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I read this story to my girls as tonight bed time story.


Once there was a very sincere old man,  everyday he prayed to God. Then came one day, the village he stayed get flooded. Water level reached his heel already. His neighbour came and asked him to leave for rescue center. He said, “No, no, the water will subside.” The neighbour knew the old man was very stubborn, so he left.

Later, the water really flooded the house. The old man climbed up to the roof top. He prayed. A rescue boat came. The old man said,”No, no, God hasn’t given me sign to leave yet.”

After that, the water level raised beyond the height of his house. Luckily the old man managed to grab on a wood and stay afloat. This time, came the army ship. But still being stubborn, the old man said, “The water will subside. God hasn’t told me what to do yet.”

At the end, the old man was drawn. He met the God and started scolding Him, “I am respectful toward you, I follow your teaching, but why you let me die so fast?”

God said, “Who said I didn’t help you? I sent people 3 times to save you. It’s you who do not want to help yourself.”


So, remember this girls: God helps those who help themselves.



My girls love these series from Geronimo a lot, especially Ying. She carried them every time we went out to eat, and read them again and again in the restaurants, at home when she was free, and even brought it to read in school.

I think it’s a nice book for children, very children-friendly. And the story lines are quite funny also.


And I still remember one night, I couldn’t help laughing when Ying told me,

“Mummy, I don’t like school day morning. You knowwww, … I am like Geronimo, I am not quite a Morning Mouse.

Ya, she is really into them.

And for Ling, after reading this series, she dislike witches a lot. I have another short series with story about witches, she refuses to read. Guess have to put into cold storage now. 😦

After reading a post from an ex-PIBG member of my girls’ school ( ,

the idea of extra tuition was actually discussed way back in year 2000/2001 by the PIBG, and got dropped after some of the parents in the AJK raised the matter concerning the children’s health and ability to take the long hours. Even the compulsory tuition on Saturday morning for Std 6 children was never in picture.

Sigh, what happen to the current parent representatives in PIBG ?

By right, I need to be in peace of mind, must take more rest to have a fast recovery. But I guess I cannot just sit still and do nothing for my children education. It’s not right. Daddy tried to ask for transfer to SRKJ(C) Tun Tan Cheng Lock, so that I can un-stress, but not successful.

And my heart tells me I shouldn’t let the group of money-oriented PIBG/HM screw up the school (pardon my language). Ya, though some friends advise that normally it’s very little chances we the normal people can fight win those in authorities, but girls, mummy is going to give it a try.

There is a new thread in USJ Forum:

Special Meeting for SJKC Lick Hung Parents (10/3/2013)

Some parents who share the same thought are organizing a meet up with Jia Zong: 马来西亚华文教育家长总会 (Persatuan Jaringan Ibubapa Pencinta Pendidikan Bahasa Zhong Hua).

Date: 10th March 2013
Time: 2.30 pm (Please be punctual)
Venue: Top Floor McDonald’s in USJ Taipan (USJ10)

Ya, mummy will attend, despite the risk of you two being victimized by teachers in school (but I think not all teachers are bad in your school). Like what mummy told you two, if you find any teacher always purposely find fault  to punish you, and pick on you, treat you differently, do let mummy know.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke



Posted on: March 7, 2013

While playing with her sister, Ying said “Isn’t it nice if Mummy can give birth another 妹妹.”

I almost fell from my chair.

“Why?” I asked.

“When 妹妹 grow up a little, we can play ‘driving bus’ with her.” Ying replied seriously.

Hahaha, just because you want some more ‘passenger’ in your bus… hahaha

Went to collect my Thyroxine (the hormone drug I took after the removal of my thyroid gland).

Sitting in the lounge of the Oncology department, seeing all the Cancer patients with gloomy face, waiting lifelessly on the couch, I couldn’t help feeling sad for the stupid education policy of our country. (pardon my English).

Being a Cancer patient myself, I realize how important it is to have good, knowledgeable people(not just doctors and scientist) in the medical line.

During my time,  our government said: no no, you from certain race, not scoring all A in STPM, cannot become doctors. Even scoring result like 4A1B (which is also very good, showing the students are able to learn most of what is taught)  also cannot. Must score all A. But then, for other race (and it’s the majority), get only less than half As also can become doctors.

Then when people work harder. Oh, too many of you from this certain race who score all A, then, let me put in some more criteria, so that not all of you can become doctor.

Scoring all A means what? Those people really can understand and memorize a lot of important facts in all subjects they learn in school? To become a good doctor, don’t you need this capability to learn up the complicated medical knowledge, like what symptom+what symptom means likelihood of what disease, which drug +which drug can help in treating which disease, and has any side effect to watch out or not, etc.

Those top scorers are the elite of our society, and having capability to contribute a lot more to the medical world. But the government rejected them for the sake of ????

Our country don’t need so many good doctors? Why? Too many good doctors from certain race will harm the people in this country ?? Really bullshit.

And do you know that now our country is lack of chemo-doctor? Doctor who is experienced and knowledgeable enough for chemo therapy? This doctor needs to be able to come out the exact right dose of chemo drug, the right combination of the chemo drugs to use on a patient. Different patient need different dosage/different combination and different treatment. And all chemo drugs are toxic.  Overdose will kill the patient, and not the right dosage make no effect on the cancer cell. I have heard cases where  patients die after taking the first dose of chemo. It’s the drug that kills the patient, not the cancer. So, I don’t understand why our government don’t want to choose the best and allow them to become doctors.

Just like the issue of recognizing Chinese Private School. The quality of the students from Chinese Private School are well known and acknowledged by universities in other countries. But then, the government said, cannot, you learn world history too much, not focus on Malaysia only like SPM; cannot, you learn world geography too much, not focus on Malaysia only… In other words, students in Chinese Private School learn more, learn too much, the government really cannot allow this.

Because of all this stupid policy, we are way-way left behind. Do you know that in China, the medical scientists there already discover a way to treat cancer without surgery, or taking poisonous chemo drugs? Just a drink/injection of some kind of chlorophyll drinks, and being scanned in a machine, that is all. (Next Generation PDT

p.s. Actually they have installed one machine in HUKM, but the government is too busy (with the coming election?) that no one is free to get trained on how to use this machine. So it just sits there.

Everyone in the world are racing with time to find a cure for life-threatening disease like Cancer, but then hor, our government is afraid of having too many good doctors.  This really makes me angry!

Another one which I like is this, from Flash Kids.


Couldn’t get my hand out of it when I first spotted it in Borders.

Some of the interesting passages it has are:





For English comprehension exercise, I prefer to treat it as reading session. I try to choose books from other countries so that while reading the short passages, my girls learn things / topics which normally are not covered by local publication.

One of them which I use are Kumon Reading series:


Some sample pages/passages as below. And the way they design the page is more “children-friendly”, and the way they ask questions, more interesting, to me.




This is another vocab workbook I like, from CASCO.


Ya, it’s Singapore syllabus. Compare with the MyPal workbook which Ling’s school is using, I prefer this kind of workbook.

Each chapter/unit starts with a list of vocab and its definition, plus example of usage.



Then follow by around 7 exercises for each unit.

For example: fill in the blanks



Objective questions:




Choose the right answers and also “True and False”



Also two cloze passages.

Though I understand that by doing the exercises and reading it once or twice won’t warrant my children will remember all the new vocabs, but I believe at least they will remember one or two the very minimum. And I asked them to jot it down in their Index Book those new words they just learnt.


March 2013

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