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End of last years I bought some nice BM Tatabahasa books for Ling to prepare for Primary 1, as in:

This year, I found this one from the same publication.

Though it’s stated for Primary 2, I personally think all these Kata Bantu and Penanda Wacana exercises should be taught and done since Primay 1. They are used so frequently, kind of the very basic things in learning BM. Planning to go through with Ying during this coming year end holiday.





Another one I like on how to slowly promote writing.

After listening to the Snow White story during their story telling time, the children are asked to write down which part of the story they like the most, and who they like the most among the 7 dwarfs.

Also like the idea where they can draw out the picture to tell their story 🙂


Another nice way to start teaching children on writing.

After listening to the story “The Hungry Giant” told by the teacher (ya, normally they will sit around their teacher during story telling time),

the children were asked to create their own story about Hungry Giant‘s Brother , using the worksheet below. Brilliant isn’t it ? Hahaha…


Just sharing. I like the effort put in by the teachers in listening to the children reading their books, and always giving encouraging remarks.

Every week,  the students are asked to choose two books according to the color code (teacher will determine this based on their reading skill, and will upgrade accordingly from time to time). I also like the idea letting the children choose the books they want to read themselves.

On the next lesson, the student will read one of the book to the teacher one-to-one, and the teacher will give remarks on their book reading record book. I am grateful to their teachers for all the encouraging words and their patient in listening to them, in promoting their interest to reading slowly. Ya, it all takes time.

Not to promote the English Learning Centre my girls are attending, but I hope to share this to all who wants to help their children at home.


I prepared this for my girls, some Chinese vocab exercise. Just sharing.

Please click the link: 配词1a (A5 size) to download.


It’s toward the end of the semesta (year) and it’s the Parent-Teacher session again.

Overall Ying is doing well, able to cope etc. And what impress me is that the teacher notices her weaknesses in her handwriting (especially when she was rushing).

What I would like to share is I like the programme and how they slowly introduce writing to young children.

Every time, the teacher will share a story. And after that, the children will do an exercise, to draw on their book something related to the story they learn, and then write a sentence about that story. (not copying from any book ooo…)

Below is the exercise for “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, done on April. See how the teacher praised the child for what they managed to accomplish, vs highlighting their mistake. The teacher told me it’s impressive that Ying tried to spell out the word based on her knowledge on phonics. I am glad the teacher can recognize the child’s effort.

This one is about My Teddy Bear, done on July. Can see Ying was trying to tell longer story about her teddy.

And this is the latest one, about “Hedgehogs Facts”, done on Oct. I am glad that they provide a stressless environment, for my girl to feel free to write and express themselves, in their favorite language 🙂 I still remember that day when we picked her up, how Ying couldn’t stop sharing the new thing she learned about hedgehog, “the cute little  spiky spiky animal”. And the teacher didn’t expect her to write out so much. I guess may be she reads a lot, and that helps.

Just to share what is taught in Lorna Whiston 5 years old class.

{added: the reason I am sharing this, mm.. hope it can help others who stay afar and not able to go to the school, who are teaching their own children, this is a good approach to promote a child confident and liking in writing… and also a very good example on how to apply 周弘的赏识教育}


Remember the Idioms In Action comic books I recommended last time? It’s selling @RM9.90 only. Cheap !

After coming back from the book fest and sending the girls to sleep, they called out “Mummy, don’t burn the midnight oil reading your new books aa…”

Hehehe,  they learn the idioms from these books I recommended.



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