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This is what mummy came across and would like to share with you. I don’t know how to prepare you for the up and down, good and bad of the life, but this is what mummy believe in, something that gives mummy a booster jab when mummy is very very very down.

Something I found very useful to me and my family, Chinese educated,Chinese speaking and not so good in English people.

I like this article by 鄭丁賢‧房事難 (click the link to read the article in 星洲日报).

Totally agree that it doesn’t make sense for the property prices here to be rocket  shooting high these two years.


At kindergarten, the teacher is explaining about animal to my 3 years old nephew Lawrence.

“You see Lawrence, dog has tail. We don’t have, right?” asked the teacher.

“Ya, but I have ku ku bird.” answered Lawrence proudly.

… hahaha…

Ling has completed her first term in British Council Young Learner English class.

Since end of August this year, a newsletter will be sent out to the parents’ email after the class.

Just sharing of the last one I received this week. One thing I forgot to mention previously is that in the class, they have some listening exercise as well. So far, luckily, Ling enjoys the class.


Some more BM picture flash cards: (please click the link to download).

It’s in A4 size, to be printed double sided and cut according to the blue line.

BM Picture Flash Cards example 10 (A4)

Bought the Kumon Grade 1 Reading and Grade 2 Reading books from MPH for the girls. They love it.

Grade 1 Reading Workbooks

It slowly leads the girls to reading, starts from single words, short vowels, long vowels, rhyming words, vocab, then slowly short stories.

Some more the book uses a lot colourful pictures, just nice for their age.

And this is the first book with scores (every lesson 100 points) for them, and every time they are so eager to mark their own paper. Guess they are having fun in a way.

One thing to note is that, on the book cover, it claims : “Aligned to States Reading Standards”.   mm…

Here is a sample page for Grade 1:

and sample page for Grade 2 :

You can find out more details about the books here:

There are 6 level/grade together for this series.


September 2010

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