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Girls, this is what I believe, and am squeezing my time doing it. Just like recently bought an interesting magazine “History of Kings and Queens” and spark my interest in Europe history, England in particular.. so you see me digging and watching a lot of relative videos online. (Oh ya, and met the funny John Green with his marvelous Crash Course)


Remember this, and remember me doing the same. And I can do it, so can you. Love.


Helping students gain a sense of self-efficacy is a rewarding part of the journey.

Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth , thoughts by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey. You can check out their new book: “How to Personalize Learning”.

This is one of my favorite TED talk by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.

What a comprehensive explanation of teach/learn for mastery. As my kids were young and not really understand the jargon ‘pre-algebra’, ‘calculus’, ‘algebra’, I gave another example using maths concept they are familiar with, e.g. if they are still confused and cannot master addition of two-digits numbers, sure they will be stuck when proceed to do addition in thousands.

Also his explanation on what a test-score is supposed to mean – identify the gap, and what is missing in current system – closing the gap, and what happen when we move on with the mixing gap, is the key point of all. This is what I would like my kids to know,

“If you got twenty percent wrong on something, it doesn’t mean you have a “C” branded in your DNA somehow, it means you should just keep working on it.”

“You should have grit, you should have perseverance, you should take agency over your learning.” 

I like what Maria Cordero said in this interview, especially from minute: 2:20 onwards.

A brief translation:

“You haven’t started to put in effort or contribute, you already want reward. Who tell you you get 5As you will get a job? you can get big money big houses? That is what your mother lie to you one, go and ask from your mother. Getting 5As is your preparation for urself, your own ladder inside. Just like you have a knife, so you mill the blade sharp sharp lo. Then you see where have door then go and chop lo, knock on every doors lo. If still cannot find a job, keep your knife and work at the big M restaurant la, etc. 5As is just experience gained from school, to score 5As from experience gathered from working and living in society, that is very difficult to get. You said you very pandai singing, the one under the flyover bridge, pay as you like, 20 cents or 2 dollars, he play and sing for you, lagi pandai. You said you pandai singing, you say only ma, people think you pandai sing or not?”

I like this article a lot, from a father, when seeing his son feeling dishearten after failed in exam for the first time, he wrote this.

He is an English lecturer now, and during schooling time, he never passed his English paper. He did a lot of thinking about why we need to study? For the marks? The exams? For our parents? For ourselves? Or to gain knowledge? He said, if he think that studying is just for exam, then he would have dropped English subject long time ago and his life would have been different now. Instead, everyday he gathered courage to go to school, telling himself that mark is not important, exam is not important, what is important is the hope to read more, to learn more and to gain more knowledge. He chose not to  let the marks teacher gave bother him. He started to read English novels, looked up vocabularies in dictionary, memorized the grammar rules, and “I do not read for exam!”

(click to enlarge)


Girls, mommy shared the same hope from this uncle: “孩子,你不是为这个分数念书的!”


Not sure how to introduce this talk, here are some comments from FB:

“Excellent speech explaining the Bhutan’s way of life!  I never knew Bhutan had such great appreciation for their environment. Their respect and initiatives to protect it is not only praise worthy but an example for rest of the world.”

Ya, about global warming,  we are in it together; and let’s do it together. A must watch with the kids!

p.s. I even put up the world map beside our tv, getting ready to answer question like “Where is Bhutan?” from my kids later when we are watching together.


April 2020

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