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Going through the 多音多义字 listing for Standard 2 with my girls, and spotted some typo error.

Please click the link below to get the latest copy.


Ling was seeking my help on her science subject related to Plant, especially how plants reproduce. Wow, after checking her textbook, I couldn’t recall I studied this last time! They need to figure out all these reproduction methods, via:

– seeds 种子,

– spores 孢(bāo)子,

– stem cutting 切茎,

– leaves 叶子,

– underground stems 地下茎,

– sucker 吸芽


And luckily, I manage to find this wonderful slide shared by a teacher I believe. (Thank you so much !) Watching together with Ling。We both learn together. 😛

After going through the slides a few times, I asked Ling to make her own note. Here it is:



Hopefully she can remember by exam.


Posted on: April 29, 2014

When a friend posted this quote from Einstein in FB,

AlbertEinsteinQuotes pics5 genius judge

And his friend replied:



Hahahaha… I have a good laugh too. Genius !

This is the continuous for the previous post on 多音多义字 (Chinese characters with multiple pronunciation and meanings). I have consolidated the list of Chinese characters learnt in the first half of Standard 3. Must say, some very tough one, I am also learning along.

Below is a snapshot of the document.


Just sharing in case you find it useful. You can click on the link below to download the document.

多音多义_Std3a_updated.pdf  (Updated. Added some more vocabs, and explanation to those difficult words)

mm… I am thinking, may be I should come out with some slide show/exercise to help my girls do revision. Reading the list alone is quite boring. … let me think …



In the previous post about Vincent Van Gogh, I did mention about this magazine “Discovery Box”, and I would like to recommend/write about this magazine today.

db1 db2 db3vangogh

This magazine is one of the Box Magazine series by Bayard UK, one of the best magazines for children. It has been winning the “Parent’s Choice Award” for many years. The target readers for this “Discovery Box” magazine is children age 9-12 years old. But as these are UK ages, for our level of English (wink wink), we might want to add another 1 or 2 years. One of  the brief and precise description for this magazine I found on the web is:

“A fun voyage of discovery through nature, science and history. A magazine to stimulate children’s curiosity and whet their appetite for learning!”

Every issues, it will cover a topic on the World we live in, Animals, Geography (getting to know other countries), History (world history, not just limited to UK. Example, my girls love reading stories about the ancient Greek), Science and Nature. Below are snapshots of the content from some of the old issues I have (thanks to a very good friend who introduce me and share them with me).  And if I were to homeschool my children, I definitely will use this magazine to teach them.

dbcontent1 dbcontent2 dbcontent3 dbcontent4


You can also take a peek at sample pages of this magazine via this link:



Another one Mummy would like to share with you:



Remember: use our brain to think. Mummy cannot stress more.

And for the “do -> do again” part, Mummy would like to change it to “do -> think -> new idea/new way -> try again ->  “.

Remember what Albert Einstein said:



Was doing my work when Ying came to me excitedly with the old Discovery Box in her hand, “Mummy, I am gonna read this. Look! It’s going to talk about Vincent Van Gogh!”

She pointed at the bottom of the magazine cover.



Oh! I was quite surprised that she still remember Vincent.

It all started when one night, I was watching this music video of the song “Vincent” by Don McLean. Just out of the blue, that night, I just felt like listening to this sad song (not my norm. I don’t like sad things, sad movies, sad songs …) I like the melody of this song, and the lyrics are beautifully written as well. And what is the best for this music video is, it’s showing Vincent Van Gogh’s master pieces. Ya, I love them too. And my favourite piece is the “Starry Starry Night”.

My girls sat together with me, watching it. And I started to tell them story about this greatest artist in our history. Just like what’s sang in the song, about the suffering and miserly life Vincent went through, and how his life ended so tragically due to his insanity.

After the song was finished, the girls were still having a lot of questions about Vincent. And we started to google around about him, checking out the wikipedia, and the more we dag, the more we learnt, including another saying that Vincent didn’t really commit suicide, instead he was shot. And the girls were also very touched to learnt about Vincent’s royal and supporting brother Theo.

This is a very nice song!

I read this article “10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School – The Right Way”, and I must say, I agree with most of them except one or two.


Here is what I agree:

1. Teach them that learning is their ‘job.’

Of course, children learn better when they find the subject matter interesting, but what children really need to learn is that they must also learn things that they don’t find particularly interesting. That’s the job children have.”

The point is, they can be not doing well in those subjects that they lack interest in, but they must at least try to learn.

4. Prioritize study time.

5. Provide a proper homework environment.

6. Let them figure things out on their own.

Have your children think about problems at length before asking you for help.”

7. Teach proper reading comprehension skills.

“Taking notes and writing outlines reinforces what the student has learned from reading and will allow the student to be better prepared for written examinations.”

8. Have them go above and beyond.

9. Make learning a four-season endeavor.

School is out in the summer, but that should not mean that children should take three months off from learning. “

10. Set a good example.

“Let your child see that learning doesn’t end when we leave school. “

For the below two, mm… I have my own view:

2. Aim high.

I would prefer to say “Set the right expectation based on individual capability, learning pace, etc”

3. Distinguish studying from learning.

The parent needs to verify that the child has learned the lesson. Quiz the child to be sure (this gets more difficult as the child gets older and begins to take more advanced subjects). Quiz the child again on the same material a few days later, and then again a week later. “

mm.. I would prefer ‘practice’ than ‘Quiz’. Not saying I am totally rejecting the benefit of having Quiz. May be the first Quiz can help the child to identify areas that need improvement; but subsequent Quiz should focus on those weak areas identified from the 1st Quiz to check if the child has master it, then move on. Don’t quite agree with “Quiz the child again and again on the same material “.


Posted on: April 25, 2014

To my girls,


Last Monday, my housekeeper was off, and I was not able to drive. I decided to try out a home delivery service from a restaurant in OG Heights for my lunch. Placed my order via phone around 12pm, and double confirmed with the boss that they did cover my housing area. Asked for ETA and was told around 1:30pm. I said fine.

Around 2pm, there was still no news, no door bell, nothing from the gate. I made another follow up call and they said their dispatch boy was on the way, left half an hour ago. I reminded them to ask the boy to call me if he needed direction (mm… first thought came into my mind: ain’t  this common sense and needless to be taught?)

Around 2.30pm, the dispatch boy finally called me, asking for direction. I tried to guide him. A few more calls for direction …

Around 2.45pm, he was so close to my house, just one garden away, but he was still lost. “Why don’t you come out and collect from me?” (WHAT!!! common sense la, most of the time people engage home delivery service because they cannot go out to get the service)

I said I couldn’t. Then to my first shock of the day, “then I cannot deliver to you.” and he hang his phone…. (Wow, what kind of ATTITUDE!)

I called back to complaint to the restaurant, the even ‘shocker’ response I got from the boss, HE HANG MY PHONE!!

Today, I am writing this as it trigger me to think: What is more important, whether my children not doing well in exam/academic or don’t have the right attitude ? Will I continue buying from this restaurant? Will I be the first customer to be treated like this? If my children is the boss of this restaurant, any chance that the restaurant can do well and earn big money ? Did the boss apply the same attitude towards other area of his service/product? Do thing without taking responsibility? Is his restaurant food clean? Hygiene ? Can you trust someone who just run away from problem, responsibility? Will this kind of attitude lead to a successful life ?

mmm… what is the more important thing I need to teach my children ?


April 2014

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