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Ying fell and bumped her lip when playing game in 宝贝。It was swollen.

Daddy said , “Ying, next time cannot run in the class. You see. Now your lip looks like Angelina Jolie.”

Ying said, “No, Angelina fell but her lip is not like me.”

Ling quickly explained, “No, Angelina is a mouse. So she won’t look like you when she falls.”

… hahaha, the father and daughters are really 鸡同鸭讲. One is referring to Angelina Jolie the actress, and another one is Angelina Ballerina the cartoon character.


Posted on: July 31, 2010

Was reading this book 爸爸的早餐 to Ying.

At one page, I read “一根香肠。”

Then I asked, “你知道什么是香肠吗?”

Ying said, “不知道哦。”

I said, “香肠是 sausage 啰!”

Ying said sadly, “我喜欢sausage, but I cannot jump into the book to eat the sausage.”

… hahaha…

Ling is officially 5 years old and we are sending her to British Council Junior English class. Just want to try out and explore which school of teaching is more suitable for her, since both also taught by English native speaker.

On 18 Jul, Ling was early, the second one to reach the class. She was so excited. The class assistant teacher, teacher Anne was so helpful that she gave us a quick tour around the classroom and show the way to the washroom for Ling, since Ling was the new kid (others, most of them started early this year). And teacher Anne asked us to go down to the temporary book stall in the school to purchase two books that are used in the class. Luckily we were early. They are one text book and one activity book. It was a happy start.

When the class was over, we went to pick up Ling (One good thing is that the children need to stay in the classroom until the parent comes to pick them up, they cannot go down stair by themselves.) Since it was kind of late and it was her first day, we walked over to the restaurant next to British Council for lunch. Ling was so eager with her new books, that she took out them and started working on the exercises in the activity book. At that time, we realized that the text book looked old, used. And Ling quickly confessed that she accidentally took her friend’s book , with tears in her eyes. Guess she thought  we would scold her. “It’s ok. We can change back next week. Ok?”  She was relief after hearing us saying that.

On 25 Jul, we reached there early as well. Teacher Anne was in the classroom already. I took out Ling’s book (her friend’s book) and explained to Teacher Anne that Ling must have swapped her new book with her classmate, and seeking her help to get back her book, as most of the children had not come yet. We left the classroom after that.

Now, when the class was over, out side the classroom, I checked Ling’s bag to make sure she got her book back before we left. To my surprise, she had returned the book to her classmate, but she didn’t get back her new book. Quickly, I went back to find out what had happened. “Oh, we checked with all the children already, none has her book. No one has 3 books. You go down stair and buy another one.” Actually I was quite shocked with the reply and attitude. Well, it’s not the matter of money, though the book is not very cheap nor too expensive, RM40. But I was so surprise, two teachers and 14 children in the class, and the book just disappeared like that. And the way they talked to me was as if it’s not a big deal, just a book. So, does it mean my girl was in the class without a book for the last one and a half hour?

… ok.. before we decide to switch Ling to this school, we do hear some good and bad feedback from parents who sent their children here, and one of the bad one is that the staff there “don’t really care much 唔理你 (in Cantonese)”. ..

Well, next week we will stay outside the classroom to see how the class is conducted. Another good thing is that the classroom wall are all glasses, transparent. So we can see what is happening inside. Well, the first two sessions, our thought was that we should leave so that Ling can concentrate and also minimize any distraction to other children.

Will see. …  …  …  … really want to know what happen to her new book.

I watched this Japanese drama: GM跳舞的医生, tells a story about the No. 1 general medicine doctor who wants to become a dancer.

The 1st episode is quite .. mm.. don’t have the right word to describe.

There is one scene where it shows a patient went to a department, do some checking using some machine; then everything looks ok, walked again to another department, do another scanning using some other big machine… and someone is explaining what the specialist do: The specialists just focus on checking the area they are specialized in, and ignore the symptom and don’t even bother to help diagnose the real problem faced by the patient.

And another scene where the 院长 and 总务 was explaining how the hospital is run, why the General Medicine department is losing money, needs to make patients stay in the hospital, then only can get the income to survive and feed the doctors.. …

Ya… after I grow up, doctor is no longer a holistic occupation, how many are really 县壶济世的。

It’s a funny and sarcastic show, should watch it.

This week Weekly Report, teacher mentioned that Ling was hesitate when she was doing her Bahasa Malaysia exercise about color. She seemed to be not sure about some of the name of the color in Bahasa Malaysia.

Ya, that is one of the problem I have now. Have been too caught up with other things that I haven’t been couching Ling in Bahasa Malaysia for quite some time.

Yes, Ling will at least read one or two books aloud to me in BM every week, and everyday, she will do some writing exercise in BM, but then I didn’t spend time to explain to her the meaning. Ling doesn’t like the explaining session a lot. She wants to read (without knowing the meaning) and finish the book as fast as she could. Actually both Ling and Ying can read quite well in BM, without needing to spell out the suku kata, they can pronounce the word straight away; but then they don’t bother to figure out what the words mean.

Yes, she does learn more words compare to no reading at all. But the pace is too slow. I am a bit worried and doubt whether  can she cope when she enters Primary 1 next next year with such a slow learning pave. But because of lack of interest, and also no exposure and usage of BM at home, she is not able to  comprehend and her BM vocab is very weak.

Last time when I am able to have a routine session with them everyday, with a session of reading and telling them the meaning, doing those worksheet I created (mostly to link picture with words), they can remember the meaning better and know what the book is talking about. But then, after stopping for quite some times, they have forgotten a lot. All gave back to the teacher already.

This lead me to come to my own conclusion that to tackle BM, I need to provide the environment, speak in BM with them as much as possible, and do the reading + explanation + keep on practising the picture – word worksheets session non-stop for long term, until they can read and understand the book by themselves, independently. Else, teaching a few days, and then stops for months with no other exposure to the language, I doubt anyone can master the language.

I still remember when we were young (in Primary school), my parents bought newspapers and educational magazines in Bahasa Malaysia, plus a good Kamus Dewan for us. Must remember to do so for my girls when they reach that age.

And I need to take a deep breathe so that I am patient and calm enough, and with an open heart to start the lesson again with them, so that I can make the session less stress, and may be need to make it not so boring. The way Ling thinks is that as long as I pronounce the word correctly for all the words in the book, I am done. Don’t ask me or tell me the meaning. … Very tough…

I must try … Kampate..

On the way home from her Yamaha class, in the car, Ling asked “Mummy, are you late for your dance class?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Oh, I am sorry for causing you late for your class.” Ling murmured.

“Oh no no, dear. It’s not because of you. Just that two classes crash.” I tried to explained to her.

“What is crash?” Ling asked.

“Oh, two things happen at the same time.” I answered.


I was so touched…


Posted on: July 23, 2010

This morning, while waiting for Ying to get ready for school, Ling sat beside me, playing with the 宝贝 flashcards.

“Mummy, you know, I know how to 造句 already. Choose one word and make a sentence out of it.” Ling said.

“Oh, where did you learn that from?”

“In 宝贝 lo!. We go to another room for this. Just choose a card and make a sentence lo !” Ling explained proudly.

“Do you want to play 造句 with me, mummy? Choose a card and …. ” Ling continued.


Ling is at level “E” in 宝贝 now and Ying is at level “B”. Both of them likes to take out their cards and play teacher-and-student, teaching each other using the flashcards.  I am really grateful to the teachers there who have help them to learn the language without any stress.



July 2010

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