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Sometimes trying not to believe it also cannot. Fell sick again, same time as last year,the last week of the year, with so many holidays like Christmas and New Year.

When everyone was taking leaves, and workload was less, supposedly I could be more relax, then one day open my eyes in the morning, the whole body felt so painful, and the throat was sore and a bit itchy, the nose was stuffed, sigh….劳碌命

Luckily this year Hubby is able to get an emergency leave to help up. Ya, it’s the first time.

Guess he really tried to improve. I still remember the time I was pregnant with 2nd one, and the eldest was in her terrible-clinging two. I woke up with fever, and dizzy head. Told him I was sick. He just replied “Oh.” and went straight to work.

Later when I brought this up, he protested that if I need help, I should voice out in the 1st place. That time, very 心寒.

Ya, that is the reality of marriage. No wonder my mom said 爱情是骗人的。


Last Friday was the last day the girls attending Bao Bei class. The girls start missing the class already. Ya, mummy gonna miss it too.

This holiday, the theme they are sharing is Animals. So everyday coming back, the girls will share the interesting story about the animal of that day. Sometimes, they do very cute craft of the animals they learnt.

I personally like the Hornbill hat they made the most.

“Ying, what are you doing?”

“My hornbill is hungry. I am feeding her some bread.”



This is a letter written by a Hong Kong DJ to his son, very touching.

One of my favorites. I always open out this image I scanned whenever I felt defeated, felt sorry, felt down…

Girls, please read it. It’s from mummy as well.

Let me try to translate it:

My son,

There are 3 principals leading me to write this memo to you:

1. There are so many uncertainty in life, nobody knows when one will die, certain things are better being told earlier.

2. I am your father, if I am not going to tell you, no one will.

3. What is written here, are all collected from failure I experienced in my life, they can help save you from going through the same wrong path I took.

The following are what you need to memorize for the rest of your life :

1. Don’t bother about people who didn’t treat you well, in your whole life, no one is obliged to treat you well, except your mother and I. For those who treat you well, besides being thankful, grateful, you must also be precautious. Because, everyone d0 something, there must be a reason behind it. He/She is treating you well, doesn’t always mean he/she likes you. Please please clarify the motives behind first, do not rush to conclude he/she is your true friend.

2. No one is irreplaceable. Nothing is a must to have. Understand this, next time when someone close to you don’t want you any more, or you lost your dearest things in this world, then you have to understand and accept this. The lost is not a big deal.

3. Life is short. If you are wasting your time now, tomorrow you will find life has left you. Therefore, please treasure your life, then  you will enjoy the fullest of your life. Instead of praying for longevity, start living a meaningful life immediately.

4. There is no one is your  “Most love”. Love is just a feeling,  that might change with time and your mind. If your love leaves you, please be patient and give it some time, for your mind to settle, and the pain will subside. Don’t exaggerate the beauty of love, and don’t exaggerate the sadness when break up.

5. Even though there is a lot of successful people who are not highly educated,  that doesn’t mean not hardworking and not studying will make you success.  Whatever knowledge you learn will be your weapon in future. A person can achieve great success from scratch, but cannot start without a weapon. Please remember.

6. I don’t expect you to feed me for the rest of my life, similarly, don’t expect me to feed you for the rest of your life. When you grow up and can be independent, my responsibility is done. In future, you take bus or drive a Benz, eat shark fin or eat vermicelli, you have to be responsible for yourself.

7. You can request yourself to be a trustworthy person, but you cannot expect other will be the same. You can be good to others, but you cannot expect others will be treating you good well. How you treat people doesn’t guarantee others will return the same treatment. If you cannot accept this, you are only creating your own misery. [Please daughters, you can forget about the rest, but not this one.]

8. I bought lottery for more than a decade, but I never strike one, not even a third place.  This proves that to become rich. one still needs to work hard. There is no free meal in this world.

9. Being a family is only once in a life time. No matter how long we are going to be together as family, please do cherish the time we have together; Next life, whether you love it or not, we will not meet again.

On Christmas morning, Ling woke up moody, with a sad face, sitting on the staircase.

I hinted Daddy to find out happened, though I thought I knew why. There were some sobbing.

And then Daddy came down announcing, “Ling is sad because Santa Clause didn’t come to give her present this year.”

“She said because we didn’t put up the Christmas tree, that’s why Santa didn’t come to put her presents.”


Sorry dear, this holiday mummy is really really burnt out. The trip back home, repaint the gate, sending / fetching you two to all those holiday classes, cleaning up the house for CNY. . .

Ying’s reaction is “Oh, I think it’s because we are in Santa’s bad list, so we didn’t get the present.” As always, her expression is ‘tak apa’, and continue playing her toys.

“But I am very good girl all this year, not like you.” Ling protested with tears in her eyes.


Oh dear… ended up we brought the two girls to “Toy’R Us” for the first time, and allow them to pick one present for themselves, and with condition, cannot be expensive one.



Got the book list from Ling school. Wah, total: RM117.30 if want to buy all.

Luckily can borrow the text books, text books alone costs RM71.15.

Here are the activity books used for Primary 1 this year.

Today when checking her school bag, noticed that Ling didn’t even drink a single sip of water. Her water tumbler was still full as this morning.

Oh dear, I was having a tough time getting Ying to drink more water in class. Now it’s Ling. She was so fine all this while in Kindy.

Ying had her own reason not to drink water in school, so she won’t have to go toilet. She has a bad habit holding until last minute then only go toilet. In school I have witnessed her queuing up in  a long line, crossing her legs, trying to hold, but then get cut-line but other children, and she didn’t know how to fight back and just wait until she wet her pants. That is Ying problem.

Now, a big surprise Ling is doing the same thing when she starts her Primary school. I try to understand why, why, why….

Is it you don’t like to go to toilet?


Is it the toilet too dirty and you don’t like it?


Are you feeling ok? Got sore throat ?



Sorry mummy…


I don’t know mummy ..  and she started to cry.

… ya … one of the things being a parent…

Another thing to buy is the school bags.

Some advise us to get one with roller (like luggage) since her classroom is on ground floor. She can just pull along.

Some said kids tend to handle those luggage-like school bag carelessly, simply drag and throw, usually the life span is very short for these kind of school bags.

Some recommended us to go for ergo school, those to protect their spinal and prevent ‘hunchback’, like the SPI school bags which has air-cushioned back (the latest version you can refill/pump in the air yourself).


Another one is Impact Ergo-comfort school bags.

The most expensive one we encountered so far, is the Japanese school bags we saw in one of the shop in The Curve selling ergonomic furniture. Leather, solid, ergo, has been used for decades in Japan, and the one Ling like the most. (No la, we didn’t buy. Just surveying and learning new things about schoolbag).

Below are some guidelines shared by Ergoland website on “Things to consider in choosing the right school bag“:


And is the  advice of how to use a bag, from SPI:


My husband advice: Last time I use the green-canvas school bag, and I didn’t suffer any spinal damage nor hunch back.


December 2011

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