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其实对未来弟媳,一直以来也没什么意见, 直到去年老爸病倒,我们在慎重考虑后决定延迟他们的婚礼。





“Mama, why our world is not Word World? In Word World, we can build things using word. Our world we cannot build thing, need to buy.” commented Ling after finished watching her Word World cartoon.

Ya… 🙂

Check this out. It’s not expensive.

It crashes with my brother’s wedding. Gonna miss it. 😦


Posted on: June 28, 2010

“Ying, why are you putting two stickers on your ears?” Ling spotted two small blue stickers on Ying’s ears.

“Oh, it’s my earings.”  Ying replied.

“No, earings need to poke ear one.” Ling said.

“No, mine one no need one.” explained Ying proudly.

… hahaha…

Just to share what Ling and Ying has progressed in BM.

Still, they are not so good in vocabulary, but I know they are picking up.

And last week, when picked up the girls from school, Ling eagerly told me, “Mummy, mummy, I know what to say in Bahasa Malaysia when want to toilet. “Bolehkah saya pergi ke tandas?”

She was so excited about that she couldn’t help running to tell her dad when he came home from work.

And for Ying, she likes to pick up one Pelangi book,  “Apa Ini” and read to her dad (well, while the daddy has his eyes fixed on the big box where over twenties strong men running around for a small black and white ball).

And now, I try to reduce the use of sticker as they are quite familiar with suku kata. So when doing worksheet, most of the time, the problem will be they don’t know what the things are called in Bahasa Malaysia. Once you tell them, they are able to spell it out.

Why do I think needs to start with suku kata to learn BM? Why not straight vocab? Can, can start with vocab. I don’t mean cannot. Just that for me, I find it easier to help my children once they have confident at the basic. Easier to push.

Suku kata is the easiest to master for a kid. Once they master it, they have confident and easier to help them moved on. Like sometimes I will say, “kuda” is horse. Then Ying will say, “I know, k-u-ku, d-a-da.” Then I will quickly say, “Yes. Clever girl. You are right.” ..and well, with a little bit praise, few times of practise, Ying knows by heart now “kuda” is horse. At least during the teaching process, no yelling, no scolding, and absolutely no the forbidden word like “stupid, so easy also don’t know” in my house.

So at least for the start they won’t dislike the language too much. At least, that is the best I can give. Have to think a bit like my husband, I have faith that they can learn if they dont hate it.

After a month of no-day-no-night of working, finally, right after a successful demo of the application we develop for the client, fell sick.

The whole chest is like burning and can feel the chill even hiding under the thick blanky. Really feel like oh dear, oh dear, I am collapsing…  At first a bit worried..

Luckily the girls are old enough and understanding  that they do behave good and given me some peaceful hours to rest (as long as they are not fighting or arguing over somethings, I enjoy their always high pitch + loud voice when they play and have fun). My mum always said, “I don’t know where on earth the strength come from their small little body, so 洪亮, feel like the house is going to collapse. Some more they are girls…”

Normally we will go for some shopping during weekends, so this Saturday was at home. And Ling tried to 安慰 her little ssiter, “Mummy is not feeling well, so we cannot go shopping. She needs to rest. It’s ok. We can go again when mummy is hahaha …

Luckily we have a great boss for this project. After the great success (well, it’s not done yet, to me, just a small milestone, a long way to go still), he announces a day off, a long weekend, and he even stay online to make sure everyone leave their desk, and go enjoying the long weekends with family and friends , and strictly no work.

Not a bad fall after all 😛

2nd sets of Cut and paste worksheets for the following BM words:

  • minyak
  • rumput
  • berjalan
  • siput
  • tong
  • malam

Please click the link to download  the worksheet.

BM cut-&-paste(II)-Lesson 12


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