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Just check the light bulb used in our bedroom, it’s 10W. Still I feel it’s a bit too bright especially when I wake up in middle of the night, when all the surrounding is so dark. Going to replace with a 5W today and see what’s the result.

Read from some articles in newspaper that it’s not good to sleep with light on.

Last night brought my mom to check her eyes. She feels like something is blocking her eye sight and things look very blur, and sometime makes her feel a bit headache and discomfort especially when reading newspaper. And the outcome is that her left eye has cataract.

I checked the website, only learn that there are many possible causes beside aging (but no one know for sure): exposure to ultraviolet light, diabetes, eating a lot of salt. And some experts believe a diet high in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene (vitamin A), selenium and vitamins C and E, may forestall cataract development.

Anyway, we have scheduled for a laser surgery to remove the clouded lens and replace with an artificial one, and the cost is RM2200.  And we are going to get a good sun glasses for my mom.

One thought triggers me though, I must plan for my retirement properly, to make sure I have enough money to support this kind of health expenses, to make sure I am still able to live a quality life when I am old. In  short, save money and invest properly.


Last night, little Ying was still so excited about her walking and walked round and round and round… but insisting me walked together with her. I was almost fainted after quite a number of turn-round-and-round and decided to sit beside her instead of walk together. She was so so upset and pulling my hand wanting me to stand up. The next minute she was screaming, pounding the floor and tears started to flow down her red red cheeks. We were all so shock and I quickly stood up and held her in the arms. Though she still kept on kicking and crying, I just comfort her and pat her at the back, whispering to her, telling her that I am sorry and I love her.

The outburst lasted for almost half an hour, only she was more calm and willing to sit down and watch the Barney show. All of us was so relief.

This is the first time I witness her showing such temper tantrum. I am glad I was there with her. The babysitter blamed all thise to some superstituos stuff. I am very disagree with it. To me, this shows little Ying is growing and reaching the stage where she has preference and knows what she wants. No longer a little baby knowing nothing and gaa-gaa-goo-goo there. 🙂 Most properly her frustration mounted as she is not able to express herself.

Mommy loves you, Ying. Be patient dear.

Sorry to my eldest daughter. Please forgive mommy.

This morning she woke up at 6 looking for her father, who got called back to office since 3am+ and had not come back yet. With a sleepy mind, I tried to tell her her father is working but she just insisted me to get her father back. And ended up with crying and nagging even though I have told her that her little sister is sleeping beside. She cried and cried until the sister woke up. Now I have two sleepy, moody toddlers woke up early in the morning, with a sleepy and moody mom. I grapped her hands and put her outside of the room, scolding her for being ignorant and waking up her sister. She cried.. …

Sorry dear, all these are not a good reason for me to scold you. I will be more patient when similar occussion arised and will help you to overcome the feeling you have missing your father. Please forgive mommy.

My second daughter learns how to walk already. She is so excited that on Friday night, she walked in circle, up and down the pillows, around the bed, until 2am. I tried to put her to bed and she cried and complainted and immediately show a smiley when she was able to stand up on the floor.

Same thing happened on Saturday night, luckily she just walked until around 1am+.

After that, all my body ache here ache there due to the bending to hold a little monster rumbling around. But I am so content and so happy when seeing her sleeping with a smile on her face, with an expression like showing the world, ‘yes, i can walk now’.

Dear, mommy is so proud of you. How mommy wish I can spend every night with you.

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Today Ling attended her 3rd Shichida.

At first she was kind of ok before the classs started, but she got scare when the classroom door was closed and asked for her father. I had no choice but to trust my husband who had not attended the Shichida Parent Seminar to accompany her.

I waited anxiously outside the classroom. To my surprise she was doing fine and lasted till the class was over. When I entered the classroom after the session was off, she was so happy. I was with her in the classroom, with her Sensei, while waiting for her father to complete some questionaire. She talked to the Sensei and even requested the Sensei to play her favorite song – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sensei did share with me that she enjoyed the song a lot in the class and even danced and put on a lot of funny expression when listening to those songs.

When her father completed the questionaire and asked her to pass it back to Sensei, she ran happily to the Sensei, and gave her a big big hug and a sweet good-bye kiss before we left the room.

My dearest dailng, Mummy is so happy for you that enjoy the class.


October 2007

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