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Dear daughters, something I read from Sin Chew and I find it very useful, as lesson for life…



You should never ever forget a person, who lend you a hand when you are in trouble.


You should never ever be friend a person, who look down on you when you are defeated, when you fail.


You should never ever trust a person, who flatter you when you are successful.


You should never ever abandon a person, who goes through tough times together, building a career with you together.


You should never ever love a person, who disregards your personality and human dignity.

Another set of Kata Kerja exercises.

Always start with cut-&-paste:


Then follow by revision practices:


Interesting ranking from

Though the article is focus on US education performance, do check it out, especially for Malaysia.

Penjodoh Bilangan Drill – level 2, ready for download: PenjodohBilangan_Drill2.PDF

On 30 November 1973, the United Nations General Assembly opened for signature and ratification the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.[1]

It defined the crime of apartheid as “inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them.”


Today when taking her bath, Auntie Connie chit-chat a bit with Ying, “You see, Daddy sayang you all a lot ooo, every morning he wakes up early to buy breakfast for you.”

“No… 我感觉 Daddy sayang 姐姐 more.”

A bit surprise to hear this answer, Auntie Connie tried to change the topic, “Mummy le, Mummy also sayang you a lot.”

“No… 我感觉 Mummy sayang 姐姐 多一点.”

“Is it you didn’t behave good like 姐姐  ? ” before  she could finish, Ying started to weep.


Auntie Connie shared with me this when I was home later.

mmm… no doubt you get more scolding nowadays, for being rude to 姐姐 , for showing temper immediately when people don’t do things your way, when you don’t allow 姐姐  to take a nap and want her to play with you, raise your voice to force people to follow your instruction, not sharing, … Those are not the right attitude one should have. No, things don’t always go your way in this world. And most importantly you must be considerate.

Mummy and Daddy love you, and we care, therefore we choose to nag you, explain to you, in hope to help you get rid off that bad attitude.

Dear, I am sorry if all these made you feel you are less loved. Daddy and I will examine and find way to improve the way we communicate to you.

We love you as much as we love 姐姐, love you both very very very much.

p.s. Auntie Connie and I were so amused hearing you using the word “感觉” in your sentence. Hahaha, that is very good 🙂

Extracted from MalaysiaKini:

A little about the music producer Michelle Hoo who began composing the song during the second half of last year as a labour of love, long before Bersih 3.0 was conceived.

Hoo was house-bound because she had to look after her paralyzed father, and was unable to join the Bersih 2.0 in July last year. Though disappointed, the experience fuelled her composition.

“Everyone can contribute in their own ways. I can compose. I can contribute even if I stay at home,” said the first-time music video producer.


April 2012

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