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“Mummy, 你知道吗,初一是扫把的生日。” Ling said eagerly when she on board the car.

“哦。。” I replied.

“所以那天不可以扫地,要给它休息。如果看到肮脏,就用手拾起来丢,然后去洗手。” she continued. “宝贝老师告诉我们的。”

Hahaha, what a cute way to let the children know one of Chinese pantang-lalang during CNY – not to sweep the floor.




Posted on: January 29, 2011

The girls were bugging their dad with their never ending questions again.

“Daddy, which day come first? Father Day, Mother Day or Children Day?” Ling asked.

“Mother Day.” Dad answered.

“After that is what day?” Ling continued.

“Father Day.” Dad answered.

“Oh Children Day is the last. Why children always the last one?” Ling added.

“I know, because children is the ‘smallest’.” explained Ying confidently.

… there was silence for a while … then Ling turned to me who was washing the dish.

“Mummy, what day is today?” Ling asked.

“Thursday lo..”

“No, I mean what day, like Father Day or Mother Day.” Ling explained.

“ee… no o .. ..  ” I answered.

“mmm….. Who create all these Father Day, Mother Day, Children Day one?” Ling was still trying to figure out, sort of murmuring to herself.

Ying kind of announced aloud “I know, the person who knows all the day. The person who sing ” Ying started to sing,

“There are seven days,

there are seven days,

there are seven days in a week,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.”

I almost burst into a big laugh hearing her answer, trying very hard to hold it. Noticing my reaction, Ying stopped and asked shyly, “What?… ”

You two make my days girls 🙂

This year, the ever innovative husband said let’s put a mirror on our dining wall, to 旺一旺. In Feng Shui, putting a mirror to reflect the food on your dining table will bring double income, double fortune to you.

So we went looking around for mirror as the project this year.

Just would like to share something we learn along the way.

To get a good mirror, make sure it’s 6mm thick (the thickness of the mirror itself), especially if you want to have a big one. In the market, the ready made one, those 5’x3′ or 6’x4′ one, a lot are using 4mm mirror. What is not so good about 4mm mirror (NOT in term of Feng Shui) is that, some how the image will become “wave-ly” especially if you are looking at far objects in the mirror. You can try it out when you go to furniture shop. 🙂 We were told that in Malaysia the thickest is 6mm. But in China, you can find 8mm one.

Some Feng Shui tips I collected about mirror (well, don’t know how true) is that,

– don’t use joined mirror, best is one-piece. The join is like cutting edge, no good.

– must have frame

– don’t face your main door, staircase, and your bed

Bought these books for the girls from IOI Popular. Great discount. Original price: RM16.60. Less RM7.70 each. Only need to pay RM26.70 for three books. Cheap 🙂 And most of all, the girls love it.


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 1


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 2


Idioms In Action Through Pictures 3


Some more revision worksheet for English Grammar. (please print in A5 size)

English Grammar Countable Uncountable

Just to share some English grammar worksheet I prepare for the girls. (Please print in A5 size)

English Grammar Singular Plural

There are a few reason we go for the minor renovation, after staying in the house for 3 years plus. Change to use a plaster ceiling to make the living area look/feel more spacious is one of it (taking away all the dangling lights). So coincident one fine day, went to a show house and saw a plastic ceiling design that both of us like it. It’s just a 口 shape, in the middle is using back the original concrete ceiling. That design won’t cause the house height to be lower, which I dislike a lot, cause will be more stuffy.

Another is to move the ceiling fan to be in  the center of the living area. One funny thing the developer did,  the previous position provided to hang the fan was not center, more like to install the fan for the TV cabinet. This make us have to put two additional standing fans so that the people sitting on the sofa can feel the wind.

And so lucky, bump into this plaster ceiling contractor who is very humble, honest and friendly, 比较随便 and willing to  take up this small piece of work. We are no regret for hiring him and his team.

First, he and his team completed the work ahead of time. His team also quite ‘qin cai’ and not too calculative. Like the plaster ceiling guy, help to amend some of our cracked wall and plaster ceiling in the car porch, FOC; gave advice on where to install the downlight (both in the middle, or near the side) and what is the pro and cons, draw out the position for us to visualize and decide; help to move the furnitures.

Even the wireman is also quite patient. One of the downlights did not light up after installed. He first suspected it’s the bulb. So he changed the bulb, but still did not work. Then he suspected the downlight itself had problem. Some wireman will just give you back the downlight and ask you to get a replacement. But he stayed to examine the downlight, knocked knocked here, knocked knocked there, then tried again. It’s fixed.

And the best is originally the contractor told us it might take 3-4 days. But his men progress quite fast. The first day the plaster ceiling is up, all the wiring is done. Only left painting and installing of downlight. My hubby spoke to him to help get it done the next day (since it’s a Sunday) .. and guess what, he managed to call his men to work on that day (or may be just we are lucky).

So in two days I got my new plaster ceiling and spacious living room, and the girls love it 🙂

If you need a good plaster ceiling guy, consider Ah Seng. His contact is:  016-6602613


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