoon.


I am not so into the school of thought that children should be forbidden from watching tv. I think as long as a control is put in, on the time spent and things that they watch, it can do more good.

Ying was nagging for her father to accompany her for nap. Her excuse, “I miss daddy.”

“Didn’t you miss mummy too?”  Daddy asked.

“No.” Ying replied.

“Why? ” Daddy asked.

“Cause mummy always at home.” Ying replied.

“You also can miss mummy one ma…” Daddy said.

“mm….. Mummy is for sayang.” Ying concluded.

Haven’t given up, Daddy said, “When you go to school, you can also miss Mummy one ma…”

“Teacher say, at school, 要想功课,不要乱乱想东西。” (At school must only think of school work, cannot simply think of other things)

Hahahaha… daddy surrendered.


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