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Recommended this post from Homefrontier: From Homeschool to O-Level.

What I like is:

these boys were prepared in the basics – language (English) was strong (which also means reading/comprehension skills) and math skills were in place. These enabled them to handle specialised content, including material they had not handled before. Eg, physics, chemistry and additional math.

My opinion, if we are taking the public school route in this country, we must make sure the child’s BM is strong enough – as mentioned above “to handle specialised content”, to learn different subjects in BM.

A few friends were asking: am I considering homeschooling ? How I wish I could even think of it.

I can’t afford to give up my work my income. I can’t imagine myself stretching my hands to ask for money. I still need to take care of my parents. And I don’t have a supportive husband, who know nothing about homeschool (don’t really bother to know and take the change). So, I won’t have a peaceful mind to homeschool if I drop my job, and count on a not-understanding husband.  I can imagine, it will be chaotic …

So.. there is no way I can homeschool my two daughters. But I remember I read from some articles, if you are considering homeschooling your children, do it early.

Though now I am not homeschooling, but I consider myself part-time homeschooling, based on what I did for my children (the right brain training, the reading session, teaching them flash cards, reading, math, sciences). And you find it easier to help them as you know them since the beginning, what’s their base, where they are, how much they have learnt, how they normally learn, you know best how to teach them, how to help them move forward. … compare to half way pull out from the public school and you need time to figure out all the above….

Another wonderful post I came across about homeschooling. The author talked about her experience pulling her children out from public school and teaching them at home. She shared a lot more about the daily grind of homeschooling, the time when she got a rut with homeschooling.

Guilt-Free Homeschooling – by Carolyn Morrison

My babysitter homeschooled her son (now 6 years old) herself. I am so proud and impressed of her achievement, really admire and salute her. She started using flash cards when her son was so so so young and she always tell me, don’t give up even if the child don’t give any output and seems like didn’t pick up the things you flash. Some how some day, he will just like, what chinese say, 开窍, all the things you teach will come streaming out from his brain.

Today, she let my younger daughter brought back a letter, written by his son, to my elder daughter. What a marvellous idea. The letter is just a brief letter to ask how’s my elder daughter is doing and wish her to recover soon from her cough. But then, can you imagine, how excited the kids are, both the one who writes the letter and the one who reads the letter.

Some link I found regarding Home Schooling in Malaysia.


April 2020

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