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After travelling to the north (my home town) and back during Christmas holiday and the suddenly hot suddenly rain weather, Ying caught a cold. Just now Ying vomited after taking her milk due to the cough. We were busy cleaning up the mess and suddenly Ying asked “Daddy, are you worried about me when I am sick?”

“Yes dear.”


“Because you are my daughter and I love you.”

Then she turned to me, “Mummy, are you worried about me when I am sick?”

“I do dear”

Two wonderful angels with totally different characteristic. When Ling coughed and vomited, she will be too frightened and crying non stop. Ying is more calm, and it’s really amazing to hear such a frank question coming out from a 3 year old girl at that moment.

My princess and my fairy, mummy loves you two 🙂

I just came out from bathroom wearing a pink pyjamas dress for the first time. Ying approached me, “I never have this pretty dress before. I always wear pyjamas only. Can I have one?”

“Sure dear, when you are older, …”

Before I finished, Ying interrupted, “No. Your face is not old. My face is not old. Daddy’s face is not old. Only Ah Gong’s and Ah Ma’s face are old.”

“Oh oh oh, I mean when you are bigger, mummy buy you one, ok?”

“Ok….” answered Ying sadly.

The girls were so excited when I gave them two brand new Kumon workbooks today.

Ying looked at me “Mummy, when I am big like you, and I  have kids, I will give my kids worksheets. Worksheet is very good.” — oh dear, from a 3 years old girl.

She paused for a while, “But now I want to be small. I want to do my worksheet now. Can I ?”

I am reading this wonderful book for second time, from this wonderful author 游乾桂. It talks about children education and I am very agree with what he has brought up. I share the same view on most of the things. He talks about:

职业   vs   志业 :some work to earn money, make a fortune, get a house and a car, but can’t wait for retirement; OR some thing make you happier each day you work on it, and never run out of energy pursuing it.

常识   vs   知识   :something in the books, can be memorized to acquire it, like how long is the Yangtze river; OR something learnt from research, analysis, observation, something not known before and need effort to disclose it.

学历   vs   学问   :  something that proves you’ve attended some schools, read a small amount of books; OR something that required your whole life to learn, from endless reading.

And love what is written at the back cover of the book (as below):

I wish my children can acquire what is outlined above:

– know how to live a full  life

– know how to learn from this world

– know the general and basic knowledge of this world

– and know what she can and cannot do

Definitely a book I would like to pass down to my children 🙂

“Daisy is a doctor.” commented Ying. “I don’t know girl can be a doctor. I thought only boy can be a doctor.”

“No dear, girl and boy also can be a doctor. If you like it, when you grow up, you can also be a doctor.”

“No. When I grow up, I want to be the same like mommy. I cannot be like daddy. I am not  a boy.” explained Ying seriously.

I would like to share a story I read about the famous Japanese physician and bacteriologist 北里柴三郎 Kitasato Shibasaburo. Kitasato Shibasaburo.jpgFrom young, Kitasato  was very rebellous. He wanted to join military school, but his father, a physician, wanted him to become a doctor like him. Even though Kitasato didn’t have much interest in medicine field, he dared not go against his father’s will and studied medicine in Tokyo Imperial University. Later he was sent to Berlin to learn from Dr Robert Koch.

He told Dr Robert Koch once, “I am here just to study German language, not medicine. I believe excellent people should become soldier or politician.” Dr Koch just replied, “As long as we live everyday life in full.” From then onward, Kitasato was touched by the determination Dr Koch in his study and work, which triggered him to study hard in medicine field and later became one of the most famous bacteriologist.

When Dr Koch visited Japan, he commented that he only did one good to Kitasato – he knew, recognized and appreciated his talent.



他坦言: “我只是来学德文,不是来习医的。我觉得优秀的人应该当军人或政治家。”




~~extracted from 八个宝盒让孩子活出精彩人生 – 游乾桂

Manage to dig out these old flash cards I did for the girls long time ago.

I printed it on A5 and A4 card accordingly, double sided (except 1st page which is the title page).










The girls no. 1 Christmas Carols – Santa Clause is coming to town. I created a booklet with the lyrics for them, every night they bring the booklet to the bedroom and did a performance singing the song aloud before they sleep.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the grand finale from Ying…” Ling announced.

“No, I am princess.” interrupted Ying.

“Ok, … now the grand finale from Princess and she will sing us a song. Please clap.” announced Ling.

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town


“You know where I want to bring you all too?” said daddy, “The zoo.”

Cheered the two girls.

“But the zoo here is lousy… ” continued daddy, ” mm.. I know. I will bring you all to Safari in Melaka one day.”

“Safari?” asked Ying.

“Yes dear, it’s like a zoo.” explained daddy.

“Yes, I like to go to the zoo. I like to go see the dog and the cat.” said Ying happily.



December 2009

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