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This is a comprehensive video about eutrophication – an important topic about environment science. Eutrophication results from excess nutrients present in water. Excess nutrients in water usually originate from fertilizers and detergent runoffs.


Before we watch the video about Nuclear Energy, let’s watch this video about how electricity get generated and reach our home.

And now, let’s study about nuclear energy.

Conduction – transfer of thermal energy between regions of matter due to a temperature difference through the matter itself, without displacing the molecules. E.g. the spoon becomes hot when you put it into a hot soup.

Convection – transfer of thermal energy between regions of matter due to the density difference through the movement of molecules. E.g. hot air moves up.

Radiation – transfer of thermal energy through space. E.g. the heat from the Sun travels to the Earth.

Let’s learn about periods and groups in Periodic Table, and learn new terms like ‘valence electron’.

In this video, we learn to draw Dot-and-Cross Diagram, showing the energy level of each element.

Pre-requisite: Understand the Atomic Number and Mass Number.

Here is another video explaining in slower pace:

Now, let’s learn about Isotope.

Before we start to learn about Atomic Number and Mass Number, let’s do a revision on “What is Atom?” and “Part of an Atom”.

What is Atom?

Part of an Atom

Now, let’s proceed with Atomic Number and Mass Number.

Let’s learn about plant reproduction today. After watching, we know the importance of pollinators like bees.


June 2016

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