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Another things I did not do well is exercise. Not enough exercise all this while, work, family, work, family, work, family ….

After the diagnosis, and some sharing from others, we feel Qi Gong might be helpful for me now, so decided to learn Qi Gong 气功 and practise at home.

Few weeks back, drove to PJ to meet this  Qi Gong Master. After understanding my situation, he suggested a treatment for me: went to see him twice a week for the first month, then once weekly subsequently, so he can teach me the breathing to reduce the acidic element in my body, and he needs to pass some Qi to me as well, and … RM100 per visit.

I find it stressful and tiring to drive there so frequent, so we KIV first.

*               *               *               *               *               *               *

Two days back, woke up very early (could not sleep back)  and took a walk at the playground near my house. Met one old uncle, seemed like he was teaching my neighbour Tai Chi太极. I walked over and greeted them. My neighbour invited me to join her. So I explained to them and showed them I had a little bit problem to raise my left arm high, which I doubt I could learn Tai Chi太极. Almost immediately, the Si Fu stoped the class and advised me to start with Qi Gong气功 instead. He demo to me and  taught me the basic of breathing. He told me this is the first thing and most crucial thing I should practise now – How to breathe in and breathe out. .. I was so thrilled and felt blessed and very very grateful to Si Fu. Though it’s just two very simple steps, but it means a lot to me..

As we had been busy seeking 2nd, 3rd .. opinion from various doctors and specialists, there was one day that we overshot and came back a bit late to send Ling to school. She was sobbing.

I apologized and reassured her that it’s going to be ok, she just need to explain to teacher that Daddy and Mummy went to hospital and came back late,  that caused her to be late, and that we were sorry.

That evening, after came back from school, I asked her if her teacher scolded her for being late. She said no.

“I told teacher because Mummy is not feeling well, and go to hospital, so I am late. Teacher didn’t scold me. Teacher also asked me what is your sickness.” she started.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“That your hand pain lo. I show her lo. And teacher said go see 中医. 中医 can help cure also.” then she continued,

“Mummy, did you go and see 中医?”

“Oh, not yet.”

“Faster go and see la, my teacher said 中医 can cure your hand. I wish your hand can get well soon. ” Ling urged.

“Ya lo, Mummy, faster go see 中医.” added Ying who was listening quietly.

hahaha… feel warm seeing you two care about my sickness.

And I like her teachers as from Ling’s feedback all this while, I see close teacher-children bonding, not just come in the classroom, teach and leave.

Thanks to all Ling’s  teachers.

This post is not so much on what happened to me, but something I discovered after attending the 2D1N Detox Workshop (排毒養生工作坊) by this famous Taiwan 生機飲食專家王明勇老师.

王明勇老师 shared with us these videos by the famous Japanese 食品添加物之神:安部司。He can create a delicious meat ball without meat, just using over 20 types of chemical solely. I have yet to check out his famous book: 《食品真相大揭秘》(Discover the whole truth about food).

The first one is: Fruitless Juice

First 安部司 San added 碳酸水 Carbonated water, which might cause hiccup, and has no color and no smell after diluted.

Next, he didn’t use brown sugar, cause it’s very expensive. Replaced by 葡萄糖糖精 (artificial / refined glucose) , which is made of 淀粉 (starch) and is very cheap. Then he asked the mothers to had a try. Feedback was too sweet.

Next, he added some 柠檬酸 citric acid, which will dilute the sweetness of the glucose, making it just nice , a bit sweet and sour.

Next, to make it more marketable, added a few artificial Vitamin C. A teaspoonful of that, now, this make the glass of water has Vitamin C as rich as 50 lemons, without any lemon needed.

The glass of water still looked quite plain. So, he added colouring which is made of petroleum. And for orange colour, there is another more natural choice, which is made of shell and worm,.. sigh…. And the final touch, a few drop of artificial flavour …

Tah dah … here we are the Lemon Juice without Lemon, Orange Juice without Orange, and Honey Dew Juice without Honey Dew.


Ok, I was diagnosed with Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma Cancer, with metastasis to my left scapular bone.

So, these LingZhi 灵芝 MLM person came to my house to explain about how good 灵芝 is towards my disease, which we already know.

So when asked about their product, they told us, I need to take the ‘stronger’ version one, which is selling > RM500 for 30 pills. What is more astonishing is, I need to take 30 pills a day. Wow, which means RM15k a month !!!

As courtesy, I just commented it’s too pricey. Then one of the lady started to explain, how it’s cheaper comparing to chemo treatment, still worth it if compare to the price of my life.  (oh dear)

Then she started to ‘scan’ around and saw my laptop is on. “You are working using this everyday a ? No no no, you shouldn’t face computer now, it has very high radioactive, and now you need to stay away from it.”

Oh dear, I was thinking if I am not working, how am I going to buy your product ?

Then when she learnt that I still drive to pick up my kids, “Oh oh, you shouldn’t drive under afternoon sun now. You should try to stay at home. ”

Oh dear, ..


Anyway, side track a bit, we do believe Ling Zhi 灵芝 can help a lot and there are research showing that it can help to suppress tumour growth and metastasis. Just make me sad when it makes Cancer become a ‘rich-man’ illness, just like what my housekeeper told me, “用钱吊命” (in Cantonese, use money to keep the life).

I have bought this book before Ling started her Primary 1. But I have kept it until now.

Reason being I don’t think she is ready to do this ‘find the wrong word and give the correct word‘ exercise from the beginning. I believe should only start this when she has learnt enough vocabularies and more familiar with ‘the trick’ of Chinese character, such as words with same sound and look very alike, but carry different meaning.

In other words, should always start with building her word bank, let her learn more Chinese words and how they are used, then only this 改正错字 exercise can come in.

And seems like my understanding is correct. This 改正错字 kind of questions only come out in her final exam scope. So now only she starts to use this book, which I find it quite good.

Just sharing. Try to start according to our child’s pace, this is my belief.


The Flash Cards:


The Cut-&-Paste:


The revision practices:

BM-Prim1-Unit22_23.pdf (Updated)


September 2012

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