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Some link I found regarding Home Schooling in Malaysia.

What we change when moving to our new house is every area we allocate places for Ling and Ying. In the living room, we have cabinets for their toys, a small area with book case to put all their books  (we call it their library), and  a place to put their study desk and chair.

We didn’t buy any coffee table, and the sofa is quite mobile. So the whole living room is kind of spacious for them to do their stuff: watch tv, listen to cd, read, do worksheets.

And for master bedroom, last time we do have a corner with book case filled with their bed time story books. But some advice from friends that it’s not hygient to have open book selves with lots of books in bed room, it attracts dust mites easily and will cause coughing for young children. So this time, we especially allocate one room as study + play room. We put a tall book selves, where we put all the books, more academic toys like puzzle, leap frog pad, block games etc there. And we put a computer on a small coffee table for them to watch their Tweedle Wink DVD. And the girls love it.

Ying always says I  love my new house 😀

Ling’s ballet teacher informed me that she can enroll for exam next year June, but (ya, there is a ‘but’) to take the exam, she has to sign up for double class, meaning she has to go for additional class starting from now till next year June.

Bizarre. Not sure is it the common practise for all ballet school or they just want to make more money by forcing you to take up more classes.


My two daughters have a few soft toys which they bring to bed every night. They both have Minnie and Mickey, elder one has a small Patrick doggie, and younger one has a leopard and its name is LuLu.

Every night, they will beg for bed time story, since they are 2 years old. My husband and I are cracking head trying to find stories that are suitable and understand-able by them. Most of the time we ended up telling story about things that we did/happened during the day. And before we can finish, the two of them will continue the story changing the main characters of the story to be their soft toys.

One of their favorites is the story about two ‘Mickeys’ trying to cross a river using a log (bolster), and they meet in the middle of the log and none of them want to let the other to cross the log first and at the end both fell down to the river.

And then sometimes, they will use the pillow and bolster to create a fruit stall, and use the soft toys to pretend to be seller and customer, buying fruit and bargaining on the price.

And there are times they will use the free space  in front of the bed as their stage and they will do their ballet / singing performance there, and ask for your big hands.

So the bed time is always fun in the begining, until it’s too late, and they still want to play the trick, the father has to show a black face, then only they are willing to call it a day.

Sleep tight my dear. Mommy and Daddy loves you two a lot.

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Along the way, teachers come and leave. And this model of teaching depends a lot on the teacher, how good they can tackle the children, to draw their attention to look at the cards, promote their interest to learn. One crucial key to note is, these wonderful teachers really know how to recognize and praise the children even for the smallest achievement, and not over-praise them, encourage them when  they are not doing well.

Today I am stepping down as my princesses demand more attention and it’s getting tougher to juggle between family and the center. I have to let go. But the year doesnt passed by leaving nothing behind, it leaves me with a lot of good experience and more understanding on teaching young children, priceless knowledge gained, combining with what I learn from the Shichida and Glen Doman, really priceless.

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Sounds great, right?  I let my elder daughter joined the class and trained her to get use to this learning environment. Actually the environment is still very friendly and stressless, as the kids can do their own worksheets while waiting for their turn to be called and taught by the teacher. Initially it’s a bit hard for her, but she is able to pick up very fast the English and Mandarin. Before this, she knows a lot of English words by looking at the picture, but when show her the word alone, she cannot recognize the word. But After four months, she is able to recognized more than two hundreds of English and Mandarin words.

She dislike bahasa malaysia initially (most of the kids too), but I told the teacher to be patient. Guess what, after half a year, she is able to read in Bahasa Malaysia without needing to spell out each alphabet to pronounce the suku kata. She can straight read out ‘baca’. But then, a lot of the word she can read but cannot remember the meaning. This is another things pointed out by the head quarter principal, that we need to explain the meaning to the kids since we seldom commute in that language.

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Where have I been to, disappear from the blog for almost a year.

OK. I was involved in setting up a reading center last year for kids 4-8 years old. All this started when I came across an ad in newspaper where they provide 1-to-1 flash cards teaching method for 3 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin). At that time, my elder daughter seemed to be reluctant to read in Mandarin, not to mention Bahasa Malaysia. And even though I did the flash cards following the Shichida methods, but she tends to rely on the pictures.

A little bit about the program. It’s using solely word only flash cards and teacher is teaching one-to-one. Not like in school / kindy where teacher is flashing the cards in front of a group of kids and it really depends on how good the kids can focus and concentrate to what the teacher is teaching out there. For my princesses, both of them are pretty active and have short focus time span. So, the teacher will have personal couching when teaching one-to-one.

Furthermore, different kids have different learning capability and sometimes need to handle differently to attract them to learn. Some kids, when you flash the cards very fast, his face turned blank and you can sense he is defeated. Some they know what the words is, but if you ask them to read it out loud, they just keep quiet. But if you throw them a bunch of cards and ask them to choose the word you read, they can find it very fast. So all these takes time and really counts on the teacher to build up the bonding as well as the confident for the kids, and eventually build up their interest to learn.

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June 2009

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