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It’s time for registration again. For Selangor,  need to register online:


For children born in both 2006 and 2007.


Note: For those born in 2006, you might want to update the form if you have another child born in 2005/Std 1 this year.

Reason being: Last year, when you submit the form for 2006 child, you still haven’t know which school your 2005 child gets. If he/she gets the same school you would like to apply for 2006 child, you might want to update this field (in red)

Read this article 揭開婚姻的「半幸福」真相 from 天下杂志:


這是哈格(Pamela Haag)在她的新書《婚姻的祕密》(Marriage Confidential)導言中,所點出的左右為難困境。

她指出,有種婚姻叫「半幸福婚姻」(semi-happy marriage)。








When I have a good thought of it, firstly, my marriage never has any “承諾”. Guess for him, it’s just the right time to get married. Mistake No.1. Secondly, don’t really discuss on whether want to have children, how we would like to raise them, etc, Mistake No. 2, … ya, to me, my marriage only left the “being a mother” role.    … so tired …

What will I do when my girls have grown up and independent,  mm … The “D” word always come out first…  hahaha…  ya.. I am so tired being trapped in marriage.

Girls, 三思 !!

Please read the Sin Chew today, the article from 鄭丁賢‧澳洲很大,關丹很小, how precise.


Fact: processing of rare earth dispose radioactive and toxic waste.


Using a simple logic, Australia land size is about 7,700,000 km2 ,the world 6th largest country, bigger than Malaysia 20 times;

and Australia population is only about 22,000,000, less than Malaysia.


Australia is so big, a lot of places are not populated; Lynas can easily find a good spot to build the plant, if anything happens, casualty and damage can be easily controlled and minimized.”


Kuantan is so small, within 30km2 , the population is already 700,000; if anything happens, where should the people go?


Australia chooses Kuantan for this rare-earth plant, still need to fly the rare-earth over 5000km to Kuantan, the transportation cost, the time consume, ain’t Australian smart enough to calculate all these huge expenses imposed to the business ?


Certainly not, it’s because Australia put safety first, on top of $$$.


Fact: Malaysian government said will transport back the waste to Australia. No, it’s against the international law, as well as Australian government has already said “No” to take back the waste.

So, another lie from our government ?? 卖国求“私”荣  ?? We must STOP LYNAS !!

Waiting outside the gate, saw Ling was having great fun during her PE lesson. When the school went off, she walked out happily with a wide smile on her face, started sharing with Ying story about her school, her friends, the game they played during PE, which team won and which lose, just like a bird chirping on my head..

I am glad…

Told Daddy about the incident, he managed to have a ‘swift’ (sweet) talk with her.

“She is just being tired on the way to school.”

Hopefully so . . . may be he hasn’t witness the mood swing …  hopefully so …

Last night, Ling found out that her school library will open @ 12.30pm everyday. She was quite disappointed when she was asked to leave after just about 5 minutes she went in.

“I was not able to complete the book I read, then they said Std 1 students need to line up for class.”

So this morning she was eager to go to school earlier.

Was kind of busy this morning.Ling this little bee kept on buzz in buzz out talking about library opens at 12.30pm.

I only managed to comment, “Don’t forget that we need to fetch 妹妹 first.”

In the car, after sending 妹妹  home, she kept on looking at the watch.

“Mummy, if today there is not much car, you can drive faster, right ?”

“I will try, but I will drive according to the rules. Cannot simply speeding on the road. It’s dangerous.”

She kept quite. Along the way, I concentrated on driving. On and off, I heard she whispered, “4 more minutes left.” .. “2 more minutes left”.

We were still half way when the clock hit 12:30pm.

“You still can go in to library. Still got plenty of time left. If you cannot finish the book, ask teacher and see how to borrow the book.” I tried to comfort her.

“I don’t want to borrow book.” sounded very unhappy.

I was still driving. She hugged her Pooh Bear pillow and closed her eyes. … silence…

When reached her school, she was eye wet-wet and eye red-red again. “Mummy, I want to sleep … ”

Oh dear, there she goes again ….

sigh … girl, I know it seems like everything is not going your way after you started Primary 1, you told me you don’t like afternoon class, it’s very hot, make you sleepy, you don’t like the toilet, you don’t like too many homework, you don’t like the naughty boys next door, ..

And I know you miss us a lot, you miss 妹妹 , you miss Daddy, you miss the cushion at home, you miss sleeping on that cushion, you feel home is the safest place for you ….

You have been losing interest on every thing now.. no reading, no playing piano,  … just clinging to the TV, though you don’t really watching it …


Another challenge in raising children I guess …

Dear, you  need to grow up and learn to adapt to change, adapt to new environment. Sigh, how I wish you can understand what mummy said “The world is not turning around just for you.”  You change, not the world change.  … but now is not a good time for lecturing, I know you are sort of stress out …  .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

… what should I do ….

Check out this article  “9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn” from a homeschool parent @

A summry:

1. Asking questions

2. Solving problems

3. Tackling projects

4. Finding passion

5. Independence

6. Being happy on their own

  • [I like this one especially: if a child learns from an early age that he can be happy by himself, playing and reading and imagining, he has one of the most valuable skills there is. Allow your kids to be alone from an early age. Give them privacy, have times (such as the evening) when parents and kids have alone time.]

7. Compassion

8. Tolerance

9. Dealing with change

Please do read it. 9 Essential Skills Kids Should Learn

Was using these Mathematics books (Singapore syllabus) for my girls as home practice. Try to let them get used to Maths in English.

Was kind of busy lately and not really couching them. Only at night, I had chance to flip through what they had done and marked their work.

Found this interesting exercise Ying did. Cool… it’s writing exercise in Maths lesson … hahaha… and Ying did try hard to tell a story.



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