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There are a few German courses available in Memrise.

After trying out a few, I would like to use the below two courses for my girls. Both of them have audio features, so you can listen to how each words are pronounced.


This course is organized in such a way where a few vocabs plus phrases and sentences are taught at one session. Normally the vocabs and phrases taught are in the same context. And on the practice side, some questions will prompt the learner to type the answers.


So, when going through new lessons, learner must pay attention and make sure he/she remembers the spelling for the words taught, especially those umlaut characters umlaut which are quite new to us.

The url for this course is :


This course does not have typing test, all are multiple choice test.



It’s more on teaching vocabs during the Beginner level. One thing I like about this course is: it teaches noun together with its Gender. E.g. der Kaffee, das Bier…


The url for this course is :


And I find going through these two courses simultaneously enable one to master the language faster.

Ah ha, this is another sitcom by British Television more than two decades ago – “Mind Your Language”. Ya, it’s something like our local “Oh My English!” sitcom.

From Wikipedia: “The show is set in an adult education college in London and focuses on the English as a Foreign Language class taught by Mr Jeremy Brown, who had to deal with a motley crew of foreign students.”

mm… May be it’s too hard for the girls, especially those parts where they joke on differences of political views.

Though this video was published 4 years ago, but this is the first time I got to know about it.

Watched it together with my girls. The toddler is so0ooooo cute. We all had a good laugh.

And it reminded me that the girls just brought it up recently, asking me to have the bed-time story session again, “and of course, only if you are free” added them.

Ya, I should try to do that again. 😛

Another reason I like to visit Chinese Book Fest is because I got to know good recommendation on ‘foreign’ children books. A lot of ‘good and quality’ foreign children books are translated to Chinese. And most of the time, it will also displayed comments or remarks why the book is translated, whether it’s best selling in the original country or the world, etc.

So, if the original language of these books are some languages other than English, I will grab the Chinese version. If its original language is English, I will jot down and look for the English version.

Here is one I spotted this round: “Heart of a Samurai” by Margi Preus. And the remarks: A self-help book American President Obama bought for his daughters!



Going to find the English version…. hehehe…

This post, I would like to share about “Codeacademy” – – which its statement is: “Teaching the world how to code”.

It teaches web development skill relevant to real business world, cajob

and also core programming concepts and syntax for the world most popular languages cajob2.

Courses include:




and more…

And the best part is, you can learn online, no installation required !


Let’s learn about motorbike parts:



Keeping the photo here to remind myself, NOBODY is good at EVERY SUBJECTS, even Bill Gates.


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