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I went through the book “Millionaire Parents, Millionaire Sons” by Amy Yip, who shared her experience raising two children, while waiting for the girls to complete their books @ Popular Amcorp Mall.

A few things kept flashing in my mind after we left the book shop.

“Don’t do what I say; DO  WHAT  I  DO.” That is what she told her children. mm.. I salute her for taking such a big commitment to provide a good example for her children, to look upon,  to follow and learn from.

I believe, even without saying it out loud, a lot of times, children are doing what we do, without us knowing it. And a lot of times, it’s the parents who are not able to give a good role model for the children to look up to.

Sometimes, I try to think from another angle. May be all children are angels, sent to help us, the parents, to give us another chance, to change, to learn, and to be a better person.

“Do you know which 乐龙龙 I like the most?” Ying asked.

“Which one? ” Daddy and I answered almost immediately.


Hahaha… thanks dear for being the cheerful sunshine in this family.

Mummy will always remember how you stood up, hand on your waist, “Daddy and Mummy, 你们不要在炒架啦!”

(picture by Ling)

Happy Chinese New Year ! 福气啦 ! (In Hokkien)

While waiting at the gate, listening to other Si-Lai like me chit-chatting.

One said, “Before school opens, I brought my girl to shopping center to practise using public phone. I taught her how to put in coins and make a call. In the school canteen, there are a few public phones. So just in case of any emergency, I told my girl to use the public phone to call me.”

“Ya, I told my son the same thing. He said, ‘why don’t you give me a handphone to school?’.” another Si-Lai added + roll-eyed.

Cool ! Lesson learnt: Ya, it’s good to train the girls to be resourceful when come to emergency.

Will do that this weekend.


The way Global Math charges is 24 lessons for RM500+ to be completed in 6 months time. The lesson is counted based on attendance. The trick is “must complete in 6 months time“. Any outstanding lessons will be burnt, UNLESS you sign up for another package (pay another 500+ for another 24 lessons to be completed in 6 months time).

Last year Ling and Ying has about 10 days outstanding lessons, each, get burnt, as I am thinking to stop the class for a while, so that Ling can rest and re-adjust to her new primary school life style, then only decide.

Now I count count count, wah lau, … I am actually almost paying double. 14 lessons for RM500+ instead of 24 lessons.

Careless me. . . Now feel bad for wasting the money. Unless I sign up another package… but then need to make sure they complete 24 + 10 lessons in 6 months time. Have to go for the classes more than once a week, then only can fully utilize the 34 lessons paid. . . . But more than once a week is a bit tough, a bit overload for Ling, tough for me logistic wise …

m m … Will ask the girls tonight whether they want to continue.


On the 6th day of her Std 1, when was about to take her bath after coming home from school, Ling suddenly remembered she left her BM text book and activity books in her drawer. She started to cry, start asking whether her books will be lost or not, whether the teacher will scold her or not, will punish her or not..

I was like … sigh … trying not to scold her, I walked away, picked up the phone and called Mr Daddy, “commanded” him to drop by the school on his way home to pick up the books.

Then taking a deep breath, I told Ling to stop crying. “No one is scolding you. You made a mistake, then first thing is to admit it and apologize. Then think of way to correct it. ”

“Tell your teacher first thing in school. Apologize. If the teacher is upset and scold you, just apologize again. She will stop scolding after all. ”

Ling stopped crying, and wiping her tears.

“What if I cannot find my books?”

“Teacher will help to find it and if still cannot find, teacher will have solution for it. Don’t worry.”

She was not tensed any more. And me too…

After bath, I felt I need to reassure her this.

“Ling, you did the right thing though. You told mummy immediately when you found out you forget your books. This is very good. You didn’t hide your mistake and let the problem grows bigger. ”

“Ya, I told you the first thing I remember it.”

“Ya, very good. Then we can help. We have more time to help. Imagine. If you keep it until midnight only tell us, no one can help. The school is closed. No one can go and find the books. Tomorrow when the morning session students come, they might throw it, take it, or put it some where else. Then harder to find.”

“Ya. ….” she nodded.  “I hope Daddy can find it. Then I still have time to finish my homework.”

@9.30pm, Daddy came home. Mission accomplished ! Ling put on a big smile on her face.

p.s. Daddy said, he is not alone. Another mummy and little girl was there searching in another classroom.

GIRLS,  always always remember. Don’t try to hide a problem. It won’t disappear. It will grow bigger instead. Seek help as early as possible.

(I have been through a lot of hardship cleaning up others’ big mass in life, just because those people lied and hid the problem when it’s small. So I don’t want you two to have that bad habit.)

WE bought Ling a back pack type of school bag. We brought her to choose herself.

Today, on the way home, she kept on talking about the trolley like bag her schoolmates have.

When reached home, I asked her, “Ling, do you want a trolley school bag like your friend?”

She stopped for a while, …

“Then it will be a waste for my school bag. Cause no one is going to use it.” 

Dear, mummy is so proud of you.

Another thing I have been very particular and wanting to implant in my daughters is time management.

My hubby and I has different view. IF the class starts at 9am, I would prefer to be there at least 8.55am. But my hubby’s way, reaching there at 9.05am is sufficient.

Being a working mother, trying to get the most out of the time for my dearest daughters, I feel and I know the important of time mgmt.

So, a lot of time, I am quite strict with the girls about ‘doing thing following time’. I spent quite some time, thinking of way to let them understand why sometimes, you just can’t do thing your time your way.

When they are so into playing and don’t want to leave the house for meal (especially weekend), Ling even will come out idea like “I don’t feel hungry yet.”. So there was one time, we just let it be, until it passed 3, only we departed to search for food. Well, a lot of restaurant started to rest during that time. And the girls were starving. I took the opportunity to lecture them.

“All other people work according to time. Now all the cooks are resting, then you can’t find food to eat lo..”

“Teachers go to school at the time set, like morning session, they go to teach in the morning. If you want to follow your way, only go to school after you finish watching your show on TV, the teacher might have left for home. No one is there to teach you. And you miss out what teacher taught that morning.”

“You know you need to sleep at 10pm. But you still want to chit chat. The clock will continue ticking. The time will not stop at 9.59pm and wait until you finish talking then only continue to be 10pm. Time and tide wait for no one.

Then the ever cheeky girls will ask, “Mummy, what is tide? ”

“Tide is like the wave in the sea…. ” blah blah…

When I finished, only realized I was tricked, side tracked from my lecture.

Girls, remember, time management is not just doing thing in a timely manner.

Need to go out early in the morning, still choose to watch Hong Kong drama till 2/3am, and next morning skip breakfast to reach on time, that is not time management.


January 2012

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